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Fun Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween Veggie Skeleton

You can make this crazy skeleton veggie platter easily. It's just a matter of placing the vegetables as you see them in the picture up above. Celery, carrots, peppers, an onion, some mushrooms, tomatoes, a bit of broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and cucumbers are all you need.

You can see the sliced cucumbers make the spine on this tasty little skeleton. The pepper slices are the ribs. Celery are the shoulders and thigh bones. Carrots are the arms and the legs. The feet are made with some grape tomatoes and the toes are bits of broccoli. The hands are bits of cauliflower, as are the knees. An onion slice is the head, some lettuce the hair, and bits of black olives complete this skeleton's face. Add a bowl of dip and you've got a tasty treat for your family and party guests.

Halloween Fruit Platter

How about this Halloween fruit tray for a dessert? Cut your fruit, decorate it, and add some yummy Greek Yogurt dip to add some spooky, sweet fun to your dinner table. Halloween is all about the goodies, but with so much sugar involved in this Fall holiday, this fruit will be a healthy and refreshing treat. The Greek Yogurt is mixed with a bit of Nutella for those out there with a sweet tooth like me. The dip is made with most of a large container of plain Greek Yogurt and 1/4 cup of the delicious Nutella. Save a little of the plain Greek Yogurt in a plastic sandwich bag. When your dip is mixed you can cut off a corner of the bag and pipe some plain yogurt onto the top in the shape of a web.

The fruit tray in the picture contains some clementines, some thin pretzel sticks, bananas, raisins, a red apple, green grapes, mini-marshmallows, peanut butter, and the fruit is decorated using a black edible marker.

You can see the clementines are cut in half and have a small piece of the thin pretzel sticks stuck into the tops of them to make them look like a pumpkin. The bananas are cut into half or thirds and decorated with raisins held in place with some peanut butter. Cut your grapes in half and decorate the ends of the marshmallows by dotting them with the edible food marker to make them look like eyes. Insert a marshmallow into each grape. The apples are cut into 4 pieces. Cut the center out of each piece, stick some peanut butter inside and place cut up marshmallows in the peanut butter to look like vampire teeth.

Now place them all on a tray, add the dip, and it's time to serve your treat!

Halloween Deviled Egg Spiders

Make your deviled eggs as you normally do and decorate them with cut up black olives so it looks like you are serving spiders to your party guests. This is one of the easiest Halloween party foods to make.

Halloween Cheese Tray

Another fun Halloween party food that is easy to make is the spooky looking cheese tray. Simply cut your cheese slices with a Halloween cookie cutter and lay the slices out on a serving tray. Add crackers and you've got a tasty treat for your guests to nosh on.

Easy Halloween Cheese Eyeballs Made with Babybel Cheese

I love Eyeballs around Halloween time, and that puts these Babybel cheese eyeballs at the top of my party food list. Look how spooky they look and imagine how yummy they taste. Add the fact that they are easy to make, and you've got a great addition to your Halloween party food menu.

Set your Babybel cheese on a tray, cut up some black olive slices, and trace some veins on your cheesey eyes using ketchup. Set the olive slices on the cheese and fill them with a dab of ketchup...and you are done. I think the red in the middle of the olives make these look like a vampire's eyes.

Make A Mummy Sandwich

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That grilled cheese sandwich looks surprisingly spooky! That's because it looks just like a mummy.

Toast, ketchup, cheese sliced into slivers, and some black olives cut up look just like a mummy to me. Toast your bread, spread the ketchup, add the cheese placing it so it looks like wrappings and add those eyes. Place it in the hot oven for a minute or two to heat and melt the cheese...but just a little.

Halloween Mini Pizzas

Who can say, "Spooky English Muffin Pizzas"? I can! And your kids will want you to make these yummy pizzas for lunch all year long. You will need English Muffins, cheese cut into shapes using Halloween cookie cutters, or some cheese cut up in slivers to make a pizza mummy. Add sliced black olives for eyes or spiders, marinara sauce for blood, add a tomato and some celery and s couple bits of carrots to make an owl...the only limit to what you can make is your imagination. These mini pizzas are always a pleasant surprise for kids...and funny enough, adults love them too.

Halloween Meatball Mummies


Here's a tasty take on those hot dog mummies we all enjoy every Halloween. These yummy mummies are filled with meatballs. Use a piece of uncooked spaghetti like a skewer to hold two or three small meatballs together so they are easy to wrap.

Cut some refrigerator biscuit dough so it's able to be wrapped around your meatballs. When you are done wrapping, simply pull the spaghetti out. Put the almost finished mummies onto a baking tray and bake them at about 350 for 20 minutes...give or take a minute or two.

While the meatball mummies are cooking, get some hot spaghetti sauce into a bowl to dip those spooky treats in. Get some mozzarella cut into circles, slice some black olives, and make small eyes. When the mummies come out of the oven, use a bit of sauce to help the eyes stick to the mummy's face. Put everything on a tray and you are ready to serve your family.

These stuffed skull pizzas are easy to make when you have a Wilton skull pan and some pizza dough. Cut the dough to fit into the skull pan, add your favorite pizza fillings, and bake. Check out the how to video below.

Stuffed Pizza Skulls - Video Tutorial

Stuffed Pizza Skulls For Halloween


Halloween Spider Pizza


This super easy to make Halloween spider pizza is going to be the hit of your Halloween party. The ingredients are a frozen pizza, some green and black olives, and some pepperoni. Some folks use turkey pepperoni, some use regular pepperoni, the choice is all yours.

Lay some pepperoni pieces onto the frozen pizza, cut up some olives to make legs and eyes for those spiders, and you've got a Halloween treat your guests won't forget for a long time.

Halloween Feet Loaf


One of the homiest, yummiest, most comforting meal in the world is meatloaf. Well, at least until you've served this meatloaf shaped like feet. Now you can turn some comfort food into a scary, spooky, hilarious meal.

Make up your chop meat mix as you usually would when you make your delicious meatloaf recipe. Save some onion pieces to make toenails for your scary meatfeet loaf. Mix up your recipe and shape it like feet. Put a large round slice of onion at the ankles and add some bits to the toe shaped part of your meatloaf to look like toenails. Bake as usual, and when your scary feet meatloaf is finished cooking add some ketchup to the ankles. Then serve this gory looking dinner to your unsuspecting Halloween party guests.

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