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Indoor Halloween House Decorating Ideas


Scare UP Some Fun Halloween Party Decorations!

Scare up some fun this year with Halloween decorations that are over the top scary AND fun! Create a spooky haunted house right in your own home, using every room in your house, including the bathrooms to make it a whole house experience. You can find all the following decorations online and at Halloween shops.

If you’re having a party this Halloween, don’t hold back! Make your house the place to be by amping up the scare factor with all kinds of creepy decorations.

The Entranceway

  • The entrance is the first thing guests will see, so make your entranceway amazing. Drape the doorway with cobwebs and use a fog machine when guests arrive. You can now even purchase fog machine scents to add funky Halloween smells to the fog!
  • And don't forget to have scary music playing complete with haunting sound effects.
  • Have a strobe light on to mimic flashes of lightening, and get some thunder sound effects to go with it.
  • An orange disco ball adds more funk to the party.


Hanging Decorations

  • Hanging decorations are always surprising as they catch people off guard. Include a hanging skeleton in a vampire’s cape, skulls on a rope, bats and flying monkeys. Flying bride and groom skeletons are also a nice touch, as are butchers’ meat hooks that hang from the ceiling.
  • Have multiple cats (fake, not real) hanging about the house. Scary vampire cats and black cats with arched backs will spook when placed in unexpected corners.
  • Halloween rope lights are a cool touch to add. These LED tubes contain lights that are pretty much indestructible. You can roll them out by the yard and guide guests down a path that directs them into the main party room.


Centerpiece & Decorations Video

  • Play scary Halloween videos on TV and leave them running all night to spook and entertain your guests.
  • Get a throw rug that looks like a trap door. Guests will see it and think they are about to fall through the floor.
  • Add some creepy boarded window clings that look like abandoned house windows when they’re on your windows.
  • Include a morphing portrait. You can buy Halloween portraits that change from normal to evil as you look at them.
  • You’ll definitely want to change out the light bulbs to black. The last thing you want is a bright light to break the spooky mood.
  • Have a witch’s cauldron on hand and fill it will dry ice or a nasty brew you mix up.
  • Crime scene tape made especially for Halloween lends an eerie feel.
  • Bring in a crystal ball and set up a fortune telling area complete with red draped fabric.

Window Clings

  • Drape any chandeliers and candelabras with skulls and bats.
  • Deck out the mantle on the fireplace with black candlesticks and cobwebs.
  • Include some 3-D gore with severed plastic hands that mount on the wall but appear to be reaching out from beyond.
  • A life sized grim reaper doll stationed in a dark corner is always terrifying.
  • A caged plastic rat is good and eerie.
  • Include a cardboard coffin if you really want to go ghoulish.
  • Fill mason jars with all kinds of grotesque things. Include gummy eyeball candies in one and plastic bugs in another. Line them on shelves and place them on tables. Go all out and be as gross as you like.
  • Have a tombstone shaped cake complete with frosting inscription.


Indoor Decoration Video


Party Centerpiece or Hostess Gift Idea

If you are looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your Halloween food buffet or dessert table, consider a Halloween gift basket or cookie bouquet full of iced Halloween themed cookies. Both of these would look great as centerpieces.

Or if you are attending a Halloween party, don't forget to bring the party host a little something to say thanks for offering up their haunted house. Bake up a homemade holiday gift like bat-shaped brownies or buy a little something at a local shop. It doesn't have to cost a lot .... after all, it is the thought that counts!

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Share Your Favorite Halloween Party Decoration or Idea!

Nicole S Hanson from Minnesota on January 04, 2012:

Such neat ideas!! This year we played 'haunted house' music really loud throughout our house to add a fun little element while handing out candy. Very cool hub!

Sarah Carlsley from Minnesota on October 22, 2010:

Love the smoke machine (fog machine) for halloween, it definitely gives the eerie halloween feel.

Christine Mulberry on October 07, 2010:

It's been years since I went to a Halloween party or a haunted house for that matter. This sounds like fun.