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Gift Cards Are Both the Laziest and the Best Gift

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The Best All Occasion Gift

A while ago I wrote an article about games for the holiday season, but what if video games aren't your thing? or perhaps they are your thing but you preferer digital. Gift cards might just be the thing you or any of us need. But that does seem kind of lazy doesn't it? Well just because it's lazy doesn't make it any less of a good idea. Read along and I will tell all of you why I think that gift cards are both very lazy gift idea but also a great gift for anybody.

Small Gift

pretty small

pretty small

If you measure gifts by weight then this is not for you, a gift card is definitely on the small and light side, in fact I would think that most would consider them more of in the realm of stocking stuffers. Also they serve as the a gift you give if you don't know them that well, and while you could make the claim that might make them a lazy gift idea as you put little to know thought into it, it's for the same reasons that the gift card becomes a fantastic gift idea. Sometimes a large gift is not a great thing, I mean weather you like it or not you still need to find a place for that thing right there and now whereas a gift card is not only small enough to fit in your wallet but can be tossed once it's used up, and with that we move on to my next point.

A Gift Card to Get Things Rolling

it's Free Money Sort Of

Who doesn't like that?

Who doesn't like that?

It doesn't matter what we are talking about it's always nice to get something and not have to pay for it and that's what a gift card allows. it's basically free money but unlike just giving your friend a couple of bucks you put just a little more thought into it and got them something that will work in a single place that they shop at frequently which i'm sure they would appreciate just the same. However I haven't truly nailed why gift cards are such great gifts, will that goes into our final column of this article to which has something to do with the great unknown.

You Don't Know

You really don't

You really don't

You Don't know what they might need or be interested, let me explain. In this era where everybody works and makes money it's not uncommon to for us to just buy (without thinking) what we need or buy what we are interested in. Now you the friend shopping may not always Know what they just bought or ordered and may have picked up the same thing that they have already got which is very embarrassing or annoying. Now enter the gift card, a gift card can be applied to anything meaning they can just use it for something they need or want that they haven't done yet, and if they are clever they can probably spread that wealth for a long ways as opposed to getting the one thing and being done with it.

I suppose it doesn't have they same satisfying feel as a propper package might. Something me and my family often do with gift cards is by clever little tins that the cards will rest in, so when we are opening gifts not only do we get a gift card that we can use on anything we want but we also get a nice little tin for display, storage or both. I think gift cards are perhaps one of the simplest and greatest gifts of all time, but what do you guys think? please leave a comment in the section below I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.


Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on January 31, 2021:


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