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Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas for 22 Year Olds (Men and Women)

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Top Gifts for 22 Year Olds

If you want some ideas of the best gifts for 22 year old men and women, there are lots of ideas in the article below. Firstly, its worth taking a few moments to consider the personality and interests of the 22 year old you are buying for. Are they sporty? Do they love looking good, fashion and clothes? Do they enjoy gadgets, technology? Do the like curling up with a good book. Is music their passion? Do the spend a lot of time driving, travelling or on their car. These can all give clues as to what will make the best gifts.

Read on for lots of ideas for birthday and Christmas gift ideas for 22 year olds below.

Clothing And Accessories

Many 22 year olds like to look good, so if you're confident about buying clothes for them, this quite often makes a nice gift.

T-shirts and hoodies are often easy to buy if you know the right size for them. They are both very practical to wear for everyday use or for sports.

If your not too sure about the kind of clothes they would like what about accessories. Ideas include scarves, gloves, sunglasses, wallets or bags. Nightwear is also fairly easy to buy if you know their size. Warm pajamas, slippers or dressing gowns make nice, pracitical gifts. Or if all else fails, take them shopping or buy a clothes voucher.

There are lots of novelty ideas as well, like adult onesies, supehero pajamas, Star Wars themed dressing gowns. Obviously the best novelty ideas for the 22 year old you know will depend on their likes and interests.

Magazine Subscription

Many 22 year olds buy magazines and its such good value to get an annual magazine subscription and makes a great gift. 

For 22 year old women, Vogue and Marie Claire make great gifts. Whereas men, may like sports illustrated or Maxim. 

Personal Grooming Gifts

There are lots of great personal grooming gifts for 22 year old men and women.

For men, ideas include cologne, shaving kits, moisturizer or an electric toothbrush. An electric shaving system for men makes a nice gift to save on time when shaving in the morning.

For women, ideas include perfume, moisturizer, curling or flat irons, make up and hair products.

Electronics, Tech Gifts and Accessories

There are tons of electronic and tech gifts available and there are some specific ideas below. If an electronic gift is outside your budget consider getting them an accessory to go with the devices they already have.

Tablets - Ipad mini - good for taking photos and video as well as playing games amongst much more. Other tablets include the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and Nook HD. A Kindle Fire - good budget tablet from only $49. Watch video, surf the net, use social media, download apps, play games and lots more.

Amazon Echo - an amazon echo is a voice recognition device which will does all kinds of things such as play your music through its speakers, give information such as the latest news, weather and traffic and order a pizza for you. A fantastic little gadget to have in a home. Check it out on the amazon website.

Media Streaming Player - a media streaming player will give access to extra TV, movie and music channels such as netflix, amazon video, Hulu, HBO Now (depending on which streaming player you get). It's especially great for streaming extra channels to a TV in a bedroom.Some media streaming players include Apple TV, Roku and the amazon Fire stick.

Accessories - some acccessory ideas for tech gadgets include earphones, portable chargers, chargers that are super fast, poArtable speakers, cases and covers, selfie sticks and data storage.

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Car Accessories

If the 22 year old you know spends a lot of time driving in the car, they may appreciate some gadgets which will make their car journeys better.

What about an iphone holder such as the one featured below or a car accessories kit?

You can also get car seat covers, all kinds of chargers for their devices, a trash can or organizer for the car, steering wheel cover, emergency road kit or a dash mount which allows you to put object on the dashboard and makes sure they don't move off.

Driving Organiser :- Keep your car effortlesly organized and tidy with a driver organiser. Normally it fits over the passenger seat and has space for all those essentials you want to keep in the car (car chargers, glasses, a pen, water bottles etc). It will also hold essentials you want to take with you (a tablet, cellphone, umbrella). Great for those who always have a lot of clutter in their car.

Bluetooth Car Kit

Sports Gifts

There are lots of sports gifts for the 22 year old who like to keep fit. Here are some ideas:

Sports clothing - if he or she loves doing sports they will really appreciate some sports clothing. Workout gear such as the-shirts, hoodies, sports tops and leggings will always get worn. There are some really comfortable sports socks which make the perfect stocking filler. Look for socks with arch support, air mesh venting, moisture management and reinforced heels and toes for added durability.

Sports equipment - there tends to be lots of sports equipment for all kinds of sports. Obviously the sports equipment you get will depend on the sports they do. But in general, think balls, protective gear and training equipment.

Sports watches - There are tons of sports watches that make great gifts. Cyclists, runners, hikers, triathletes and many other sports men and women will appreciate one. Some of the most expensive sports watches have gps so they see how they perfomed on a given route but these can be quite expensive.

For a cheaper option, timex have an ironman range for both men and women. What I like about the Timex ironman watches is that they are practical for everyday use. They feature alarms, an indiglo nightlight so you can read the time in the dark and a stopwatch for timing whatever you need. They are waterproof up to 330 feet, so you can use them for swimming but it also doesn't matter if you forget to take them off in the bath or the shower.

For runners, hikers, swimmers and triathletes, there are lots of cool features including 100-hour chronograph with lap and split times, 99-lap counter, 100 hour countdown timer with stop and repeat and a 30-lap memory recall for effortless review after workout.

Sports tickets for their favorite sporting event.

Sports technology - technology has made advances in the way we keep fit and play sport so it’is worth looking at the technological advances that have been made and see if it gives any good gift ideas. The obvious example are fitness and activity trackers such as a fitbit. These are devices that are worn and will track stats such as the number of calories burned, the number of steps taken and the quality of sleep.

A bag for the gym.

More Gifts for Working Out At Home

For women who like to work out at home, what about a workout DVD? Jillian Michaels has some fantastic exercise DVDs. Her DVDs tend to be challenging (she is a tough but likeable instructor) but if you keep up with them they produce great results.

A set of weights, resistance bands and activity trackers can also make great gifts for women too.

Another idea is an fitness activity tracker such as the fitbit. The fitbit tracks steps, distance and calories burned. It's great for keeping an overall check on activity levels and to keep motivated to keep moving. You can set progress goals and it will sync automatically to a computer and to some bluetooth devices. It's really small and will just clip onto a pocket or belt.

Gifts for the Music Lover

If the 22 year old you know likes music, here are some great gift ideas:

Portable speakers or speakers for their room/home. - Portable speakers tend to connect to a device such as a phone via bluetooth and will stream your music directly from there. They tend to be small and lightweight so can easily be transported around the house, on vacation or to a friend’s house.

An mp3 player such as an ipod. Although many people listen to music on their phones, mp3 players are generally a lot smaller and more portable. This makes them particularly great for listening to music on the go especially when exercising, walking or hiking. The other fantastic thing about mp3 players is that you can store thousands of songs on them so you don't have to worry about running out of storage. You can practically store an entire music library.

Headphones. If he or she lives in with other people headphones are perfect for listening to music without disturbing anybody else. There are also some fantastic wireless headphones which are particularly great for listening to music when exercising, walking or moving around the house.

Music tickets or music from their favorite band.

Gifts for the Book Worm

If the 22 year old you know loves reading, what about an amazon kindle so they can download the books the wish to read instantly. The amazon kindle is great for people who travel as you can just take your kindle rather than carrying heavy books in your luggage. A kindle is great to have in your bag, if you are ever waiting anywhere or have an unexpected break from work/college, you can just get your kindle out and read your current novel.

A book by their favorite author is another gift idea.

101 Secrets for Your Twenties


There are many fun games that 22 year olds will love.

Many 22 year olds love going out and have a vibrant social life. There are some great drinking games for twenty somethings such as shots roulette.

Gaming Gifts

If the 22 year old you know is a gamer, there are tons of exciting gifts that they will love. They include video games, a gaming chair, gaming headphones or a new gaming monitor. Here are a couple more ideas:

Nintendo 3DS - with the arrival of Pokemon the popularity of the Nintendo 3DS has increased considerably. These handheld games consoles are perfect for playing the new Pokemon games but also the old classics too.

Elgato - Capture - if he or she likes to film their gaming and share it on youtube, this is the perfect gadget. Well worth checking out.


You may think that 22 years old is too old for receiving toys but there are tons of fab toys that adults will love. Some ideas include:

Drone - get a drone with a HAD camera and they will love shooting video from above.

Smart phone controlled toys - there are tons of smart phone controlled robots and cars which make fun gadget to play with too.

Mini basketball hoops - a great toy to have on the door of a room or office to shoot a few hoops when you need to destress from the day's events.

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