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Halloween Sexy Military Costumes For Women

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Women Military Costumes

Sexy Halloween Costumes For Her

Ladies,, its that time again to figure out what to be for Halloween. This year the rage is all about the Military so we have put together some of the best and sexiest halloween costumes. All you need to do is Stand at attention, soldier! Whether you want to make some waves sailing the hight seas as a sexy sailor girl or train as a boot camp babe come Halloween night any one of these women's Halloween Military costumes will have everyone following your orders.

We think you will agree that these military costumes are sexy and will make anyone want to enlist in your army.

Army Private Girl

Camouflage patterned lace up dress costume

Camouflage patterned lace up dress costume

Camo Boot Camp Babe

In her oh so hot camouflage Halloween dress, you'll wanna drop and give this first class private in the army girl 20. This sexy army set truly will put you in the mood to be All You Can Be -- and this Halloween it is In the ARMY!

Show Your Patriotism with this Fun Sexy Army Camo Woman Costume!

Army Brat Costume

Major Mayhem Military

Marine Sexy Costume

Marine Sexy Costume

Gentlemans Officer


Sexiest Military Officer

For Women

Who would have thought that with just a three piece outfit you could command such attention! For when you put this Military halloweencostume on everyone in sight will be standing at attention. Who knew that this sexy military officer is one that always likes to be in command!

This oh so sexy Adult Military Costume includes a long-sleeved v-neck button-up front mini dress with a detachable black vinyl belt and a matching hat. The gold buttons on the dress are beautifully detailed to match the character. Put a pair of White thigh lace up boots to complete this halloween costume.


The US Army Brat

Halloween 2015 Sexiest Women's costume

Halloween 2015 Sexiest Women's costume

Sexy Camouflage Army

Women's Halloween Costume

This Halloween dressed as a sexy army brat you are sure to give new meaning to the word 'Army Brat'. This Sexy Camouflage Army Brat Adult Halloween Costume includes mini dress with lace up front, belt and hat. Please note: Boots and Stockings are NOT included.

This Sexy Military Costume is available in Small (2-6), Medium (6-10) and Large (10-14).

Women's Army Brat Costume

Ahoy Mates

Sexy Sailor Costume

Sexy Sailor Costume

Ahoy Matey Hot Women's Costume

Make some waves with these Halloween sexy sailor costumes

Make some waves with these Halloween sexy sailor costumes


Female Sexy Sailor Captain Costume

Sexiest Sailor Girl

Small-Medium; Medium-Large Anchors Away! The sailors will raise their masts for as their sexy captain. Set your coordinates andgive your orders. The sailors are at your command .

Three-piece sailor costume includes hi-rise pants with anchor patch, v-neck top and matching hat.

Sexy Sailors Make Waves This Halloween

Sexy Sailor Girl

Navy Halloween Costume

Navy Halloween Costume

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Beloved sailor GIrl


Making Waves Women Costume

This sassy sailor is riding the waves and loving every minute of it. You'll have all the G.I.'s at attention as their new sexy shipmate and for sure you will get more treats than tricks. A hot look for women this Halloween is right here.

This sexy sailor costume for women is classic navy blue mini dress with an off the shoulder cut, this costume is embellished with embroidered tattoo-like hearts and anchors. Complete with a sailor hat and scarf tie, this costume is a slimming mini dress.

Pair it with a pair of knee high boots to complete the look and set sail in style!

Beloved Sexy Sailor Costume

Sempre Fi

sexy womens halloween costume

sexy womens halloween costume

Marine Girl All hands On Deck

Sexy Military Marine Semper Fi delicious

Sexy Military Marine Semper Fi delicious

Sexy Semper Woman Costume

All Hands on Deck Sweetheart!

Dressed to work it, this semper hottie costume is proud to be in the Military and one of the few to really show what a Marine can do. As a sexy soldier, you not only know how to work the room but a Marine is here to uphold Honor, Courage and Commitment in every situation. This sexy navy stretch zipper-front jumpsuit features a white belt and hat with Marine cameo.

This halloween you can get this ladies sailor costume in Womens Sizes Small/Medium (2-8), Medium/Large (10-14).

Time for Boot Camp


Sexy Army Babe

Get ready for bootcamp this Halloween

Get ready for bootcamp this Halloween

Army Babe

Sexy Halloween Costume

This Sexy Bootcamp Babe Costume is always ready for action. If this Halloween you are looking for real action get ready for attention is what you will get. This costume includes an olive green shirt dress that you can button up or button down. Trimmed with red piping and a matching army girl hat you are sure to be the hit of this years Halloween party!

This sexy women's costume is Available in Adult Sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Soldier Girl

Top Gun and oh so Sexy for Halloween

Top Gun and oh so Sexy for Halloween

Top Gun Flight Dress

Top Gun Women's Bomber Jacket Set Adult Costume

Women's Flight Halloween Costume for 2011

Women's Flight Halloween Costume for 2011

Top Gun Women's Flight Dress Adult Costume

Join the Air Force

Grab your wingman and get ready for an exciting Halloween evening as this provocative pilot!

You'll be sure to take flight school by storm in this sexy Top Gun inspired halloweencostume which includes: A zipper front flight dress with interchangeable Maverick and Goose name badges, miniature ruffle hem and embroidered Air Force style patches. A pair of aviator sunglasses with the Top Gun logo are also included in this luscious look.If you want to make an unforgettable entrance this is the women's costume you have been looking for!

Halloween Comments

stacy on September 09, 2015:

For the Halloween Festival the Halloween costumes are very important. And day by day in every Halloween Festival everyone want to look different than others. Which means they want to look unique and different from others by different Halloween costumes. If we talk about the women then they every time or every year take some new and different costumes because they want it to look different than others. Some women are like to make their own costumes and some are love to purchase them either from online or from the market. In short the Halloween festival is for enjoyment and fun. So we have to choose the costumes those are suits on us and we look different in that than others. For that we have to purchase them from a nice shop either from online or from the market. I shop my all costumes, even my every outfit from So not see at a price we just see the products purchase it rock the Halloween Festival. Happy Halloween.

Chris from Atlanta, GA on October 29, 2010:

Awesome Halloween Costumes, Wavegirl! Thumbs up on the women's military costumes! Sizzlin hot and quite possibly the best halloween costume of 2010!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 25, 2010:

lisa - c'mon it is Halloween. . i am sure somewhere in there is an Army babe just waiting to come out and P A R T Y !!!!! especially after this challenge is done:)

lisabeaman from Phoenix, AZ on September 24, 2010:

Great hub! But I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to go out with one of those... perhaps for a night in instead :)

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 24, 2010:

wvierra - or you could dress up in a couples Halloween costume. For every Army, Navy and Sailor costume for us girls there is one for you to compliment in. You sure wouldn't need a baseball bat if you were a Military Man to martch what ever corp your wife picked ;)

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 24, 2010:

Money Glitch - I think this Halloween this theme fits us on our challenge! Glad you liked this one. I must say I had a great time researching costumes for us girls!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 24, 2010:

Cagsil - lol I think I am confused with what package you would like! But one thing is for sure I can see you are like me and like the Military inspiration that we are going to see this Halloween:)

wvierra from Collinsville on September 23, 2010:

nice collection, I would have to chain my wife to the house if she was in one of those outfits, or at the very least carry a baseball bat and beat back the male species.

Money Glitch from Texas on September 23, 2010:

Cut outfits for the Halloween season. I love the layout of the hub as well it is perfect for the occasion. Thumbs up! :)

Raymond D Choiniere from USA on September 23, 2010:

Hey Shari, very nice selection of sexy military Halloween costumes. However, I'll take the first one, you can send her and the costume, not necessarily both- I'll take her and you can keep the costume. LOL! On another hand, it would be interesting to see you in it too. :P Another great hub! :)

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 23, 2010:

@rawlus - and now I am counting the seconds till Halloween!

ralwus on September 23, 2010:

Oooo, I'll have something healthy waiting for you. hehe

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 23, 2010:

rawlwus - I am saving the red sexiest costume for when I come trick or treating at your house ;)

ralwus on September 22, 2010:

hmmm, anything in red?

Shari (author) from New York, NY on September 22, 2010:

DREAM ON - if ever there was a holiday to go all out it is surely Halloween! So what are you going to be for Halloween this year??

DREAM ON on September 22, 2010:

I wouldn't mind being in the middle of all those service women.Nice costumes.

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