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Interesting Things About the Month of April

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There is a saying, "April showers bring May flowers." That might be true, but there are so many other interesting things about the month of April.

The name April comes from the Latin word meaning "to open." It is during the time when flowers and trees begin to open at springtime. April is the fourth month of the year. Up until 700 BC, April was the second month of the year on the Roman calendar.

It is the first of four months to have 30 days following March with 31 days, the maximum number of days in any month. The other three months with 30 days like April are June, September, and November.

April Showers

The first thing that comes to mind in reference to April is the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." Is that true, or is it just something to say because it rhymes?

According to meteorologists and other weather professionals, the saying is true. April is traditionally a rainy month. That means the rain keeps the soil fertile that makes flowers grow and bloom a month later. It could be raining and wet one day and the next day it could be sunny and dry.

Actually, the line is from a short poem. Even though the literal meaning is true, there is a deeper meaning behind the words. The statement is a reminder that even the most unpleasant things, like all that rain in April, can bring about very enjoyable things like an abundance of beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers in May. Even though the expression is a lesson in patience that was coined many years ago, it is one that remains true to this day.

April's birthstone is the diamond.

April's birthstone is the diamond.

April Symbols

  • The birthstone for April is the diamond that symbolizes innocence.
  • April's flowers are the daisy and the sweet pea.
  • The two zodiac signs are Aries from March 21 until April 19 and Taurus from April 20 until May 21.
  • The symbol for Aries is the ram.
  • The symbol for Taurus is the bull.


Presidents Born and Died in April

Four Presidents of the United States were born in April.

  • April 13, 1743: Thomas Jefferson
  • April 23, 1791: James Buchanan
  • April 27, 1822: Ulysses S. Grant
  • April 28, 1758: James Monroe

Four Presidents of the United States died in April.

  • April 4, 1841: William Henry Harrison
  • April 12, 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • April 15, 1865: Abraham Lincoln
  • April 22, 1994: Richard Nixon

Celebrities Born in April

April 3, 1958: Alec Baldwin

April 4, 1965: Robert Downey Jr.

April 5, 1973: Pharrell Williams

April 7, 1964: Russell Crowe

April 8, 1966: Robin Wright

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April 9, 1990: Kristen Stewart

April 10, 1984: Mandy Moore

April 15, 1990: Emma Watson

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, known by his stage name Chance the Rapper


April 16, 1993: Chance the Rapper

April 17, 1972: Jennifer Garner

April 18, 1979: Kourtney Kardashian

April 19, 1978: James Franco

April 22, 1937: Jack Nicholson

April 23, 1977: John Cena

April 24, 1942: Barbra Streisand

April 26, 1980: Renée Zellweger

April 26, 1980: Channing Tatum

Jessica Alba: April 28, 1981.

April 29, 1958: Michelle Pfeiffer

April 30, 1982: Kirsten Dunst

April 15 is tax day in the United States.

April 15 is tax day in the United States.

Dates to Observe in April

  • April Fools' Day
  • Tax Day
  • Autism Awareness Day
  • Easter
  • Earth Day
  • Arbor Day
  • National Poetry Month
  • National Arab American Heritage Month
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Jazz Appreciation Month
  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Cancer Control Month
Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Interesting and Fun Facts about April

  • April is named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.
  • The month of April was sacred to the goddess Venus in Ancient Rome.
  • April means "to open."
  • April is the second month of spring and the first full month since spring started on March 20.
  • The arrival of the cuckoo bird in April is a signal that spring has arrived.
  • April is a time of planting and a good time to do spring cleaning.
  • Small animals that hibernated during the winter months usually come out of their burrows in April.
  • Birds fly northward in April.
  • Bees and butterflies begin to gather nectar from the first flowers that spring up in April.
  • April in the Southern Hemisphere is the same as October in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • The Elizabethan poet and playwright William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564, and died his birthday on April 23, 1616, at the age of 52.
  • Lots of poems have been written about April.
  • The first Webster Dictionary was copyrighted by Noah Webster on April 14, 1828.
  • The Titanic sank on April 15, 1912.
  • The first President of the United States George Washington was inaugurated on April 30, 1789.
  • April is a female name even though the child might not have been in April.


Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on April 11, 2019:

Dianna, so far it has rained quite a bit in the first 11 days of April where I live. I will see how much it will rain during the rest of the month and if it will really bring May flowers.

Dianna Mendez on April 11, 2019:

Interesting facts on April. Up north the showers poem was a reality. I remember chanting it as a child while sitting in the rain.

Larry Slawson from North Carolina on March 31, 2019:

Interesting facts about this upcoming month. Thank you for sharing! Learned a lot!

Shawindi Silva from Sri lanka on March 31, 2019:

It's interesting !!

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