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Gift Ideas for People That are Hard to Shop For

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Check out these gifts for the people in your life that are hard to shop for.

Check out these gifts for the people in your life that are hard to shop for.

We all have people in our lives that are hard to shop for, either they work so hard that they don't have hobbies or they already have everything. You can always just gift straight cash, but that seems cold. Here is a list of 10 gift giving ideas for people that we love, but hate shopping for.

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1. Gift Cards

This one may seem to be a no-brainer, but it's a simple solution that can really be a hit. A gift card shows more thought than cash, but it still gives the person receiving it the ability to use it for what they need. My Grandmother always tells us that Christmas is not for things we need, but things we want. However, come my Freshman year of college, I would have preferred a gift card for textbooks or to a decent restaurant instead of the fuzzy sock collection.


2. Adventures

These are my go-to options for the people that I know that have everything. Buy them a gift certificate for a chance to experience something new. My father recently received a chance to go deep sea fishing, and I feel as if he appreciated that more than if he had been given yet another tie and shirt set. In my area, LivingSocial and Groupon are great places to get discounted adventures, or you can contact the businesses personally.

3. The Gift of Service

Perhaps someone on your list has no hobby because they work constantly if this is the case, then why not give them the gift of service. A gift certificate for dog walking, a house cleaner, or for some yard work so that they can relax during the time that they aren't working. If you're lucky then they may have time to get a hobby, making gift giving easier later.

4. Finders

There are a lot of different finders on the market, most notably the Tile devices, and some really nifty ones in the making. Either for keys, phone, laptop, etc. No matter how A-type our personalities are, we all have that one item that we misplace. I want two. One to find my keys, watch, and phone, and one that never leaves a certain spot that is dedicated to find the other finder.

5. Niftiest Power Outlet

This one is fantastic. t's a power outlet that has built-in USB ports for charging. That way you wouldn't have to dig out that power adapter, you just plug the USB in the wall. It meets a need and helps to reduce waste and clutter in the house since you don't have to juggle adapters.

6. Outrageous Gift

If no matter what you give to someone, it always seems to be wrong, try giving something ridiculous. Say a DIY cardboard moose head to mount on the wall for $35, or bacon soap for under $10. Instead of an awkward moment, go for a humorous moment with laughs.

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7. Watches and Clocks

This is a versatile gift that everyone needs. The best part? You can find a watch or clock that is as conservative or quirky as the gift receiver.

Have a quirky cook on your list, then how about this Frying Pan Wall Clock with a Fried Egg.

Clocks and watches also vary in price making them a versatile gift, whether it's a Target brand athletic watch or a Bulova dress watch.

8. Gifts that Make a Difference

Why not try a gift that will make a difference, even if they don't love it? Try a donation to a charity they support, or purchasing a Fair Trade or Local gift that will help to support small businesses and artisans. You know the gift is doing some good no matter how well it goes over with the recipient, plus, who can really complain about donations to awesome charities?

Or try making homemade bath products like lotions, scrubs, and soaps. You can easily, and cheaply, make organic products that are better for the environment and work better without all the nasty chemicals. Try scar minimizing lotion bars for a new mom. Put in a little book with the recipes that you used to make the products so that this will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Charities to Donate to In Lieu of Gifts

Is the gift recipient a(n):Then donate to:

Parent or Teacher

Donors Choose:

Animal lover


Farmer or Concerned with Global Poverty

Heifer International:

Book Lover

Girls Write Now:


Fisher House:

9. [Insert Whatever] of the Month Club

A Jerky Snob subscription or a fun sock of the month club for your favorite relative who you don't know but are socially required to give a gift to. These are sure to be a hit. You pay a price and for the stated amount of months they receive the gift. If you're not sure what they want, they can receive a different type of gift for each month.

10. Personal Water Filter

This may seem slightly anti-climatic, but regardless of if someone is an office worker or a world-time adventurer, there are times that either the tap water or the lake water just isn't quite up to par. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is a great gift at under $15 that can be arguably a good gift for anyone.

This great gift is also useful to include in car survival bags in case of an emergency. It makes a great stocking stuffer.

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