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Give A Memory Gift For Christmas

At this time of year our thoughts turn to Christmas. What to buy as a gift, or who to go and visit. It seems to get harder every year to find those special gifts. Whether it be for a husband, wife, or children.

We all know that kids love technology so they are pretty easy to figure out.

But what to get for an older member of the family? Of course you can go down the easy route and buy perfumes, soaps and even socks.

But why not really think about your Christmas gift this year? Instead of searching the shops and stores for the same old Christmas gift why not do something to bring back wonderful memories?

Happy Christmas public domain

Happy Christmas public domain

Christmas is for Memories

The one thing that many people dread about Christmas is the thought of all those family members that we have lost. Especially the older members of the family. Memories can be so painful at this time.

A lost grandfather, a best friend who you will never see again, all the feelings that you have tried to control over the years suddenly come back so powerful it just makes you miss them more.

Recently after writing about my mother, I suddenly really missed her. Nothing seemed to fill the gap of her parting, so I wondered how I could overcome this feeling. Then I had an idea.

Have A Memory Day With Photos

Looking at her photos I realised that not only did I have her in my heart I could see her too. So many photos. From the day she was born, up until she was in the Air Force and her marriage to my dad.

Then of course me and my brother. As well as photos of her brother, sister, aunts uncles going back as far as Edwardian times.

So I placed all the photos on the tables, chairs and in frames, talking to her all the time. I found old photos that I had never seen before. Some of her smiling, some serious. But mostly with a small grin on her face. All of them so familiar.

Vinyl Record public domain

Vinyl Record public domain

Jitterbug The Day Away With Music!

I found some old records that I had kept from years ago. My mother used to love all the big band sounds of the 1940s. We had the old L.P.s for years, and I had stored them in the cupboard under the stairs. Gently dusting them off, I got out my old record player and carefully put the first one on.

The sounds of Glenn Miller drifted out and all of a sudden I felt as though I was there. In my mind I could see my mother dancing when she was in the WAAFs. She always told me she won the dance competitions, in fact one time she won a blow up chair, fell over and popped it on the way home! Figures!

Next came the dance music. The Andrew Sisters were one of her favorites, and so many more. by the time I had finished I was exhausted! I danced around the living room, into the kitchen and just about everywhere else. The gifts she had given me were so strong. It was the gift of her memories stored on vinyl. It made me laugh, and it made me cry. But it also brought her closer to me.

After I had put away the photos and the placed the old L.P.s back in their cases, I suddenly realised that there is so much more that you can do to make the day special. Gifts don't always come in packages.

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Go Back In Time With These Great Gifts!

If you are planning on a theme night, or wanting to buy your memory gifts for your family, why not make sure you have all the equipment handy? You can't play a record without a record player. In this day and age of modern technology we forget that the best time was had by playing the old L.P.s or 45s. If you really want to step back in time, a Gramophone is a fantastic idea.

public domain

public domain

Turntable Record Player

Have A Theme Night.

This may take a bit of planning, especially if the person you are buying the gift for is elderly, but it can be done. Find out the best date in the persons life that they loved the most and have a theme night.

For example if it is a grandmother that is missing her husband, or maybe a friend who has gone, get together with family and friends and wear fancy dress of the period. Gifts such as these can make all the family have a great Christmas.

Along with the music of the time it can bring back those wonderful memories and make them feel a part of the Christmas spirit. And of course they don't have to be about someone who is no longer there.

How lovely it would be to see your grandparents dancing together to the tune of the Big Band Sound. Or if they were young in the 60s then have a fancy dress party.

We all loved the Beatles so why not dress up as John, Paul George and Ringo?

Have a Beetles Fancy Dress Party!

Sergeant Pepper the Beatles public domain

Sergeant Pepper the Beatles public domain

Memories make the best gift

It will be a poignant time, remembering those we love. But along with the sadness, there will be happiness knowing that they have not been forgotten. Their spirit will be strong, and just for one day you will feel as though they are back with you.

But this can also be a great time for a family get together. Can you imagine dancing around to an old gramaphone record, granny in the corner sipping her Port and Lemon, and grandad doing the Jive? Can't get better than that!

The greatest gift for Christmas is love. And Memories.

All Things Christmas!


Nell Rose (author) from England on March 29, 2020:

Thanks Peggy, yes we used music too in our books. Thanks as always.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 28, 2020:

Your ideas of a memory gift are great—one Christmas, we made photo albums for both of our mothers who were widows. We filled them with all kinds of photos with pictures of family members, vacation photos, and more. It was a hit with both of our mothers.

My parents also liked the Big Band era and had lovely records that I grew up hearing. Thanks for writing this.

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