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Halloween Decorations, Recipes and Pumpkin Carving Ideas - Everything for a Special Halloween / Trick or Treat Evening

Here is a wonderful collection of Halloween decorations for you and your little horrors to make and enjoy for this coming festivities at Halloween.

..... looking for even more scary ideas? Then have a look at the Halloween ideas I've found on my Pinterest page

This is my favourite pumpkin design - what's yours?

This is my favourite pumpkin design - what's yours?

For centuries Christians have celebrated the evening before special holy day, known as keeping a vigil, and the concept of Halloween comes from keeping that vigil the eve before All Hallows Day.

In Ireland and Scotland church-faring citizens congregated at evening ceremonies to offer prayers and blessings in the local churchyards where holy water was sprinkled on the graves as a blessing to ward off evil and as an opportunity to remember those family members that had passed on.

As with a lot of the Christian festivals and holy days these were preempted by Celtic festivals and in this particular instance it is believed that All Hallows was previously the Celtic celebratory feast of Samhain which marked the beginning of Winter.

Whatever the origins of this special time it is now a celebration for children of all ages and I never let it pass without marking it, I enjoy going to the shops and buying large buckets of sweets for the children that call at our house, but most of all I just can't wait to go to the allotment to select and harvest the pumpkins, squash.


For me nothing says Halloween like pumpkins, whether they are decorated, lit or just stacked in piles on your doorstep to welcome the trick or treaters. But there are so many other ideas, some simple, some a little more elaborate that will truly get you in the Halloween 'spirit'. I've gathered together a few of my favorites that will be happening at our house and hopefully you'll love them as much as we do, I love to get the kids involved in making these and it just increases the excitement and fun of the festivities.

Perfect Halloween Window Decor

Our windows from the outside

Our windows from the outside

Window Monsters

What better way to decorate your home for Halloween than these wonderfully simple, easy to make Window Monsters - this is definitely one of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween that I've seen and I can't wait to try it out on our house.

This is such a cheap and easy way to show off your house in all it's scary glory, all you need is some rolls of black paper and a pair of scissors, turn on your room lights and there you have it a whole house full of monsters.

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We loved doing this, you can see ours in the photographs below, and can you see our little black bats hanging from the rose bush outside the window? We covered the rose bush with black bats and white ghosts - going to do this every year, love it!

How To Draw A Ghost

  • How to draw a ghost
    Let's get spooky! This tutorial will show you how to draw a basic sheet ghost. These instructions can be followed by artists of all levels.

In-house promoting here, a very talented hubber, Shawnte87, has produced a series of hubs on how to draw which my daughter and her friends find invaluable and are so proud of what they produce because of her help so here is the link to her hub How To Draw A Ghost.

Halloween Cupcakes


Skull Make-up

  • How To Do Skeleton Makeup
    Do your own skeleton or skull makeup for Halloween or any spooky occasion. Be the creepiest one at the party!

Batty Doorway

Isn't this fabulous???  We will be doing this perhaps outdoors, perhaps indoors but it's definitely going to happen!

Isn't this fabulous??? We will be doing this perhaps outdoors, perhaps indoors but it's definitely going to happen!

Boo-tiful Girlie Ghosts


Eat, Drink and Be Scary