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Gifts for Tween Girls (Ages 10 - 12)

Awesome Gifts for Tweens!

Awesome Gifts for Tweens!

Finding a gift for the tween girl in your life can be difficult. They are no longer a little child, but they aren’t quite a teenager. One minute they want to act grown up, but the next they want to run around like crazy at the park. This in-between stage makes them picky and not so easy to please.

Take heart, I’ve compiled a list of some great gifts ideas that will be adored by almost any girl between the ages of 10 and 12.

Nail polish makes a great gift for 10 - 12 year old girls.

Nail polish makes a great gift for 10 - 12 year old girls.

Awesome selection of colors!

Nail Polish, Mani/Pedi Set, or Nail Art Kit

This is the age when girls start thinking about the way they look. THEY are ready for make-up, but we, as adults, are not ready for them to wear make-up. Nail polish is a great compromise. Tweens love the bright vibrant colors available, they love watching YouTube videos to come up with fun ideas for their nails. It gives them a chance to be creative with how they look without throwing their parents into shock because their “baby” is wearing make-up.

There are dozens of great nail products for sale. A basket filled with several colors, some nail polish remover, emery boards, and clippers would make a great gift. Or just purchase a pre-made manicure/pedicure kit.

A gift card to a nail salon would also make a tween girl swoon. Plus, if you’re the parent giving the gift, it’s an epic way to get some quality girl time at the salon.

Art Supplies

Many 10 – 12 year old girls enjoy doodling and drawing. By this age they are old enough to start taking care of nice things, so consider buying a special art set. Contained in a case; pencils, and pastels, paint and crayons somehow will seem more special to your tween. Plus, it lets them explore their artistic muse. Coupled with nice drawing or painting paper, you’ll have yourself a gift most tweens will enjoy.

You could also consider buying some soft pastels…for their hair. Soft pastels are used for the latest fad of hair chalking. What the heck is hair chalking, you ask? Hair chalking is a temporary way to color your hair. It washes out in the shower, and the results from using soft pastels on your hair are stunning.

Lotions, Body Sprays & Lip Gloss

Again, tweens are ready to make the jump into being a teen, but we aren’t ready for that…truth be told, neither are they. Another great compromise is to let them go nuts with fun scented lotions and body sprays. Lip Gloss is also great because the tween feels like they are wearing a kind of make-up (let’s face it they are), but they aren’t walking around looking like a pageant kewpie doll.

Bath and Body Works has tons of great scents that are fruity and fun for girls, but you can really buy these kinds of items almost anywhere. A nice gift basket filled with body spray, lotion and lip gloss would be a huge hit.

Phones are one of the many electronic devices that tweens crave.  Giving one as a gift would make you their hero!

Phones are one of the many electronic devices that tweens crave. Giving one as a gift would make you their hero!

Pre-paid phones are a great first phone for tweens


Yes, tweens love their electronics. Most of them would give their left foot for a phone, tablet, or laptop. I kid you not…any of those three would put you on the best parent/uncle/ grandparent EVER list.

Many people would say that a 10 year old is too young to have a phone, but just know that by the time they are 12 and in middle school…they will have a phone...for real.

A laptop would also be a great gift for a tween, but they can be pretty expensive and they aren’t as portable as a tablet.

To me a tablet is the perfect gift for any tween. It’s portable, flexible, and if they don’t have a phone, it gives them a chance to have all the apps their friends are using on their phones. They can text with a tablet, watch YouTube or Netflix, play stupid games, and read…all on a tablet.

If you are looking for a tablet, the ASUS MeMo pad is a great little tablet. We have three and they work beyond what I would have expected for the price. Plus it comes in bright green or pink; which makes it even more likeable for any tween. In all honesty, there are really many tablets to choose from, and I’m sure any tween girl would be thrilled to get one.

Room Décor

Most tweens have moved on from the days of Disney Princesses and Fairies, but perhaps their room décor has not. Help the tween in your life get a fresh look in their room by purchasing some décor for it. Picture frames, epic wall decals, cool bedding, hip lamps, fuzzy fun rugs, and stylish decorator pillows all can help give a tween a not so childish room.

One thing I love is removable wall decals. They are fairly inexpensive, but can have a huge impact. Purchase some removable wall décor lettering as a gift so your tween can put sayings on their wall, and then change them around when their mood changes.

When you think about gifting room décor to a 10 – 12 year old girl, think bold bright colors. Pastels are too babyish to them. They want loud and colorful.

The possibilities are endless but here are a few ideas....

A new bike is a great gift for a tween girl!

A new bike is a great gift for a tween girl!


We all know that it is really important that a bicycle be the right size. Bike fit affects comfort, safety and even fun. If a bike is the wrong size, it’s difficult to maneuver and can be painful to ride. Between the ages of 10 and 12 kids are beginning to outgrow their first bike. They are also beginning to get more freedom at home, so they can actually start going to their nearby friend’s house alone on their bike. What a great gift for an active girl…a bicycle that fits properly. If you do decide to purchase a bike for your tween girl, consider making a nice certificate for them to open that says “good for one bike”. It’s probably best that she gets a choice in her bike, not just for style, but for fit.

Cute cases for phones are always a hit!

Cute cases for phones are always a hit!

Electronic Accessories

As I stated earlier, 10 – 12 year old girls love their electronics. They also love any accessories for them. Think bling! Some of the following items are perfect electronic accessories for a 10 – 12 year old girl:

  • Phone cases
  • Tablet cases
  • Phone/tablet stands
  • Styluses
  • Ear buds
  • Head phones
  • Dust plugs
  • Phone charms
  • Phone/tablet chargers
  • A computer mouse
  • Mouse pad
  • Laptop bag
  • Laptop decals
Purses and bags make excellent gifts for tween girls.

Purses and bags make excellent gifts for tween girls.

Bags or Purses

As young women, 10 – 12 year olds can never have enough bags.

They are always on the go...to school, to their friends, to dance class, or basketball practice...seriously...kids are constantly on the go at this age. So, whether it’s a small purse, a backpack, or a laptop case, a tween girl will love it…as long as they deem it awesome looking. There are so many styles of bags out there it’s easy to find something to fit every tween girls unique personality.

If purchasing a bag for them try to keep their style in mind. My daughter is into anime, so I got her a laptop bag for her birthday that had Japanese art on it. If you don't know their style, go with bold colors, most tweens love bright vibrant colors.

Here’s a list of a few different kind of bags you could purchase as a gift for your 10 – 12 year old girl:

  • Backpack
  • Purse
  • Make-up case (maybe with some lip-gloss in it?)
  • Laptop bag
  • Pencil bag (add a few cute school supplies?)
  • Duffel bag
  • Messenger bag
  • Wallet (put a few bucks in it?)
  • Change purse
  • Wristlet
  • Athletic bag
A journal is a great gift for 10 - 12 year old girls.

A journal is a great gift for 10 - 12 year old girls.

A Journal

Journal writing is a great way to express thoughts and feelings. Let’s face it between the ages of 10 and 12 girls have a lot of thoughts and feelings. They are changing, their bodies are changing, their friends are changing, EVERYTHING is changing for them, and a journal is a great outlet to help them express all these changes in a safe, judgment free environment.

Although it’s proven that journals can provide an excellent emotional outlet for everyone, a tween is more likely to get behind the idea of journaling if their journal looks awesome. There are some beautiful journals available to buy, and also some books that can assist them with what to write.

Well there you have it, a list of some awesome ideas for tween girls. As with any gift, you want to purchase something that fits them, that fits their personality, but hopefully this list will help you while searching for the perfect gift for that wonderful girl in your life.


Kathy Hull (author) from Bloomington, Illinois on May 23, 2014:

It's so hard to shop for this age. I love the embroidery floss idea. My daughter loves creating things, so bracelets she could wear would be right up her alley. Thanks for sharing.

Claudia Mitchell on May 22, 2014:

Well I have an 11 year old daughter so I know how hard it can be to find her something. These are great ideas, especially the journal one. My daughter also likes embroidery floss, she loves making bracelets out of them. Nice hub!

Kathy Hull (author) from Bloomington, Illinois on May 09, 2014:

Thanks much! :)

Yep, you sure remember correctly...from Barbies to makeup in a blink of an eye...sigh.

Mackenzie Sage Wright on May 08, 2014:

Great ideas to keep in mind... though it's not as much as an issue anymore that my daughter and her friends are grown, lol. But we have some cousins kids who are going to be hitting that age soon. If I remember with my daughter correctly it's like they go from playing Barbies one day to make up the next.

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