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Giving Thanks for All Your Blessings in Creative Ways

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Nicole has a degree in psychology and is a mom to four sons. She has four cats, three of which were once feral kittens found in her backyard


There are many ways to give thanks

We are so blessed with so many wonderful things in this world. Although nothing will ever be perfect, God really has given each one of us many blessings to thank Him for. Here are a few creative ways to give thanks this Thanksgiving!

Prayer !

Of course, praying and giving thanks to God in your heart first and foremost, must precede all these ways to express thankfulness! Flowing from that, here are some more ideas!

Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to be intentional about giving thanks. Each day, write down and reflect on a few things you're thankful for. It will also be a wonderful keepsake to look back on later in life!

Blessings Jar

This idea comes from my "mother in love". Write down a blessing from God on small piece of paper and fold it up. Place it in your "blessings jar." Open your jar and re-read them whenever you feel like "counting" your blessings! It's really neat to look back months or even years later and see all the prayers the Lord has answered.

Blessing Rocks

Painting rocks is a big trend right now. Whereas pet rocks used to be popular, now decorating and painting rocks is the new thing to do. Why not paint your blessings on rocks? They can be placed around the house or in your garden as decorations to remind you of all you're grateful for. You could paint words like "grace", "peace", "joy", "love", "hope", and so on, to remind you of those virtues that are bestowed on you by creator. Or why not paint your children's names on them? Perhaps next time you're in your garden and see the special rock, it could remind you to be thankful and also to pray for that child or person.

Thankfulness Walk/Hike

Being out in nature can be so calming and can remind us of all the many ways we are blessed. Why not go for a walk with the purpose of praying along the way and giving thanks for all God has done? It could be a great time to connect with the Lord and refresh your soul.

Posting Daily on Social Media with What You're Thankful For

Some people like to post a new thought / idea regarding what they're thankful for every day for the month of November, leading up to Thanksgiving. For example, one might say:

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Day 1: I'm thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful and loving family

Day 2: I'm thankful for my apartment/ house

... and so on.

Taking Turns Expressing Thanks

Going around the table at Thanksgiving and talking about what each person is thankful for is a meaningful tradition that is worth keeping. On a daily basis, families could even do this by telling each other what he best part of their day was or how God answered a prayer or concern. The Bible says God inhabits the praises of His people, so what better way to express thanks than to proclaim it to others, thereby encouraging them and being a form of worship to God.

How Do You Express Thanks?


Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on November 24, 2017:

Thanks Nicole for your practical suggestions of ways to show gratitude. The Blessing Rock seems like a great idea; of course, they're all good.

Nicole K (author) on November 22, 2017:

Thank you, RTalloni! I edited my post to reflect the truth of your comment. Out of a heart overflowing with Thankfulness ... who knows what ideas can come to express that gratitude? Many more, I'm sure! But it definitely all begins with prayer/praise! Happy Thanksgiving!

RTalloni on November 22, 2017:

A lovely post for Thanksgiving eve, and one that we should carry with us throughout the year. Offering up a prayer of praise is the best way to begin all the other suggestions you present here!

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