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Fiber Optic Christmas Lights

Great Fiber Optic Christmas Lights

I'm a big fan of almost any type of Christmas light decoration, but at the very top of my Christmas light list is fiber optic Christmas lights, as they look fantastic when used with almost any object.

To me there are no nicer looking Christmas lights than these concerning the purpose they're designed for, and that ever-changing light movement that is so easy on the eyes and beautiful to look at is mesmerizing to me and those that I hear comments from on them.

While fiber optic Christmas trees look great, I prefer fiber optics on things like Christmas village houses and other building and features related to building miniature Christmas scenes and scenery. The others look great, but I think fiber optics Christmas lights work better on miniature and smaller objects than they do on larger. But either way I like them all, but just personally like the smaller fiber optics objects a lot better.

  • Twinkling Christmas Lights
    Twinkle Christmas lights, contrary to synchronized Christmas lights, blink or twinkle in a random manner, making your Christmas party or get together a very festive atmosphere, and hopefully - occasion. I personally think everyone should have at...
  • Christmas Lights Which Use Batteries
    You may wonder why someone would want to use battery operated Christmas lights, but there are actually a number of reasons why they work great. First of all, we have to get out of our minds the idea that a Christmas light is only a string of...

Fiber Optic Angels

Possibly the most elegant and desired of all Christmas objects using fiber optic lights are those included with angels. Below I've included several you can look at, which include various colors and themes. After the photos I added some places you can buy some angels using fiber optic lights if this is something you're interested in adding to your Christmas décor.

If not, just enjoy the beautiful fiber optic angels shown.

Silver and Blue Fiber Optic Angel

  • Christmas String Lights
    Christmas string lights in general, and string lights specifically, go far beyond the couple types we think of when thinking about Christmas string lights, which usually entail the multi-colored string lights on a Christmas tree, or icicle Christmas.
  • Christmas Window Lights
    Christmas window lights are the doorway into the Christmas decorations in your house, offering the promise of more visual delights to come from those inside. In this article I'm not going to focus so much on the types of Christmas lights you can...

Ivory Angel with Fiber Optic Lights


Fiber Optic Lights and an Irish Angel

  • Snowflake Christmas Lights
    Snowflake Christmas lights come in a large variety, and there are small ones like regular Christmas lights, all the way to very large ones which are battery operated or able to be plugged in while being stuck to a window. There are also two...
  • Vintage Christmas Lights
    Anything vintage is a treat to me, including fashion, photos and art, among hundreds of other categories I can't seem to get enough of. Among my favorites of those during the holiday season are vintage Christmas lights, which while easy enough to...

Beautiful Red Angel and Fiber Optics

  • Purple Christmas Lights
    Purple Christmas lights are a fantastic alternative to other lights, and really give off a unique look when included in the overall Christmas décor you employ both inside and outside the house. A great benefit of purple Christmas lights is how...
  • Christmas Lights with a Variety of Colors
    Christmas lights with a variety of colors work very well as part of an overall Christmas decoration theme for the inside of the home or the yard and outside of the house. Strategically placing them around the house and the yard brighten up the night.

White Angel and Fiber Optic Lights


Black Christmas Tree Angel with Fiber Optic Lights

  • C5, C7 and C9 Christmas Lights
    While some people aren't familiar with the term C5, C7 and C9 when it comes to Christmas lighting, they are very recognizable the second you see them, even if you don't know that's what they're called today. Years ago these larger size Christmas...
  • Pink Christmas Lights
    Have you ever thought of using pink Christmas lights? Think it would look horrible? Like anything else, it's how you design and work them in with other parts of your decorations which will determine how they look. For example, they would go...

Fiber Optic Buildings and Scenery

The next group of fiber optic lights are shown with buildings and scenery; and included is my favorite of all fiber optics: the lighthouse, of which I own several and love them all. Each one of these is really great and I would be glad to own every one of them.

My favorites among fiber optic Christmas decorations has always been the lighthouses. I have one that includes an entire scene with the lighthouse, including trees which are lit up with the gorgeous colors included with the fiber optic lights.

Fiber Optic Church and Music

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  • Christmas Net Lights
    Christmas net lights are a great addition to your Christmas yard décor, especially when you have a lot of bushes or shrubs that would be perfect foundations to lay these fascinating net lights on. Like all Christmas lights, Christmas net lights...

Church and Choir Christmas Village Building with Fiber Optics

  • Mini Christmas Tree Lights
    Mini Christmas tree lights are fascinating to look at, and come in about as many varieties as larger sized Christmas lights. I have a number myself, including some from my favorite cartoon characters, along with miniature Christmas lights made for...

Fiber Optic Lighthouse

  • Christmas Star Lights
    Christmas star lights are an important part of the Christmas light décor for many people, and when you look at how nice they look, you can see why. Probably the most stunning and beautiful of all star Christmas lights is the star Christmas light...

Village and Train with Fiber Optic Lights

  • Lighted Palm Trees
    Lighted palm trees are becoming an increasingly popular part of Christmas decorations, and these artificial palm trees look great; whether you live in the tropics or a northern climate, as you can see below. When I first started searching to see...
  • Christmas Bubble Lights
    When it comes to Christmas lights, or probably any light for that matter, bubble lights are by far my favorite light, and children everywhere, as well as adults, never seem to tire of these fascinating lights which are so fun to watch and observe. ..

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

My house is full of fiber optic Christmas ornaments and figurines, and what would any house be without fiber optic Christmas trees with their extraordinary and fascinating lighting. Even with those below you can almost picture the floating, fantastic lights which come with them.

Children and grandchildren also love fiber optics, as there's nothing quite like them in most of their experiences to compare them with, and they can sit there and take in the myriad of colors and movement that are part of the fiber optic experience.

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

  • Christmas Tree Lights
    Christmas tree lights are by far the most anticipated lights included with anyone's home Christmas décor, and there are tons of ways you can put them on the tree in order to delight family and guests. I've always included the usual string...
  • Commercial Christmas Light Design Ideas
    One nice marketing idea any business can do is to put up some commercial Christmas light decorations to generate some buzz and put your business name in the minds of customers and potential customers. Everyone talks about great Christmas light...

Fiber Optic Radiance Tree

  • Outdoor Christmas Light Decorations
    Of all the Christmas light ideas and themes, I think outdoor Christmas lights work better because of the flexibility and different types of trees, shrubs, bushes and other things you can attach lights to to make a great Christmas scene and...
  • Christmas Rope Light
    Christmas rope lights are fast becoming a very popular addition to our Christmas décor, especially in our Christmas yard decorations. They look especially fantastic when used in outside situations. In some of the photos below I've included...

Fiber Optic Twig Tree

  • Blue Christmas Lights
    While a lot of people enjoy a multitude of Christmas light colors for variety, there's something compelling about using one light color for your Christmas decorations, and when you look at these blue Christmas lights as one example, you'll be...
  • Large Christmas Light Displays
    I'm one of those people who in some cases thinks bigger is better, and when it comes to Christmas lights displays, that's always the case for me. Being able to look at a large Christmas light display and see the entire thing as the breathtaking...

Enchanting Fiber Optic Christmas Light Displays

Some of my personal favorites I enjoy the best are a number of Christmas lighthouses I have that include fiber optics, which I could watch all day long ... they're that enchanting to me.

Fiber Optics have gone beyond simple Christmas tree and miniature Christmas villages, to where now you can find them in nativities and specially made Christmas balls and bulbs, among a number of other terrific Christmas decorative objects.

You can see some of these fascinating fiber optic Christmas light decorations in the photos, which only slightly touch upon the myriad number of Christmas items incorporating fiber optic lights into their designs.

I can never get enough of fiber optic Christmas decorations, and am always on the hunt to find one more I can't live without.

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