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Five Best Ways to Practice World Letter Writing Day

Letter writing

Letter writing

Five best ways to practice World Letter Writing Day

September 1st is World Letter Writing Day, a day to honor the days of handwritten letters and to pay tribute to letter writing which has now in some ways been forgotten because of the use of social media. In as much as we may write a note like: birthday cards, ‘love message’ or a ‘thank you’ message, the act of writing has long been gone and that includes writing as a means of communication and connection.

Richard Simpkin in the year 2014, founded World Letter Writing Day. He was an Australian Author, Photographer and Artist who admires handwritten letters and, writing them of course. He wrote a bunch of letters to the Australians, those he referred to as Australian Legends in the 1990s and was so happy when these Australian Legends responded to him by letter and the cause of the happiness after the response made him to create a day dedicated to writing letters.

In 2005, he released his written book which he titled after the Australians, ‘Australian Legends’

To help promote letter writing and a break from social media activities, Simpkin does letter writing workshops in schools and encourages adults, youths and everyone to write a letter.

Richard Simpkin has done well to remind us of this day so let’s see how we can Celebrate World Letter Writing Day this year!

Five best ways to practice World Letter Writing Day

Write a letter to someone you love: We all have that person we love so dearly, right?. Well, this could be just the time to make things a little bit exiting. Write a letter to that special person and tell him or her how happy you are to know that they are okay, how you wish badly to hear their voice, how special they are; just name those wonderful things you are thankful to them about.

To someone you love

To someone you love

This is not really about old fashion now but it is about doing something different that would ignite anticipation and appreciation. Writing a letter to that special someone you love is a way of telling them that 'I think about you all the time.' We are all used to social media and social media messages can serve your purpose, but when they start tearing the envelope to see what’s inside for them and see that you took your time to write them a letter, they would cherish that moment and the rest days ahead thinking about you.

Set up a competition on letter writing for your children: Children are still taught in school how to write letters. But many may feel that it is just for the grade’s sake. No. Your children are fun. Read them stories of writing letters and give them tasks to write letters to each other and even to you. This makes them even more excited to go to school and tell their friends about their letters.

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Keep your phones away: This is a very difficult things to do in a day but keeping your phones and picking up a pen to write is all about our emotions and how we feel inside which we bring to the surface by act of writing. Experiencing that feeling is one of the most amazing thing. Letter writing may not be a convenient and fast way to convey or share a message but guess what? That’s what makes letter writing meaningful.

Choose it as a charity activities to schools: You may not really want to write a letter maybe because you don’t know what to write about or who to write to but there are still ways in which you can participate in this fun World Letter Writing Day.

Go to schools and volunteer to teach kids how to write letters. Teach them the importance of penning down feeling and emotions in the act of writing, tell them how to write to the people most important in their life, tell them the fun in letter writing. Teach these kids why letter writing must continue to live on in our society.

reignite memories

reignite memories

Reignite that memory: You used to ---write letters to your spouse when they were in college, or to your mom who is abroad, or to your sibling who is not a social media Guru like you. And years has gone by. You can ignite those memory and send some good feelings down someone’s heart. Yes, the phone is there, but for memory sake, and the feeling that you are thinking about the person and you still cherish good old times, write a letter to them. Good memories bring back good memories.

Letter ideas to write about

Okay, so you want to write but don’t know what to write about or who to write to. Everyone matters! Here are ten ideas for your World Letter Writing Day.

  • A note of appreciation to your college teacher.
  • A sweet romantic letter to your spouse thanking them, telling them how blessed you are to have them.
  • A letter to your family doctor.
  • A letter to your friend whose birthday is near. Birthday blessings are great!
  • A letter of encouragement to a close friend or family who is passing through some challenges.
  • A letter of gratitude to your old tutor
  • A letter to your children telling them how proud of them you are and advising them.
  • A heroic letter to your friend who gave you a candid advice
  • A letter to yourself pointing out the goals you want to achieve
  • A letter to your mom, telling her how much you love her.

There is magic in letter writing and you could just be making someone’s day. Have a fun Letter writing day!


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