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Funny Rhyming Love Poems / Extended Quotes for the Valentine’s Day, What to write in Valentine's Day Greetings

A software developer who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

Valentine's Day - Funny Messages


The Valentine's Day Dilemma

Here comes the Valentine’s Day again. And with it comes a critical requirement of new Valentine’s day Gift ideas. Once you get a suitable idea, and a good looking greeting card, then comes the question. “What to write in the Valentine’s Day Greeting Card.”

If you’re good at expressing your love, this could be done with just a little effort, or may be you don’t want to call it an effort - it is something you enjoy. But if you’re not good at the lovey dovey stuff, you’re stuck. With a pen, and a greeting card and all messed up thoughts: “Would this sound cheesy?”, “Will this be romantic?”

May be you can try going about it the other way round. May be you can write some rhyming lines which are either silly, or may be little frank and funny. Or your lines don’t even have to rhyme, just extend a popular quote - and make sure it’s witty enough to make your Valentine smile.

Check out some illustrations here:

Rhyming Love poem - with no deep meaning

Accepting the thought during your failed attempt to write poetry can be funny. And then add some light weight rhyming lines (which essentially means free from any kind of depth and thus silly)

I thought I’d write some poetry to impress,

But after some time as you can surely guess,

I ended up lines which were rhyming all right,

But had no deep thoughts, neither black nor white,

I may not be very good with words but you know,

My love for you is proportional to whiteness of snow.

For typical Fight Birds on Valentine’s Day

There are couples who sometimes fight (which will be universal superset - sorry if you haven’t studied set theory). Then there are couples who love to fight, and then there are couples who fight to love. And such fight-birds also deserve to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. This can be a good answer to the question - “What to write in Valentine’s Day Greeting Card for him?”, while it’s as good "for her".

When I tried to write a Love Poem for you,

I started by focusing on visions old and new,

In the old visions we were fighting quite a lot,

The new ones also had major wrestling slot,

So I thought a fight poem should be just fine,

And let’s take a break from fight this Valentine...

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And here is the fight poem for the fight birds on Valentine’s Day.

I fight you, you fight me,

together we fight,

knee for a knee.

But still we stay together,

Wonder why that might be...

We just like to fight, see?

Valentine's Day Video eCard for Fight-Birds

iMovation - Imitate and Innovate

Cliché in opening lines can be such a bliss. If you take old battered rhymes and polish them a little, bingo - they look crappy enough to help you spread smiles.

Roses are red and Sky is Blue,

That's an old starting line I knew,

But old is my love, and it’s like gold,

With one difference, it can’t be sold,

I know it’s not the best poem of love,

Isn’t it better than being a silent dove?

Valentine's Day eCard containing Love poem with Cliché opening lines

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Proposals with Silly Rhymes

Smiles brought by silly rhymes can be good for proposals

This year the Cupid’s arrows have a new shine,

Please consider getting shot and be my Valentine!

Last but not the least, try to Extend Quotes

Last but not the least, try to Extend Quotes.

“The best smell in the world is that man that you love”

~ Jennifer Aniston

If someone wants her man smelling good always, she needs to have an effective flaw in her smelling senses.

And there I thought you just have to be blind to fall in love.


"A kiss makes the heart young again, and wipes out the years.”

~ Rupert Brooke

I hope there is an upper limit to the number of years!

I don’t want you to have a cartoons and video game loving ten year old heart again!!

This one is specially "for him”. To change it to “for her”, replace it with something your lady would have been fond of in childhood.


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To Conclude

So, think differently. If you can’t write heavy duty romantic love poems, no problems. Go to the other extreme. Be silly, yet be witty. And you’ll be amazed by the effect of originality of such silly creativity.

If you plan to use these, or if you were inspired, or if you would like to share some thought, please leave feedback - it's valuable.

Happy Valentine's Day in Advance

3d Heart

Valentine Hearts to add charm to your messages

Valentine Hearts to add charm to your messages


Anusha Jain (author) from Delhi, India on February 05, 2014:

@WiccanSage Awww what a sweet comment! :) Thank you for your encouraging words. Please feel free to use these poems in all your personal projects :)

PS: There is a clip art here, which (along with others from where it has come from) are free to use, and some motion elements and video backgrounds too, which are free for your commercial projects also :)

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting

Mackenzie Sage Wright on February 05, 2014:

Awww, what very sweet poems! I love making cards and coming up with something cute and personal like that. Nice work on this hub.

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