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National Gorgeous Grandma Day

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Not An Official Holiday

National Gorgeous Grandma Day is not an official holiday but it should be. It is celebrated on July 23 every year. The main purpose is to acknowledge older women.

Origin of National Gorgeous Grandma Day

Have you ever wondered how the National Gorgeous Grandma Day got started? If so, you are among many others.

It was started in 1984 when Alice Solomon graduated from Wellesley College at the age of 50. Up until then, she believed society didn't think older women could be useful. So, she took it upon herself to change that.

She embarked upon the process of using the expression "Gorgeous Grandma" as a way to honor grandmothers. She made sure people knew that her term was ascribed to older women whether they actually had grandchildren or not. She designated July 23 to celebrate older women and to make them feel special.


Any woman age 50 or older should be celebrated on July 23. Know that you are gorgeous and you are special. You deserve to be pampered on your special day.

If you are not a woman age 50 or over and you know some woman who is, make sure you celebrate her. It could be women in your office, in your neighborhood or at your church.


How to Celebrate National Gorgeous Grandma Day

You can celebrate them by doing something as small as complimenting them on something they are wearing or something you see the doing. You can also do some more elaborate for her such as taking her out for a meal. The two of you can talk about what is happening in the news or other things of interest.

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You can take her shopping to buy a sentimental gift or something to mark the occasion.

If you are a grandmother yourself, tell your grandmother how times were when you were growing up. If you own grandmother is not still living, share old photos of her with your children.

Some people post pictures with their grandmother on social media. Then there are grandmothers who post pictures with there grandchildren. Either way, there are photos of grandmothers and grandchildren.


Names Grandmothers Are Called

Children call their grandmother many affectionate names that may include the following:

  • Grandmother
  • Grandmom
  • Grandma
  • Grandmama
  • Granny
  • Gram
  • Nana
  • Nanny
  • Mammaw
  • Memaw

It could depend on the country where the children live.

It doesn't matter what you call your mother or father's mother, she will be there for you. Usually, she gives you what you ask her for if it is within reason. That's because grandmothers are known to spoil their grandchildren.

National Grandparents Day

National Gorgeous Grandma Day is celebrated on July 23. There is no National Grandfather Day on record. However, there National Grandparents Day is the first Sunday following Labor Day.

Many Days Celebrating Relatives

There are many days celebrating relatives throughout the year. National Gorgeous Grandma Day is the only day with a beautiful description in its title. Notice that it is not just Grandma Day, but it is National Gorgeous Grandma Day.

  • National Spouse Day is January 26.
  • National Siblings Day is April 10.
  • International Day of Family is on May 15.
  • National Brothers Day is May 24.
  • National Cousins Day is July 24.
  • National Aunt and Uncle Day is July 26.
  • National Sisters Day is August 5.
  • National Sons and Daughter Days is August 11.
  • National Wife Day is third Sunday in September.
  • National Family Day is September 25.
  • National Kids Day is November 20.

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