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Gift Ideas For Couples, Matching Couples Necklaces & Dog Tags Sets

Matching Couples necklaces sets are a wonderful gift for two people in love - especially on Valentine's Day on February 14th for birthdays, anniversaries and as Christmas gifts. Some are definitely most suitable for one partner to give to the other whilst some are perfect for family members or close friends to give as a joint present - which is a great way of finding two gifts at the same time!

A really lovely idea would be for a son or daughter to give one to their mother on Mothers day - especially if they are away from home. Let your Mom know she is always in your heart, every day! Mothering Sunday falls on April 3rd in UK and May 8th in USA in 2011. Some of these matching necklaces would make really beautiful Mothers Day gifts.

If you are a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, looking for something very special that you can give to your ‘other half’ what better way to make them feel very special than with one of these beautiful two-part couples necklace sets to signify your love for each other.

As one review put it, “instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it around your neck”. If you are looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend, I hope you will enjoy browsing through my selection of favourites which I have chosen for the popularity, style and level of customer feedback as to quality and that you will find something beautiful and which speaks meaning to you and your loved one.

Twilight the Movie - Lion and the Lamb Broken Heart Necklace Set

This Lion and the Lamb Broken Heart Necklace Set is an officially licensed Twilight gift product (link takes you to the Amazon product page where this set is available). It is magnetic so the two halves will stick together and can also be worn as a single necklace if you wish. Each single necklace forms one half of a heart. One bears the words "In Love with the Lamb" and this has a lamb charm. The other bears the words "And so the Lion Fell" and has a lion charm. On the reverse of each, is “Twilight”. Putting the two halves of the heart together make a single heart measuring approximately 1.5” tall by 1.5” wide (max).

Twighlight Necklace Set


Broken Hearted Girl by Beyonce With Clips From "Twilight" Movies

Eternal Love Couples Necklace Set


My All Time Favorite Phil Collins Track - Two Hearts, From The Movie, "Buster"

Stainless Steel Couples Black and Gold Tone Heart Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace Set


Choose a Couples Necklace Set for Any Occasion

I found this gorgeous necklace set (see image below) whilst I was researching online this week and just had to come back and add it to this Hub!

It is this lovely pair of Love Story book pendants which are made in hypoallergenic stainless steel which will stay looking just like brand new with the minimum of maintenance because it is highly resistant to corrosion and rust.

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There is a pendant for a girl and one for a boy, each of which have a lock which actually works, allowing the book to be opened to reveal three pages inside (gold tone on the girl's pendant, black on the boy's).

These pages could be engraved with your own personal message if you wish - you could just get this done in your local Mall as these pendants are offered at a brilliant price from Amazon - check out the discount on the right! =>

These beautiful pendants would make the perfect gift as they are, but would be even more special if you got the pages inside engraved - a local jeweler or an engraver in your local Mall would do this for you!

These beautiful pendants would make the perfect gift as they are, but would be even more special if you got the pages inside engraved - a local jeweler or an engraver in your local Mall would do this for you!

Saving the best till last!

I saved this Dragon and Phoenix You and Me Pendant Necklace Set in Rose Quartz, Midnight Blue Goldstone and Platinum Overlay CAREFREE Sterling Silver 'his and hers' pendant set until last as it is my absolute favourite. So symbolic and sooo romantic!

All the sterling silver in this set is CAREFREE which is Rhodium plated which not only gives the expensive platinum sparkle to the jewelry, but gives the highest resistance to tarnishing. See larger picture below.

Dragon and Phoenix His and Hers Necklaces


Tell Us What You Think about His and Her Necklaces

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Hub

I Hope you have enjoyed reading my hub and have got some ideas for gifts for couples or maybe your own 'other half'. All of these lovely necklaces are great Valentines Day gift ideas for February 14th, or at any time of the year. Couples Necklaces are very popular and thoughtful and I have had great fun researching this selection which I hope you like as much as I do.

Please use the Tweet and Like buttons at the top of the page to share this hub on Twitter and Facebook and let me know what you think by using the vote button and leaving me a commet below - I would love to hear from you.


Alison Graham (author) from UK on August 15, 2011:

Thank you Homer - your comment is much appreciated, thanks for the encouragement.

HomerMCho on August 14, 2011:

Very good hub!I love well-written articles.

Alison Graham (author) from UK on November 11, 2010:

Thank you, goodness you were quick! Glad you liked my suggestions for couples necklace sets.

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