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Five Gift Basket Ideas For Kids

Colorful unique baskets for gifts!

Colorful unique baskets for gifts!

I love to do it yourself gifts and crafts and with having five children in my life, I have been experimenting with ideas for them. Two of them are older and not really children anymore, but I still like to make them baskets when I get the chance! I have made Halloween baskets, Easter baskets and, Birthday Baskets to name a few. You can even make a gift basket for no specific occasion, just a nice little random gift to show how much you care.

These ideas are great for your own children, grandchildren, a friend’s children, or a family member's children. Most of these basket ideas listed below are for children around 5 to 15 years old. Some of these baskets can be done on a budget as most of the items can be found at a five below store, Walmart, or even the dollar store!

Halloween Basket I made for a friend

Halloween Basket I made for a friend

The Aspiring Artist Basket

This basket is ideal for the kid who is always doodling on their paperwork and constantly wanting to color. What you will need for this one is a plastic basket or container preferably with no holes, you can usually get one cheap at the dollar store. Make sure it’s large enough to hold all of the goodies you’re going to put in it.

The filling is a hardcover sketchbook, these are easier to draw with if they are outside or somewhere without a table. A set of sketch pencils, a couple of large erasers, I find the neon ones at Walmart are always fun and, a box of colored pencils. You can also add some small painting canvases and the basic colors of acrylic paint to this basket to help widen their creativity.

The Miniature Collectors Basket

Have you heard of the lol dolls or the shopkins? I’ve noticed kids are becoming obsessed over miniature toys these days. They come in blind boxes most of the time so it’s a fun surprise for you and the kids. For this gift, you will need a colorful and cute basket it doesn’t have to be huge but needs to be large enough to hold the blind boxes. You can once again find many colors and sizes of baskets and containers at the dollar store.

Walmart and Target toy sections normally have a good selection of these miniature toys. Shopkins, LOL Surprise Minis, and Mini Brands are all fun toys. You can get one of each or a couple of one kind if you know what the child is more interested in. You can also lookup specific miniature toys online for more variety.

Back To School Basket

This one isn’t in a basket exactly, you can buy a backpack and fill it full of back-to-school supplies! Depending on the size of the backpack you can add a lot of stuff or just the necessities.

This gift will have useful things like folders, notebooks, pencil cases, pens, pencils and can even include washable markers or crayons. You can go a little extra and even add some non-perishable snacks like cookies in a cup and little bags of chips or granola bars. They also make those little juice bottles that you can add to!

Summer Activity Basket

For this gift basket, you’re going to need some fun summer supplies! Water balloons are always a fun game to play with friends. Make sure to add in some bubble soap and chalk for a nice variety of activities to do during the summer! If you want to go extra you can also include super soakers.

If you or the kids plan on going swimming during the summer this basket can also have water goggles and some water toys like beach balls. You can even find a cute beach towel to throw in as well.

Rainbow Baskets

Rainbow baskets are the most versatile as they only have a color theme. You can make these baskets any color, blue, purple, yellow, green, or a mix! These baskets will consist of a main colored basket that you can pick up at a dollar store. Let's use blue as an example, you get a blue basket, then go look for other blue things to add.

For a children’s basket, you can buy a blue stuffed animal or toy, a box of cookies with blue packaging and some blue sports drinks. Anything the child might enjoy that’s got blue packaging will fit these themes. If they like to read or draw you can get them a book with a blue cover or a blue sketchbook. Older children might even like a blue tumbler or a cute reusable cup.

This rainbow basket idea can be adjusted for anybody, not just children. Babies, children, older teens, young adults, and older adults. You can even make one for your pet to!

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Iqra from East County on May 04, 2021:

These beautiful kids' baskets are very useful. A wonderful idea.

Jade thanks for sharing this.

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