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Best Gifts for 16 Year Old Girls - Christmas and Birthday Present Ideas

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Amazing Gift Ideas 16 Year Old Girls Will Thank You For

Are you looking for fun, unique, stylish and cute gift ideas that a 16 year old girl will actually like? Find here awesome suggestions of the best gifts for 16 year old girls which will make perfect presents for Christmas or a sweet 16th birthday.

There are lots of great ideas including fun hair accessories for experimenting, tech gadgets, bluetooth speakers, bags and backpacks, bedroom decor accessories, fun books she will actually want to read and much more.

Sixteen is a pretty special birthday, so you could give gifts to celebrate her first 16 years. For example, she could have 16 cupcakes, 16 dollars, 16 candy bars, 16 nail polishes - you get the idea.

Read on for lots of top gift ideas for 16 year old girls.

Hair Accessories for 16 Year Old Girls

16 year old girls like to look good. She may appreciate a paid trip to a hair salon to have her hair styled. Or what about some hair accessories? Flat or curling irons, or a new hairdryer. A special expensive nice shampoo or conditioner treatment may also be appreciated.

For a special treat, you could also book her a hair appointment at her favourite salon to have her hair styled.

If she would prefer to style her hair at home, there are some really cool hair gadgets for creating waves, curls and blow drying your hair. Check out the hair brush which is also a straightener below.

Ipod, Speakers and Music

Most teenagers enjoy listening to music and there are lots of great gifts that you can get in this category. They include:

Ipod shuffle - ipod shuffles are also great for listening to music on the go. These tiny mp3 players are especially good for listenting to music while walking, running or at they gym. This makes them a great choice for teenage girls who like to run and keep fit but listen to music at the same time.

Bluetooth speakers - bluetooth speakers wirelessly stream music from a device such as a tablet or a phone to some speakers. They also tend to be lightweight and portable. This means they can be used anywhere you go. You could use them at home, at friend's houses, in the park or on vacation.

Itunes gift card - if they love listening to music some kind of gift card will let them buy the music that they love

More Music Gift Ideas

Sheet music - if they play a musical instrument you could consider them buying some sheet music with songs from their favorite artist or band.

High quality speakers - if they like to listen to music in their room, a high quality speaker to stay in their bedroom is another idea.

Musical instrument - great for girls who want to learn how to play.

Headphones - headphones let them listen to music on the go. Beats headphones are expensive but they're very popular with music loving teenagers and its not just because they look cool. They're extremely comfortable to wear and lightweight too. They can fold up so are easily portable. But best of all they offer top notch quality sound.

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Beauty Gifts

There are lots of fun beauty gifts that 16 year old girls will love to experiment with. Make up sets with lots of different colors are one idea.

Other ideas include lip gloss or hair chalk which is temporary hair color you can chalk onto your hair. Gift sets with moisturiser, bath stuff, hand creams, foot creams and facial scrubs are other ideas.

Manicure and pedicure sets will enable them to do their nails themselves.

Or what about a trip to a beauty or a hair salon for a special treatment.

Another suggestion is a nail varnish set with a huge array of bright colors. You can have a color to go with every outfit and for experimenting with nail art as well.

Decor and Accessories for a 16 Year Old Girls Room

16 year old girls will most likely spend a lot of time in her bedroom so nice accessories so she can make her space her own make good gifts. Think cushions, clocks, pictures, lamps and posters.

Girls this age may prefer to use their tablets or laptops in their room while doing homework or surfing the net. You can get lapdesks or tablet holders which enable them to have a surface for their device. Also check out the bedrest below.

Or what about a complete bedroom makeover?

More Gift Ideas for Her Room

Other ideas for her room include:

A study lamp is another idea. You can get study lamps that also play music from your ipod.

Wall art - canvas wall art is very popular at the moment. You can make a canvas of her favourtie photos of family and friends to put on her wall.

Clocks and alarm clocks can be very practical and useful too.


If you're unsure of what jewelry to get a 16 year old girl look to see what she already wears to get an idea of her style.

Personalized lockets like make fabulous gifts for teen girls and are very popular at the moment. There are lockets which you can put charms into as well. Collect different charms and interchange them in the locket to create different looking pendants to go with different outfits or your mood. You can also remove the charms and put photos of your loved ones in the locket if you prefer.

You can get some lovely inspirational jewelry which make a lovely gift. Jewelry such as the bracelet below has some really positive, uplifting messages which they can wear all the time. Whenever they wear it they will be reminded of the gift giver too.

Electronic and Tech Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Girls

If you're looking to spend a bit of money, there are some great electronic gifts that many 16 year old girls would love.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Ipad - the top of many people's wish list
  • Notebooks, laptop, computer#
  • Tablet (ideas include ipad mini, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Cell phone - smart phones are good. The iphone is probably a top choice
  • Soundbar - will let them have great sound when watching TV in their room
  • Media streaming device such as apple TV, Roku or google chromecast. This will give them access to lots of extra TV and music channels.
  • Smart watch
  • Activity or fitness tracker - will enable them to track their workouts, daily movements. Some have other great features where you can monitor how well your sleep or your heart rate.
  • Cameras - many teen girls will have cameras on their phones but why not get them a camera which actually prints out photos like the fujifilm instax below.

Study Gifts

Many 16 year old girls will be doing a lot of study at the moment so gifts that can faciliate this will be very useful.

There have already been some study gift ideas mentioned such as a study lamp, a laptop for study or a lapdesk but here are a few more:

Backpack or bag to carry their folders or books

Kindle - so they can read and have all their study books in electronic format

Voucher - so they can buy books and study supplies.

USB jewelry - you can purchase a USB jewelry pendant which you wear round your neck, so you are always carrying your work when you need it.

Tablet or laptop case to tranpsort your device in

Writing tablet - like the boogie board below.


Purses, bags and backpacks

16 year olds are in college or school so may appreciate a new backpack for the college stuff. Or if they quite often stay over at friend's houses what about an overnight bag? Or a casual weekender bag for the weekend is often a nice choice.

Vera Bradley backpacks like the picture are extremely popular for school and college with teen girls. The backpacks are roomy, colorful and comfortable to wear. There are several different designs to choose from.

Fun Books 16 Year Old Girls Will Want To Read

If the 16 year old girl you know likes to read there are lots of fantastic books for this age group. Many girls of this age do like teen romances (Sarah Dessen is a great teen romance writer) but there are others who love science fiction or factual books like autobiographies too. Check their book collection to see what the kinds of authors they like.

I think its easier to buy non fiction books as gifts. There are some real fun, lighthearted books for this age group such as 97 Things To Do Before You Finish High School. Teenage cookbooks are a great practical idea too.

Every Girls Guide to Life

Clothes, Accessories and Nightwear

There's lots of cute clothing, acessories and nightwear you can get 16 year old girls.

Spring is coming soon, so a good gift will be something they could use in the coming spring and summer seasons. Ideas include:

Lightweight scarves - a cotton scarf to accessorize an outfit.

Nightwear: short pajamas for the warmer summer months.

Sunglasses - these are always useful in the hotter weather.

Summer hat

Flip flops or other summer sandals

Here are some ideas for Autumn and Winter too.

Onesies - onesies are also great for relaxing and being comfortable in. You can get all kinds of different themed onesies from supeheros to animals. These add a real fun factor to your teen gift.

Pajamas - warm and comfortable and perfect for lounging around the home.

Slippers, fuzzy socks and slipper socks - these are another perfect gift for Autumn and Winter. Ideas include animal novelty slippers and slipper socks.

Obviously keep the receipts so they can exchange items that don't fit or they may not be keen on.

Fitness Gifts for Sporty 16 Year Old Girls

If the 16 year old you are buying for enjoys sport or keeping fit, this opens a whole new category of gifts to choose from. Some general ideas include :

Sports wear - many girls like to look good when working out so some cool sports gear such as a new workout top may be a good choice. Other ideas can be as simple as new sports socks or a bag for the gym. It may be that you can buy them some sports wear for a specific sports such as knee pads or a new swimming costume.

Heart rate monitors - there are particularly great for girls who are seriously training for a sport and want to keep working out with their heart rate in a certain zone.

Running watches - these are good for girls who like to run and improve their times

Pedometers - count your steps and improve your general overall fitness.

Activity trackers - these have been mentioned in the technology section of the article but deserve another mention here. Fitness trackers are great for measuring general activity for workouts and more. You can also have fitness trackers that will track your diet, sleep and heart rate. The idea is to take the data and make improvements to your lifestyle and workout sessions to help make you fitter.


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