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Former Member of Pop Music Girl Group Akihabara 48 Atsuko Maeda Attends Producer Yasushi Akimoto's 57th Birthday Party

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Atsuko Maeda With AKB48 Producer Yasushi Akimoto

Atsuko Maeda (left) is with Yasushi Akimoto, the man who is also referred to as Akimoto sensei as he is called by the AKB48 members.

Atsuko Maeda (left) is with Yasushi Akimoto, the man who is also referred to as Akimoto sensei as he is called by the AKB48 members.

Why is Yasushi Akimoto's 57th Birthday Party Story Significant?

Atsuko Maeda, the former member and center of famous pop music group Akihabara 48 or AKB48 was seen at the birthday party of producer Yasushi Akimoto. Known as Akimoto-sensei to the AKB48 members, he celebrated his 57th birthday on May 18, 2015. Akimoto’s actual birthday is May 2nd. Stories like this are memorable when they involve a celebrity. Also, this story is memorable because based on their accomplishments in Japan’s entertainment industry, Maeda and Akimoto are iconic figures. Note: it is now 2020 however, this birthday event involving Akimoto is still significant news because even Maeda herself said at the time that the group of former AKB48 members was finally able to get together. It would not be enough for the purposes of writing this article if we did not thank Atsuko Maeda and Yasushi Akimoto with the proper tribute. So let us pray together and start this prayer of thanks:

A Look at Atsuko Maeda Formerly of Famous Girl Group AKB48 by Herself

This photo of Maeda was taken in 2011, the year that she was voted as AKB48's most popular member by the fans in Japan.

This photo of Maeda was taken in 2011, the year that she was voted as AKB48's most popular member by the fans in Japan.


Prayer of Thanks for Atsuko Maeda and Yasushi Akimoto

Dear GOD our Creator: thank you for blessing Atsuko Maeda and Yasushi Akimoto with their fine talents, skills, and creativity. Thank you for giving them the chance and opportunity to thrive in the entertainment industry and become the success that they are. Amen.

How Was This Famous Birthday Celebrated?

Maeda uploaded a photo of Akimoto holding a cake. He was seen with a few of the older AKB48 members such as Minami Takahashi (former General Manager of AKB48 and all of its other groups), Mariko Shinoda, Minami Minegishi, and Haruna Kojima. Of these four members Minegishi is the only active member in AKB48. Shinoda, now 34, gives credit to Maeda and Takahashi saying that it was their idea to celebrate Akimoto’s birthday. Whoever came up with that idea, the suggestion was a good one. Maeda was very excited that the girls were able to get together for this memorable event.

Why is This Birthday Significant for Yasushi Akimoto?

As for Akimoto, no matter how old her gets, this birthday will be a memorable occasion for him because he got to spend it with the earlier members of AKB48. Usually it is birthdays such as a person’s 30th or 60th birthday that tend to get more recognition but this 57th year of Akimoto’s life was memorable too. The members of AKB48 current and former that he got a chance to spend his birthday with are a few of the finest members in the history of AKB48.

Who is Yasushi Akimoto?

Since this is such a memorable moment, it is necessary to introduce the man behind the creation of AKB48. Akimoto, a Tokyo native is responsible for writing most of the lyrics for AKB48 songs, the sub-units, and the solos. The sub-units include Not Yet, DIVA, and French Kiss. He has single handedly expanded AKB48’s influence throughout Asia by creating other groups. These groups are SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48, SNH48, and the now disbanded SDN48. This is not the full list of all of the groups that he has been responsible for producing but he is one smart guy! In addition to his production duties, Akimoto is also the Vice President and professor of the Kyoto University of Art and Design. Akimoto is a TV writer and a creator of manga.

Yasushi Akimoto With the Famous Atsuko Maeda


Why Should Akimoto Be Proud of His 57th Birthday Celebration?

As for Akimoto, he can celebrate his future birthdays with a sense of high passion and enthusiasm because he was producer of AKB48 when the group became the highest selling singles act in Japanese entertainment industry! This happened in December 2015 as the group passed the 36 million singles sold mark. Great job Mr. Akimoto and you can go and celebrate to your heart’s content! And as for Atsuko Maeda, I’m sure she’ll remember this birthday for a long time because it was not just any other birthday. It was a birthday spent with someone that she has the utmost respect for and a person that gave her the opportunity to become the kind of successful celebrity that she has become.

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