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Gift Ideas for 25 Year Old Women

Image courtesy of Ambro at www.freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of Ambro at www.freedigitalphotos.net

Choosing the best gifts for 25 Year Old

Are you looking for gift ideas for 25 year old women for Christmas, birthday or another special occasion?

Of course, a lot does depend on the personality, interests and likes and dislikes of the 25 year old lady in question. Is she sporty? Does she love gadgets? Are clothes, fashion and beauty important to her? Does she enjoy socializing? Is she adventurous or home loving? Does she read, watch films or love music?. Is she a career woman, socialite or perhaps she's a busy mom? This article has lots of suggestions and ideas and should at the very least get you thinking in the right direction of the gifts the 25 year old women you know would like.

Here is an overview of the gift ideas tackled in this article:

  • Tech gifts
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Gifts for the reader
  • Beauty Gifts
  • Gifts for the sporty lady
  • Gifts for the home

Read on for lots of gift ideas for 25 year old women.

Tech Gifts

There are lots of great tech and electronic gadgets that will enhance the quality of a 25 year old's life and make perfect gifts.

Here are some ideas:

  • Tablets, laptops, netbooks or a google chromebook
  • Smart watches - the apple watch or a pebble watch are two popular choices
  • Amazon Echo - a voice recognition system to have the in the home. It will play music with its speakers, give you updates on news, traffic, weather, can control lighting and other gadgets in the home with the just the use of your voice.
  • New iPhone6S
  • Wireless headphones
  • A media streaming player such as the Amazon Fire TV stick or Apple TV
  • Instant camera which can print out photos as you take them
  • A smartphone printer so you can print photos that you take with a smartphone.
  • Action camera such as the Go Hero.
  • Wireless speakers
  • Portable charger - these are a lifesaver if you're out and about and your phone runs out of battery. They are also really useful for charging devices when you're travelling too. There are portable chargers that are shaped like a lipstick so will easily fit in your bag or your pocket.

Fashion and Accessories

Fashion gifts such as clothes, bags, purses and accessories can make excellent presents for women in their mid twenties.

Clothes - buying clothes as a gift can be difficult as choosing the right size, fit, color and style she likes is a hard task. However, if you would like to get her clothes there are some ways around this. Take her on a shopping spree so she can choose what she likes. Alternatively, it's difficult to go wrong with vouchers for her favorite clothes store.

Accessories - Women love accessories and these are a lot easier to buy if you know her style. Watches, wallets, bags, scarfs, socks, gloves or sunglasses can make great practical but beautiful gifts. Consider her personality when buying accessories. If she's a career woman she may appreciate a work bag whereas a sporty lady might appreciate a bag for the gym. If she's a socialite jewelry to accessorize her outfits when she is partying is a fab idea.

Jewelry - If she would like a jewelry there are lots of ideas. They include simple pendants, earrings, a charm bracelets, a cuff bracelet, a statement ring or necklace (fantastic for dressin up outfits when she is out on the town).

Top Gifts for Women - A Purse / Bag

There are all kinds of bags you can get and woman like to accessorize with a beautiful but practical one. Ideas include clutch purses for going out, crossbody bags for everyday use, totes for shopping, a new gym bags for sporty types or a laptop bag for students or career ladies. If she's a mom, she may really appreciate a new diaper bag.

A piece of weekend luggage may be good if she goes away a lot.

If the lady you know likes to look good for the office, why not get her a new office bag

Check out the Nine West shoulder bag below.

Gifts For the Reader

Does the 25 year old you know like reading?

This opens up a new world of gifts you can get. If she loves to read and doesn't already have an e-readers such as an amazon kindle this would make a fab idea. Kindles are lightweight, easy to hold when reading in any position, they have a battery life that lasts for weeks, you can hold around 1000 books depending on which one you buy and you can read it outdoors in direct sunlight too.

If you would prefer to buy a book, a bit of investigation (asking family and friends, asking her outright or looking on her bookshelf) will reveal her favorite authors. If all else fails a book voucher will always be used.

There are also lots of fun books to get a 25 year old such as 101 things to do before you die. Or what about the 101 secrets for your twenties book featured below.

Magazine Subscription

Many women and girls love taking a few minutes to sit down and read a magazine. For this type of woman, a magazine subscription makes a nice gift as they get their favorite magazine delivered to them for the next year.

Vogue is perfect choice for women who love fashion

Beauty Gifts

Beauty gifts are quite often easy to buy. Some luxury moisturiser, make up or perfume makes a nice gift as sometimes women forget to splash out on themselves. Here are some more ideas:

A sample make up kit - there is fab for trying out new cosmetics. For a special treat look for a sample make up kit from an expensive and quality brand, perhaps one that she wouldn't normally buy herself. Often a sample kit will come in a cosmetics bag and container that she can use when she travels or just for everyday use in her home.

Hair tools - flat irons, wavers, hairdryers, a hair straightening brush, curling tongs - are all great for helping her have the perfect hair or try out new styles.

An electric toothbrush

A makeover and a photo shoot experience.

Sporty Gifts

If the 25 year old you know is sporty, you could get her something to help her enjoy her favorite sport or activity.

Home exercise equipment - Some women love to exercise at home and would appreciate a fitness DVD, hand weights or some kind of exercise machine.

An activity tracker - activity trackers such as the fitbit will measure stats such as calories burned and steps taken. They are perfect for looking at the activity undertaken throughout the day and improving on it. Some have features such as a heart rate monitor and will also measure the quality of sleep.

Gifts for the Home

25 year old women quite often like the environment they live in to look good and will appreciate a nice accessory for the home. Think lamps, cushions, a digital photo frame, candles or clocks.

If she likes listening to music there are internet radios which are great for streaming music from lots of different stations. Portable bluetooth speakers are also good as she can move them around the house and will always have access to music whichever room she is in.

Other gifts in this category include really warm slippers or socks or what about a super warm pajamas she can chill out in.

Bathrobes and dressing gowns are also very practical and useful items to wear around the home as well.

More Gift Ideas

If there are not enough gift ideas for 25 year old women in the above article. Here are a few more suggestions.

  • Spa or pamper days. Or what about a manicure, pedicure or voucher for her favorite hair salon
  • An experience day - you can buy packaged experienced gifts. Ideas range from cooking classes to race car driving
  • If all else fails you can't go wrong with a gift voucher for her favorite store. 

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