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Halloween Candy Apple Recipes


Candy apples are a great Fall treat for kids and adults alike, and they are especially fun at Halloween. With all the yummy candies and supplies we can buy today it is very easy to make your own gourmet candy apples in your own kitchen. You can create dazzling desserts, use them as party favors, or give these tasty gooey, candy covered apples out as a party favor or as a Halloween treat for those trick or treaters who ring your bell. Whatever you decide to do with this treat, someone is going to be thrilled to get one.

Wait until you see some of the Halloween decorating ideas I found...you are going to love them. I know, I do!

Bloody Candy Apples


Halloween is the perfect time to serve candy covered apples dripping with blood-like red sugary coating to your party or dinner guests. Or to your children. These treats are pretty vampy, don't you think? Perfect for all the vampire lovers you know.

Whoever gets these decorated candy apples is going to be surprised at your decorating skills. Easy and inexpensive to make, but no one has to know that...and they won't because these candy apples look like a million dollars!

Vampire Caramel Apples


Caramel and marshmallow teeth equal a vampire candy apple that's the perfect Halloween treat. It's easy to make, and wait until your kids or friends see these vampire apples...it's going to thrill and chill them.

Do you know any Twilight or Vampire Diary fans? These vampire toothed apples will make a great gift idea for them!

Making And Bagging Candy Apples

You will need: A tray, wax paper, optional non-stick spray, bowls to put your melted candies in.

Apples, popsicle sticks, candy melts, candy decorations, plastic Halloween decorations, red food gel, pretzels, nuts, (whatever candy/edibles you want to use), piping bag, cupcake papers, cellophane bags, string/ribbon.

Before you design your candy apple there are a few steps for you to take.

Get a baking tray and cover it with wax paper. You can spray the wax paper with non-stick spray to prevent your candy apples from sticking. You will put your candy covered apples here to dry after you dip them.

Wash your apples, let them dry completely.

Push your popsicle sticks into the center of the top of the apples.

Melt your candy melts and dip your apples into it.

Put each apple on the waxed paper when you are done.

You can double dip the apples, apply candy to the apples, dip the apples in crushed cookies, crushed nuts, crushed pretzels, or even popcorn.

Add spider webs or other designs using an icing piping bag and gooey topping or melted candy.

Add melted chocolate of different colors...or copy one of the designed candy apples you see on this page. It's fun to experiment and create gourmet treats for your family and friends.

When you are done you can put each apple on a cupcake paper.

Then you can put the apple into a cellophane bag and tie it shut with a ribbon or piece of string to give out right away. Or you can set your tray of apples in the refrigerator for up to a week, packaging them when you take them out. Don't do it before - they get messy when you remove them from the refrigerator.

Have fun making your candy apples!

How To Make Caramel Candy Apples

Jack Skellington Candy Apples For Halloween


This decorated candy apple would delight the Nightmare Before Christmas fan in your house. Jack Skellington is a household name since the release of that now classic movie from Tim Burton. This theme fits right in with Halloween time.

Homemade Halloween Candy Apple Recipes


Gooey candy spider webs, nuts, and Halloween ribbons can turn an everyday candy apple into a Halloween treat with the snap of your fingers. The spider webs are made with melted chocolate or caramel. Melt your candy, pour it in a piping bag and draw web lines on your candy covered apple.

Creepy Caramel Candy Apples For Halloween


You can call these caramel apples creepy if you like, but they look yummy to me! Okay, the spiderwebs are a bit macabre. You can also add a plastic spider to add to the creepy feel of the Halloween holiday. These apples were dipped in crushed nuts to finish the look perfectly.

What You Need To Make Halloween Candy Apples

CandyApple Supplies


Candy Melts



Red Food Gel




Cupcake Liners

Cellophane Bags

Halloween Candies

Halloween Spiders

Halloween Candy Apples


Here's a great picture to help you decide which style candy apple you want to make. The choices from this photo are:

  • A Pumpkin/Jack O Lantern
  • A Witch's Cauldron
  • A Mummy
  • A Witch
  • A Candy Corn
  • A Vampire

Chocolate Caramel Apple Cauldron For Halloween


These witch cauldron candy apples are not the easiest Halloween treat you could decide to make, but they are one of the best looking. Can you imagine how thrilling it would be to get one of these decorated apples in your Halloween candy bag this year? Just click on the picture to find out more about how to create these fabulous Halloween treats.

Candy Apple Monsters


Monsters you don't have to be afraid of! Let your imagination run away with you when you are decorating these candy apples at Halloween time. Coat an apple with some candy coating, or a couple coatings, and then use some candy eyes and pop sticks...you've got the makings of a great Halloween party food, an even better Trick or Treat snack, or a fabulous dessert for your family on Halloween night.

Spooky Chocolate Caramel Apple Eyeballs


Are you beginning to SEE how much fun you can have making Halloween candy apples. And yes, that was a corny EYE joke to go with these eyeball candy apples. It might be a great craft to share with your kids on a cold October evening. The family that makes candy apples together, gets to eat candy apples together! I think that is the best idea on this page.

Finger Licking Good Halloween Candy Apples

You can make these finger licking good candy apples easily with some Granny Smith Apples. melting chocolates from Wilton, Merckens or any brand you choose, some red melting chocolates, a bag of Halloween bloody severed fingers and feet, and some cookie or pop cake sticks.

These are a pretty gross treat recipe for Halloween, and that means you should serve them at your party or as a spooky dessert for your own family's Halloween dinner.

Poison Apples Recipe | Trick or Treat Halloween Collaboration

How To Make Candy Apples HaLLoWeeN Edition!

Halloween Cursed Bloody Apples

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