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Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Trivia Game

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Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen

Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen

Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies Make Me Happy

If you are anything like me, Hallmark Christmas movies are something you look forward to every year. I was actually disappointed because in the past the Hallmark Channel has had Christmas movies every night throughout the month of October, but the channel didn't offer that this year.

I know I can't be alone in my love of Hallmark Christmas movies because they actually make T-shirts for people who love to watch them! The one below is my favorite because it's warm enough with long sleeves to wear in most climates, and not as heavy as a sweatshirt for someone who lives in a warmer climate like California or Florida.

As I was watching the Hallmark movie, "Christmas with the Darlings" I had the idea to create a trivia game for my fellow Hallmark Channel Christmas movie fans. I hope you enjoy it and please answer off the top of your head to see how much you have paid attention to these movies over the years. That means no cheating by looking things up on Google my friends!

Good luck and have fun. Oh, and Merry Christmas, no matter what time of year you take this trivia quiz.

How to Take This Quiz

Get a piece of scrap paper, number from one to thirty-one on it. Write your answers to each one next to the number from one to thirty.

For number 31, write 10 answers.

The Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Trivia Game Questions

1) What is the name of the Hallmark Christmas movie that stars Dolly Parton and was filmed at Dollywood?

A) Christmas in Tennessee

B) Christmas at Dollywood

C) A Tennessee Christmas

D) Coming Home for Christmas

2) The Hallmark movie "A Very Nutty Christmas," an overworked baker needs help for the holidays and falls in love with a mysterious man who reminds her of her nutcracker. What state was this movie filmed in?

A) Vermont

B) Montana

C) Massachusetts

D) Connecticut

3) Who stars as the baker in, "A Very Nutty Christmas"?

A) Danica McKellar

B) Lacey Chabert

C) Melissa Joan Hart

D) Candace Cameron Bure

4) How many new Hallmark Christmas movies were made for the year 2021?

A) 20

B) 37

C) 41

D) 45

5) Which actress has starred in the most Hallmark Christmas movies?

A) Candace Cameron Bure

B) Danica McKellar

C) Lacey Chabert

D) Holly Robinson Peete

6) In what Hallmark Christmas movie does Jane Seymour star as the queen of Cordinia who disapproves of her son the prince marrying Emily, played by Lacey Chabert?

A) A Royal Christmas

B) A Prince for Christmas

C) A Princess for Christmas

D) A Royal Engagement

7) What 2013 Hallmark Christmas movie stars Candace Cameron Bure scoping out an inn in a town called Sky Valley that her father just bought to see how she can re-brand it and bring it up to the quality of the other resorts her father owns?

A) Finding Christmas

B) A Christmas Detour

C) The Christmas Ornament

D) Let it Snow

8) What famous author originally wrote the book "Mrs. Miracle" that was later turned into a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?

A) Danielle Steele

B) Margaret Atwood

C) Debbie Macomber

D) Toni Morrison

9) Who played the part of Mrs. Miracle in the above movie?

A) Doris Roberts

B) Cheryl Ladd

C) Lori Laughlin

D) Sally Struthers

10) What country music singer starred with Wes Brown in the movie, "Christmas at Graceland" in 2018?

A) Reba McEntire

B) Kelly Clarkson

C) Carrie Underwood

D) Kellie Pickler

11) Which star of many Hallmark Christmas movies played Claudia Salinger in the Fox television drama Party of Five from 1994–2000?

A) Danika McKellar

B) Candice Cameron Bure

C) Lacey Chabert

D) Jody Sweetin

12) What 2005 Hallmark Channel Christmas movie stars Steve Guttenberg (of Police Academy fame) and Crystal Bernard ( of Wings fame) planning on getting married?

A) My Santa Husband

B) Meet the Santas

C) I Believe in Santa Claus

D) Finding Santa

13) What is the Hallmark Christmas Movie 'Switched for Christmas" about?

A) Two new mothers discover they have the wrong baby because the hospital mixed the babies up when both women gave birth on Christmas Eve

B) Twin adult women switch places with each other for part of the Christmas season because each one thinks the other has an easier life

C) Two couples change homes and children for the weeks leading up to Christmas to see who has better-behaved kids.

D) Two women change office jobs during the Christmas season and each has to plan the office party at their new jobs.

14) Which Hallmark Christmas movie is about a cabin that predicts a couple will have a long and happy life together if they stay in it overnight?

A) The Christmas House

B) Christmas at Pemberley Manor

C) The Christmas Cottage

D) Christmas in Evergreen

15) Besides the United States, what other country is often used to film Hallmark Christmas movies?

A) Switzerland

B) Canada

C) Mexico

D) Germany

16) What 60's actress makes an appearance as Glinda Stanwick, the former owner of Christmas Land in the 2015 movie of the same name?

A) Sally Struthers

B) Danica McKellar

C) Maureen McCormick

D) Melissa Gilbert

17) What does everyone say about the town of Garland Alaska in the Hallmark Christmas movie "Christmas Under Wraps"

A) "Santa Always Stops Here"

B) "Garland will put the jingle in your bells"

C) "That's Garland for ya"

D) "Rudolph lives here"

18) Which fictional Hallmark Christmas movie trilogy town features a famous snow globe that many of the town's citizens stop by the local diner to shake and make a wish on?

A) Garland, Alaska

B) Evergreen, Vermont

C) Nevada City, California

D) Homestead, Iowa

19) In the Hallmark Christmas movie, "A Crown for Christmas," Danica McKellar plays a young woman from Brooklyn, NY who is hired as a nanny for a young princess from the country of Winshire. What two countries was the movie filmed in?

A) Hungary and Romania

B) Austria and Slovenia

C) Canada and the United States

D) Romania and Slovenia

20) In what 2013 Hallmark Christmas movie does Naomi Judd appear as a bathroom attendant in a department store?

A) Lucky Christmas

B) Window Wonderland

C) Help for the Holidays

D) Christmas at Cartwright's

21) Which former Hallmark channel star who had a role in 3 Hallmark Christmas movies including, "Every Christmas Has a Story" and "Homegrown Christmas" was let go from Hallmark after her involvement with the College Varsity Blues scandal?

A) Danica McKellar

B) Candace Cameron Bure

C) Lori Laughlin

D) Lacey Chabert

22) Two of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies are "Christmas List" and "A Very Merry Mix-Up". The same actress stars in both movies. What is her name?

A) Jessica Lowndes

B) Taylor Cole

C) Danielle Panabaker

D) Alicia Witt

23) Which Hallmark Channel actress who is often seen in Christmas movies played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, a sitcom that ran from 1988 - 1983?

A) Lacey Chabert

B) Danica McKellar

C) Candace Cameron Bure

D) Jodi Sweeten

24) What 2016 Hallmark Channel Christmas movie was filmed in Dahlonega, Georgia, and featured Taylor Cole as a famous actress who stays at a local inn while making a movie in town. The inn is owned by a single father who falls in love with her...

A) Christmas in Conway

B) The Sweetest Christmas

C) Christmas in Homestead

D) Hope at Christmas

25) The Hallmark Christmas Movie "Christmas Everlasting" stars veteran sitcom star Tatyana Ali as a woman who was just made partner in a Law firm, but then learns she must return to her hometown after her sister dies and leaves behind an eccentric will. What 1990s sitcom did Tatyana Ali star in?

A) Martin

B) The Nanny

C) The Fresh Prince of Belair

D) Saved by the Bell

26) In the 2012 Hallmark Channel's "Christmas with Holly", starring Sean Faris who decides to start a new life on an island and moves in with his 2 brothers, the name Holly in the title refers to

A) A little girl

B) A woman

C) A dog

D) Holly bushes around the town that are used to make decorations for the town's Christmas parade

27) In what year did the Hallmark Channel begin its "Countdown to Christmas" programming?

A) 2000

B) 2004

C) 2010

D) 2013

28) In the 2015 Hallmark Christmas Movie "A Christmas Detour", what does Paige forget in the back of the rental car that Dylan returns to her on Christmas night at the country club where she is having dinner with her fiance and his parents?

A) Her purse

B) Her wedding plan binder

C) Her wedding dress

D) A Vision Board

29) Karen Kingsbury's book, "The Bridge" was made into a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie in 2015. The main setting for the movie is:

A) On a bridge

B) In a town library

C) In a bookstore

D) In a church

30) The 2014 movie "The Nine Lives of Christmas" stars what type of animal?

A) Dogs

B) Cats

C) Horses

D) Kittens

31) The following list of 20 people includes 20 actors/actresses who may or may not have been in a Hallmark Christmas movie. You need to pick 10 names that you think were NEVER in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. You will earn one point for each person that has NEVER been in a Hallmark Christmas movie, and lose one point for every person you picked that actually has been one of these movies. (Total points possible is 10 for this question).

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger

2) Candace Cameron Bure

3) Leah Remini

4) Patti Labelle

5) Gavin MacLeod

6) Ben Savage

7) Holly Robinson Peete

8) Danny Devito

9) Raven Symone

10) William Shatner

11) Vivica A. Fox

12) Paul Rudd

13) Tori Spelling

14) Cheryl Ladd

15) Meryl Streep

16) Jonathan Taylor Thomas

17) Donna Mills

18) Tom Hanks

19) Henry Winkler

20) Danielle Fishel

A Very Merry Mix-Up

A Very Merry Mix-Up

The Hallmark Channel Movie Christmas Trivia Game Answers

1) B... Christmas at Dollywood

2) D... Connecticut (some scenes were filmed at Mystic Village if you are familiar with Mystic, CT)

3) C... Melissa Joan Hart

4) C... 41

5) C... Lacey Chabert (11) and Candace Cameron Bure is a close second with 10

6) A... A Royal Christmas

7) D... Let it Snow

8) C... Debbie Macomber

9) A... Doris Roberts

10) D... Kellie Pickler

11) C... Lacey Chabert

12) B... Meet the Santas

13) B... Candace Cameron Bure plays the role of both twins

14) C... The Christmas Cottage

15) B... Canada

16) C... Maureen McCormick

17) C... "That's Garland for Ya"

18) B... Evergreen, VT

19) D... Romania and Slovenia

20) B... Window Wonderland

21) C... Lori Laughlin

22) D... Alicia Witt

23) B... Danica McKellar

24) C... Christmas in Homestead

25) C... The Fresh Prince of Belair

26) A... A little girl (Her mother died and she went to live with her uncles)

27) C... 2010

28) D... A Vision Board

29) C... A Bookstore

30) B... Cats

31) The following highlighted actors and actresses may have been in a Christmas movie, but have never been in a Hallmark Christmas movie. Out of the 10 you chose, give yourself 1 point for each person you got right. Take away 1 point for each person you thought was in a Hallmark Christmas movie, but wasn't.

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger

2) Candace Cameron Bure

3) Leah Remini

4) Patti Labelle

5) Gavin MacLeod

6) Ben Savage

7) Holly Robinson Peete

8) Danny Devito

9) Raven Symone

10) William Shatner

11) Vivica A. Fox

12) Paul Rudd

13) Tori Spelling

14) Cheryl Ladd

15) Meryl Streep

16) Jonathan Taylor Thomas

17) Donna Mills

18) Tom Hanks

19) Henry Winkler

20) Danielle Fishel


Each answer to questions 1 -30 is worth 3 points.

For question #31, there are 10 correct answers and 10 incorrect answers. You are to pick 10 answers, and you get one point for each correct answer and you are to take away one point for each of the 10 that you get wrong.

When you are done, total up your points, then please answer the poll at the bottom of the page.

Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies on Youtube

Did you know you can actually watch Hallmark Christmas movies on Youtube? Yes, you can although you do have to put up with ads.

Below is a link to watch my personal favorite Hallmark Christmas movie "Christmas List". Enjoy and thanks for taking the quiz. I hope you enjoyed taking it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Christmas List


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© 2021 Karen Hellier

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