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Glow in the Dark Tinkerbell Fairy Halloween Costumes for Girls

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Your little girl wants to be the fairy Tinkerbell, and just like all fairies she wants to glow in the dark, which is the perfect touch to a fairy costume. After all, isn't that the magic of fairies?

Not only does their wands twinkle, they do too, and they can be seen in the dark, if anyone is lucky enough to see them.

Little girls have wondrous imaginations and probably see the little circle of fairies sitting on the ring of toadstools in the garden after dark, holding little fairy conventions.

Tinkerbell, thanks to Disney, is the most famous fairy of all, and your little girl, whether that be your daughter or grand-daughter, or even niece, will love to have a Tinkerbell costume that glows in the dark, making her feel extra-special.

Tinkerbell Glow in the Dark Fairy Wings

Perhaps she already has a Tinkerbell dress that still fits her, but want to be able to glow in the dark.

This beautiful set of glow in the dark fairy wings will be just perfect!

With the Disney logo in the centre flower, this light-up set of Tinkerbell wings will transform your little girl into a real live fairy!

Disney Store Tinkerbell Infant Toddler Costume 3T Glow in the Dark with Wings

Tinkerbell Toddler Costume

For almost the same price, you can buy this complete outfit which include the dress with wings attached and a snapped bottom for easy diaper changing.

This is so cute; your toddler will look wonderful in this.

There is glow in the dark details all round the dress and the wings of the Disney store Tinkerbell costume.

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Little Girls' Tinkerbell Dress

After being exposed to light, this gorgeous Tinkerbell dress glows in the dark.

With attention given to detail, it is sparkly all over.

What little girl wouldn't feel like a real fairy wearing this fantastic costume dress that she is sure to love?

The accessories which include wings, wand and shoes, as shown here, must be bought separately.

Child's Deluxe Tinkerbell Costume

Available in a wide range of sizes, and not just the 10T shown here, this is top of the range when it comes to Disney Tinkerbell costumes.

With a beautiful satin-sheen dress that will turn your little girl into an absolute princess, this is a complete costume.

  • Tinkerbell dress than glows in the dark
  • a gorgeous Tinkerbell cameo inset on the crown
  • wings that not only glow in the dark, but which have a button push light-up function

Glow in the Dark Costumes

Even if your child hasn't specifically requested one, it might be a good idea, if your child plans going out Trick or Treating at Halloween, that he or she wears glow in the dark outfits.

It improves their safety, allowing them to be seen after dark by motorists as well as other road users, as well as being less frightening for the elderly and infirm who often check who is at their door before opening.

Let your child BE SEEN by wearing glow in the dark costumes.

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