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Glow in the Dark and Black Light Party Ideas

Glow in the dark and black light parties can be lots of fun to host and attend both for adult parties and family friendly parties.

Below you will find tons of black light party ideas for glowing decorations and party food and drinks as well as glow in the dark games and entertainment to make sure guests have a great time.

There are also favor ideas and plenty of black light party supply suggestions to ensure your glowing party really lights up the night.

Black Light Party Essentials

Black Light Party Decorations

You will definitely need a black light and probably more than one depending on how big the space for the party is.

Then you will need to find glowing items to decorate and set the party mood.

Party decorating ideas:

  • Cover the walls with either black or white sheets (white will glow with a black light, black sheets won't). Then use glow in the dark paint to decorate the sheets or let guests paint it during the party for entertainment.
  • There are glowing decorations and glow in the dark products available to use for the party. Black light reactive balloons are a good idea. So are glowing pebbles, glowing tape, and even glowing figurines.
  • Use funky decorations like a disco ball, black light posters, and even lava lamps.
  • Petroleum jelly, detergent with bleach, and some whitening toothpastes glow under a black light. You can write or draw with those on walls, tables, and floors for glowing messages.
Glowing drinks

Glowing drinks

Glow in the Dark Party Food and Drinks

A black light party is more fun with glowing food and drinks.

  • One of the simplest ways to give a glow in the dark effect is to get black light reactive serve ware and tableware like glowing plates, cups, and cutlery. Light up cups are also fun in the dark.
  • There are liquids that glow under a black light that you can serve at your party. These are tonic water, energy drinks, milk and milk products.
  • Some food glows or reflects the black light also. White foods do. Honey, caramel, and syrup also glow.

More glowing drink ideas and glow in the dark food suggestions.

Black Light Party Supplies

Glow in the Dark Party Games

Make the party more fun by playing games in the dark. Use glow in the dark balls, rope, and tape to create black light versions of normal games. Glow in the dark paint can also be used to create games.

Try these black light game ideas:

  • Glowing tag where the person who is "It" searches with glow sticks
  • Glow in the dark Twister made with glow paint
  • Glowing hopscotch using glow paint, chalk, or tape
  • Glowing tug of war with a glow in the dark rope
  • Glowing hot potato with a glow in the dark ball
  • Balloon darts using black light reactive balloons
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Glow in the Dark Party Activities and Entertainment

There are also tons of activities to play with in the dark and under a black light to keep guests entertained.

  • Have a black light fashion show to parade your friends' glowing party clothes. You could even make it into a contest and give a prize to the winner.
  • Give your guests glow toys to use during the party. Find unusual glowing toys like glow staffs and glowing jump ropes to make it more of a novelty for guests.
  • Buy or make glow in the dark chalk and bubbles for guests to play with.

Check Out This Glowing Party for Ideas

Glowing toys perfect for party favors

Glowing toys perfect for party favors

Glow in the Dark Supplies and Party Favors

There is no shortage of glow in the dark toys available to use as party favors and treats. You can find glowing toys at dollar stores, party stores, and you can even order them online from places like Oriental Trading.

Look for things like:

  • glow in the dark toys
  • glow sticks
  • glowing jewelry
  • flashing and light up toys


Princess on May 14, 2018:

Great help I love the glow ideas for my 50th bday jam

Candace Bacon (author) from Far, far away on February 02, 2013:

LightInDarkness - The Suppressed Desire theme sounds very intriguing. That's one I would be interested in attending. Thanks!

Ov Strickland - Thanks so much!

Ov Strickland from El Segundo, CA on October 05, 2012:

This hub is sooo coool! Great! Well done.

LightInDarkness from Smyrna, Tennessee on October 02, 2012:

I am working on a Suppressed Desire themed party and I LOVE your ideas. Voted Up.

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