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Great Gifts for Teenage Girls: Age 16-19

Holiday Ideas

Need some holiday ideas for gifts for teens? I think I know what teenage girls like. Not only did I rear three of my own, I also taught hundreds of them over the years. If you have such a girl you need to purchase a gift for, don’t agonize. You might think they’re hard to please, but in actuality, they’re not. You just have to know what to buy! “Old” is new again and extremely trendy. No – not stuff from the forties, but “retro” items from the sixties, and especially from the seventies. Authentic vintage is even better! Below are some gift ideas for teenage girls:


Find out what type of music she likes and buy a few CDs. If you have no idea what she likes, choose a group from the seventies – not some bubble-gum band, but a hard-hitting heavy metal band. Most teenagers like to experiment with music and are usually open-minded about new singers and new bands.


They used to be called bell bottoms, and they’re still in style. Many girls prefer the hip huggers, only now they’re called “low slung.” Search the second-hand shops for a pair of real vintage jeans. Sometimes you can find them on Ebay. For new jeans, try Amazon, Old Navy, Gap, and American Eagle for the best prices.


Jeans are either one extreme or the other – bells or tight-fitting skinnies. Amazon, Old Navy, and Gap are great places to find these jeans. Black denim ones are the most popular. Also, check out the way cool Armani metallic skiiny jeans below!


Retro tees are definitely in! You know - like the ones worn in the late sixties and early seventies. The ones with peace signs, funny sayings, or with the names of bands. Check out the ones below from Amazon.


Sure, she already has a hoodie or two, but she can never have too many. The girls like to coordinate them to match their outfit for the day. Amazon and Old Navy have a great selection at very affordable prices. The buffalo checks are big this year, along with graphic prints.


Just about every teenage girl appreciates jewelry. Find out what she likes. Turquoise is back in, and so are clunky beads and retro items with peace signs. You can find these online and in teen boutiques.


The Chuck Taylor Converse sneaks are now “way cool.” Get the low-top ones. They look great with the skinny jeans! Check out the selection below. The blacks are a must-have!

Ballet-type flats are also hot, and Amazon carries a HUGE selection!


Add to her wardrobe with a nice pair of shades from Dolce Gabana or Louis Vuitton. Or how about a trendy pair of oversized-frame vintage sunglasses? For the best deals, shop online. Amazon has some great deals - browse below.


What's up with all the scarves? I think every teenage girl I've seen this fall and winter is donning a scarf! They wear solid colors, along with patterns like houndstooth, checks, argyle, stripes, plaid, and polkadots. Amazon has a bunch!

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Socks and tights with crazy colors and wild patterns or stripes are very stylish. The girls love wearing them with denim skirts. Shop online for the best prices and selection. Be sure to compare prices – there’s a huge range.


If you know her favorite singers or fave groups, find out if one is coming to your area soon. Check with the parents to make sure they approve. If they do, buy her two tickets so that she can take a friend.


Sometimes I purchase inexpensive handbags and totes and decorate them myself. My students loved them! It's simple, and you can do it yourself. Just buy a bag, some Swarovski rhinestones (size 20 or 30 work best - clear or colored, and you can order them online or from my article about stoning), and some E6000 glue from Wally World. Make the girl's initials, outline the item, or place some stones randomly. The stones just give it some bling-bling and make it unique. Don't worry about the stones' falling off - once the E6000 glue dries, it is will stay put through many washings and dryings.

Read more about placing rhinestones by clicking on the article link below this article.

The Jessica Simpson totes are also very popular with teenage girls, and Amazon offers several different styles in a wide range of colors.


Purchase an inexpensive cell phone case and “bling it up” with clear or colored rhinestones. I’ve seen girls who had phone cases that were literally wall-to-wall with stones. You can do this yourself! Follow the tips in my stoning article.


Teenage girls love to shop, and they never seem to have enough money. A cute card containing some cold, hard cash is always a sure hit. It’s always the right size and the right color!

Gift certificates to their favorite teen clothing stores, music stores, and gift shops are cool, too. That way, they can pick out exactly what they want.

At this age, the girl is probably driving. If so, a gas card would be much appreciated.

If she doesn’t already have a cell phone, buy her one with minutes.

Spoil her by sending her to a local spa for a manicure, a pedicure, or both.

Restaurant gift certificates are also in order. She might appreciate several free meals at a fast-food eatery instead of one meal at a nice restaurant.

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Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on November 07, 2009:

True, Star, but I don't think many people could afford to buy a new car in this economy! Thanks for reading!

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