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Halloween Candy & Calories

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I love sharing these suggestions for making Halloween fun and enjoying guilt-free candy indulgence.


Counting Calories

A lot of people are counting calories nowadays especially with the holiday season upon us. We've been working hard all year on making smart dietary choices, working out daily, and making sure we are incorporating a healthy routine into our lives. So, if you are worried about maintaining your healthy lifestyle this holiday season, then this article is for you. The following suggestions may help you navigate the holidays and all the feasts and party invitations with confidence and joy.

Chocolate Candy

Chocolate can add a lot of unwanted calories to your diet this season. Generally, candy and desserts without chocolate will be lower in calories. For example, if you are choosing Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for a Halloween treat, they are loaded with calories from the chocolate to the peanut butter and they can be difficult for your body to digest and process. They can contain a whopping 100 calories for just one peanut butter cup, let alone the entire package. Whether you choose chocolate candy or not, it's important to pay attention to serving sizes and be mindful if you are the type of person who can't eat just one.

Hard Candy

Probably the least amount of calories for candy would be Life Savers®. Most hard candy is high in sugar but may contain zero fat, is low in calories and can be eaten almost guilt-free. Of course, be mindful of the sugar on your teeth and to brush your teeth often. But as far as calories, hard candy can be a little as 15 calories per single candy.

Soft Candy

Most soft candy that does not contain chocolate or peanut butter are very low in calories. For example, soft candy like marshmallows, jelly beans, salt water taffy, and candy corn are mostly sugar and do not contain fat or a lot of calories. Sometimes snacking of these items can curb your appetite so you are not indulging in high-calorie snacks like cookies or other baked goods throughout the day. Be mindful of only eating a few pieces at a time instead of the entire bag, because even though they may contain zero fat, there are calories that will add up. So, don't skip out on your exercise routine if you want to indulge in any sweet Halloween treats.

Typically, non-chocolate candy like candy corn or hard candy, will be fat-free and low in calories.

Typically, non-chocolate candy like candy corn or hard candy, will be fat-free and low in calories.

Guilt-Free Popcorn

Most dietitians agree that popcorn is probably the best choice this holiday season for snacking, aside from using it to decorate your Christmas tree. Popcorn is probably the one snack item that you can eat guilt-free and it does fill you up between meals so you're not snacking on high-calorie cookies or brownies. The problem is the toppings you choose. Make sure to select zero calorie butter spray which adds flavor and no extra calories.

Plain popcorn with butter flavor spray is a good choice for snacks this holiday season.

Plain popcorn with butter flavor spray is a good choice for snacks this holiday season.

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Avoid Baked Goods

If you are watching your waistline this holiday season, then you must avoid all baked goods. These include, cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, doughnuts, and pies. These desserts are meals in themselves and when they are combined with a complete dinner of mashed potatoes, turkey, and veggies, you are piling on the calories and fat that will take you weeks to burn off. So, be mindful of any baked goods you are eating and consider them a single serving meal.

Baked goods like cupcakes are high in calories and can be considered a meal in itself.

Baked goods like cupcakes are high in calories and can be considered a meal in itself.

Sugar-Free Candy

You may want to steer clear of sugar-free candy unless you have specific dietary needs according to your doctor's instructions. Some sugar-free baked goods and candy contain chemicals, fructose, or other substances that may cause an upset stomach. Most dietitian's suggest that if you have a sugar craving, to eat pure sugar made from sugar cane, yet be mindful of not overdoing it and putting on extra weight or resulting in tooth decay.

Candy Alternatives

Some people avoid candy and sugar, but they may crave salty snacks. Typically, all types of chips and dip will be high in calories. Some salsa dips can be lower in calories, but about five or so chips can be as high as 100 calories. Normally, bags of chips will advertise a low calorie amount, but be mindful a serving is only a few chips, not the whole bag. Most of these chips and dips are meant as a small snack before meals and the whole bag is not meant to be eaten all at one time. They are high in calories and fat, and think about them as eating a loaf of bread before dinner, which most of us do not want to do.

Trick-or-Treat Candy

So, what do you hand out to those little monsters coming to your door this Halloween? This can be as tricky as those tricks they may dole out if you don't dole out the candy they love.

Choose individually wrapped candy in its original packaging from the store and many come in smaller sizes for Halloween to put outside your door in a cauldron or kettle for little goblins to snatch as they make their way through your neighborhood. Some people avoid handing out chocolate candy because depending on where you live, it will melt if left outside your door and too messy for Trick-or-Treaters to eat along their path through the night. Also, you may want to avoid any sugar-free candy since they can cause stomach upset, and the same with home baked goods, you want to avoid handing them out in case someone has an allergic reaction.

The best advice is to stick to the tried and true old-fashioned choices, like candy corn, jelly beans, or individually wrapped pieces of taffy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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