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Family Fun Christmas Activities to Try

Check out these fun Christmas activities that will make the holidays memorable and fun!!


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The frosty mornings, delicious warm cups of hot cocoa, building a snow man if you have snow! , opening the Presents and so many more. Christmas is without a doubt, the most wonderful time of the year!

It's as if magic is in the air, which is why you want to ensure that everyone in your family or loved ones enjoy and appreciates this magnificent season, but organizing an itinerary is easier said than done.

You will undoubtedly have your job cut out for you with the cooking, decorating, and purchasing gifts, you will probably burn yourself out trying to figure out fun activities to make the holidays even more delightful and memorable.

Well,you don't have to stress take this as an early Christmas present from Santa. Why not try some of these fun Christmas activities with your family and friends?


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1.Who wore it worse?

Why not have a game of who wore it the worst? .In this game your objective is to simply DIY a Christmas sweaters and make them into the most ugly ones yet. Sweaters can either be new or old, later to be revamped during the competition. Ensure you are in pairs or solo with one judge to rule out a winner.

2.Family matching outfits

Dressing up and taking pictures in your family's Christmas outfits is a great way to create memories. There are no words to describe how it will bring you together and make you feel festive. Pictures you take will either be future Christmas cards or delightful times to look back on or both!.


It’s not Christmas until there is frosting everywhere, trails of flour over the kitchen counter and the smell of a chocolate cookies baking. So join in the fun and try baking.

Lookup easy Christmas baking recipes that you and your loved ones can do. It can either be an old recipe or something on the internet. A family that bakes together stays together.

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4.Go live caroling

The only difference with your traditional caroling is that you will do it via social media. Why not?, the last few years have been filled with fear and dread if you can bring a few cheers you would have lived up to what Christmas is all about. And your social media is a great way to start to spread the Christmas spirit.

5.Watch a Christmas movie

Get the hot chocolate and popcorn ready! On a cold winter day, nothing beats cuddling up with holiday snacks and watching the best Christmas movies of all time or Christmas movies on Netflix.

Something about holiday movies makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Even better if it's a family-friendly film that you can enjoy with everyone you care about, from toddlers to adults. So cuddle up on the couch with your family and watch as your children's faces light up as they watch the best Christmas movies for kids. (Matching jammies and homemade Christmas cookies are optional, but highly recommended.)

6.Ginger bread house contest

During this stressful season, holiday traditions provide a sense of belonging and comfort, as well as the opportunity for families to make wonderful memories together.Create them this holiday season by making and decorating ginger bread houses. This is not only fun but will help your loved ones learn something while having fun.Get your ginger bread kit here.

9. Christmas bingo

This old-fashioned game is great for the whole family. Put on matching pyjamas and sit in a circle, taking turns coming up with Christmas phrases or movie or song titles. When it's your turn, say something to the person next to you in hushed tones. Then they whisper it to the next person in line, and so on. Have the last person recite the phrase once you've reached the end of the line to see how close they got to the original.

10. Nativity reenactment
This is a traditional Christmas party game for many families, but it can also be used for church or youth organizations, or any other acceptable group. Assign roles ahead of time so that people can either bring their own costumes or have them made ahead of time for each person, and then perform a Nativity reenactment.

11.who or what am I?

This is a spin-off of the popular Who Am I game. It is played by placing a sheet of paper on the back of each individual with the name of a Christmas-related person or thing, and then everyone wanders about the room talking to each other and asking questions to figure out who or what they are.


12.Guess what carol

This is typically a paper and pen or pencil game in which the sheets are prepared ahead of time. You find rhymes, quips, or other tidbits about several Christmas carols online or elsewhere, and each visitor or group of guests needs to figure out which one is which. The person who obtains the most right responses is subsequently awarded a prize.
13. Matching Christmas Pictures

You'll need pre-assembled photos for this game, and you may play it on a board or on the floor, much like a traditional memory game.

14.Guess the Christmas Carol / movie

This game is played similar to name that tune, where you either sing or say the first part of a Christmas carol or a line in a Christmas movie and then the person who is answering has to finish the title, song or verse or line. Plan amazing gifts for the winner.

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