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November Birthstone Citrine and Topaz Gift Ideas for November Born Girls

November Birthstone

What is November birthstone?

Does it come as a surprise that both citrine and topaz are considered November birthstone? In fact, these two gems are quite similar in their popular main colors. Can you tell the difference?

What is the Color of November Birthstone?

Popular November birthstone citrine is mainly of the yellowish golden color variety, whereas topaz can be in a variety of colors. The main tone of citrine is a golden yellowish color that makes you think of autumn, sunrise, sunset or smiles on a lady's face. Citrine gives out this radiance that will bring happiness when you look at this gemstone.

Topaz offers a wider range of beautiful colors. The rarest topaz can be reddish, orange, blue and even pink and topaz also comes in blue, purple-red, light green and white like diamond. Citrine on the other hand, is 'simpler' in its color varieties, ranging from pale yellow to dark brownish orange.


Pink Topaz


Pink is a Rare Color

How Special is Topaz?

History, Folklore and Healing Powers Associated with Topaz

Before topaz has become affordable jewelry in modern days, it was the privilege of royalty and clergy in the Middle Ages. It has been associated with positive powers like strengthening the wearer's mind and increasing the wisdom.

Ancient Egyptians wore topaz amulets for protection from injury. During the Middle Ages topaz was thought to prevent mental disorders and fatal accidents. There was even a recipe of powderized topaz with wine. The recipe is for guarding against asthma and insomnia.

Topaz stones can be very large in size. The biggest uncut topaz stone was found in Brazil and is nearly 600 pounds in weight. You can see it at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.


November Birthstone

November Birthstone

How Special is Citrine?

Natural citrine is very light in color. Sometimes it is heat treated to deepen that yellow. It is interesting that citrine occurs naturally, that is, it comes out of the ground as amethyst. When amethyst is heated at 400 celsius for a length of time, it will become citrine.

Citrine is associated with happiness, honesty and positive energy. When you admire these pieces of jewelry you will understand what I mean.

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Citrine Pendant

Dazzling Citrine Pendant


Citrine and Diamond Ring

Do You Believe in the Healing Powers of Topaz?

Well, I am skeptical about such healing powers except for the last two, but my experience with gemstones is not extensive. How about you?

Here is a list of healing or magical powers for you to consider:

  • guarding against injury
  • curing bad eyesight
  • guarding against asthma
  • guarding against insomnia
  • increasing wisdom
  • making the wearer invisible
  • uplifting spirit
  • bringing happiness

Rare Top Quality Blue Topaz Ring from $2 Million Dollar Jewelry Collection

Topaz Jewelry

This gemstone is very popular as modern jewelry for its hardness, lively sparkle and variety in colors. Amongst its beautiful array of colors, red is the rarest. The original topaz stones are colorless or lightly colored. Though blue topaz and red topaz occur naturally, as they are rare, the original light-colored stones are often heat-treated to give richer colors.

Jewelry traders have given different names for the varieties of topaz. Amongst these names are Imperial Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Mystic Topaz, Silver Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and White Topaz which is colorless topaz. As White Topaz resembles diamond, it has become more and more popular.

Love Knot Blue Topaz Diamond Accented Drop Earrings

Blue Topaz and White Topaz Compliment Each Other

Citrine and the Gemstone's Meaning

Which is Your Favorite Color?

I can't make up my mind. Blue, Yellow, White or Pink? I am still deciding ...

Citrine Fine Jewelry Necklace for That Special Someone

Swiss Blue Topaz Knot Ring

Blue Topaz Necklace

Amethyst February Birthstone Gift Ideas

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