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Good Morning Inspirational Poems

Hello! My name is Ahmad, and I love creating, compiling, and sharing quotes, wishes, and beautiful sentiments.


Good Morning Inspirational Poems

In order to truly enjoy every new day of your life, you must not only be positive but also find the positive in every situation. If you focus and dwell on the negative, the morning sun will not be shining in your zip code. It is easier said and done, but if you work hard and push through, sunshine will be there waiting for you. If life is actually going good, take the time to enjoy it, rather than waiting for the next negative to come into your life. Sometimes it feels like the sun will never come out again; push through and weather the storm. Better days are on the horizon. These inspirational poems will give your mood a touch of motivation and your day may spend under a positive energy.


Setting limits on yourself in your daily life

Is only going to slow down progress

If you think you can't accomplish something,

Do your best to not only do what you are trying but do better.

You will then realize that the limits you thought

You had were nothing but figments of your imagination


It's the smell of early mornings,

Crisp trails of pristine freshness,

Of blades of grass bathed in dew

From the wee hours of dawn

It's the sounds of sunrise,

From the heart of nature's songsters

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Sweet melodies impossible for man

To replicate or reproduce

It's the peace, calm and quietude,

The serene sea that calls me to drown

To sit still by the windowsill,

To turn inside even as my eyes wander

It's the fruits of her labor,

Sweet, sour, bitter and even butter-like,

The juicy, the nutty, the fibrous, the colorful,

That keeps calling me to her bosom everyday

How can I even attempt to put a period here?

For she is beyond what my words can describe

All I know is her heart is deeper than the oceans

The provider who knows not the end, but only the beginnings


There will be a point in time

Where you may not understand

All the things that had happened

Or still happening in your life

Each one of us has a purpose in this world

Nothing you've been through was an accident

Every challenge, every disappointment

Every situation you have been through was to get you ready

For where God is about to bring you into

God loves us

We just need to trust and have faith in His good plans for us


A smile cost nothing but can mend the hearts of broken-hearted people.

A smile can make you feel better.

A smile is the outward impression of what inside you.

A smile can bring peace.

Smile implies to others that you are well.

A smile is the first remedy for illness.

Just give a big smile to the people you meet today and this will bring peace to their lives and yours as well.


Do not follow the crowd always.

Sometimes, stop, think and take a different pathway.

Do not let seasons drive you crazy, sometimes choose to do other things.

Do not celebrate to the extreme because in the end you either use up all your money or end up in trouble.

A wise person always sticks to the plan and never gives in to unplanned activities.


This morning I am singing in my heart,

Oh how I celebrate and welcome this new day

I can hear the voices of lovebirds

In my mind as I close my eyes and

See them singing love songs

The romance, the splendor from the

Sender yet has seen, this scene I've seen

In my mind, it seems a million times

They dance on the air.

They float like butterflies.

Their spirits are free.

The joy they bring, the beauty they sing,

The words they write, their world of a

Purple Heaven

Oh, the gift to be an artist, a poet,

An author, a dancer and a singer

My heart and soul I set free, free to sing

And sing and love


My Rainy Morning

My day didn't end with a bundle of complaints nor a straight face because it rained and it made me smile again. Like every other day, I walked out of office even today, with a mind occupied with a thousand thoughts. My pending presentation to be completed after I reach home, meeting scheduled for tomorrow and good Lord even the traffic I would need to battle to reach office in the morning. As I stepped out, the streets greeted me with streams of water flowing almost everywhere and I realized I had stepped into an unusual downpour. I hesitated to walk down to the parking again with a list of triggered thoughts of getting drenched to my bag getting wet! Finally, I decided to walk and I smile now because I did.

With every step I took, the rain took away with it each of my thoughts. Nothing seemed to matter anymore to me because I was walking in a beautiful world touched by the rains drops wrapped in the cold breeze. I didn't feel like frowning over my then wet shoes or my heavy jeans and I reached my parking lot seeing that smiling face. It was the security uncle who was waiting to go home but couldn't because the owner of the last car was late as always and that's of course me! I thanked him for an extra time today because he was the one who reminded me to take my umbrella from the car because he knew I would forget like I do every day. And I started my drive back home smiling, enjoying the symphony of the music that played in the car and the raindrops that sang down the music from the skies. Nothing worried me neither the rains or my work, I felt my heart singing along the rains enjoying my drive through the flooded roads, playing silly by closing my eyes when a load of water splashed on my windscreen and with no complaints of being blinded by the rains. Even before I knew, my mind got drenched in the freshness of the raindrops. And here I sit struggling to find words that would give the feel of the mist in my heart, all because it rained.



Quotes Lover (author) on January 02, 2020:

Thank you so much for such a lovely comment.

Donna Rayne from Sparks, NV on January 02, 2020:

It was absolutely beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for starting my morning with a smile as I drink my hot coffee, read what others write here, we learn and grow and we teach each other how to live life with a smile on our faces and a joyful heart!


Donna Rayne

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