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55 Useful Father’s Day Gifts For New Dads

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First time dads face new challenges that are unique and rewarding. If you are shopping for Father’s Day gifts for a new dad, consider giving him products or services that will be useful and appreciated.

Many everyday tasks like sleep, self-care, eating well, and cleaning get put on hold for new parents. These gift ideas take into consideration common necessities for new fathers and ways to make his life easier.

55 Father's Day Gifts For New Dads (That He Can Use)

Rest and Relaxation Gifts For Father’s Day

Sleep deprivation is common for new parents. Lack of sleep causes psychological and physiological problems if not managed properly. When it is dad’s turn to sleep, these sleep and relaxation gifts might help him get a more restful sleep.

1. Sleep teas

Night time teas formulated for sleep are very relaxing. There are many blends to choose from. Most contain lavender and chamomile. A night time tea sampler gift gives a new dad the opportunity to test a variety of blends.

2. Robe

The perfect robe feels like a warm hug and sets the mood perfectly for bedtime. New dads will appreciate having a robe to slip on when settling in to go to bed.

3. House slippers

House slippers with memory foam cushions provide support and softness when dad is spending time in the home with his new baby.

4. Plush throw or blanket

A plush throw or blanket is wonderful to use for nap time or rocking the baby.

5. Aloe Vera infused socks

Aloe Vera infused socks feel like heaven on the feet. They provide a cooling relief that is very soothing. The new dad in your life will thank you for these!

Cloudz - Black Natural Aloe Vera Spa Socks

6. Lavender pillow spray

Lavender infused spray works wonders for people struggling to fall and stay asleep. There are several sprays available.

7. Supportive pillow

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A supportive pillow can make a world of difference. It relieves spinal stress and aids in getting a good night’s rest.

HOMFINE Cervical Memory Foam Pillow - Ergonomic Contour Pillow

8. Shiatsu back and neck massager

Dad can get a massage without burdening his partner! A shiatsu back and neck massager will help dad relax, relieve stress, and ease his pain to help him rest easily.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager - Cordless Rechargeable 3D Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Muscle Pain Relief

Food Delivery Gifts For Father's Day

Food delivery is such a convenience for exhausted new dads! Types of food delivery to give for Father’s Day include:

9. Gift card for local food delivery

Local food delivery companies that are available in most areas include GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats.

10. Grocery delivery gift card

Instacart, Shipt, Amazon Fresh, and local grocery stores deliver in most areas.

11. Food box subscription

There are so many food box subscriptions to choose from! Check out 34 Best Meal Delivery Services and Kits of 2022 from Epicurious to find a food box delivery service.

12. Snack box

New dads need energy! Giving him snacks with protein and healthy carbohydrates will keep him going.

Nuts and Jerky Gift Basket for Him

Food delivery gifts and subscriptions make excellent gifts and will help new dads out tremendously.

Father’s Day Gifts For The Grill

This list would not be complete without gifts for the grill. Men love to cook out and grill! Getting a new dad gifts for the grill will make him enjoy taking on some of the cooking responsibility. Consider the following:

13. An outdoor grill

Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker with Cover

14. An indoor grill

15. Grill accessories

16. Meat rubs and marinades

Smokehouse by Thoughtfully Ultimate Grilling Spice Set

Coffee Gifts and Subscriptions

If the dad you are shopping for is picky about the coffee he drinks, consider giving him the coffee brand and blend he prefers, flavor enhancers, a gift card for his favorite coffee shop, or a new coffee maker instead of a new coffee brand. If he is open to trying new coffees, there are many great coffee companies that sell single coffee gifts or subscriptions.

17. Coffee as a one-time gift

Gourmet Coffee Gift Set - Flavored Coffee Bean Sampler - 12 Flavors

18. A coffee maker

19. A monthly coffee subscription

Mistobox and Just Coffee sell coffee gifts and subscription boxes.

20. Coffee syrups or flavor enhancers

Thoughtfully Gifts, Coffee Therapy Gift Set, Includes 4 Delicious Coffee Syrups, 2 Flavored Sugars and 1 Cocoa Powder

21. Gift card for a local coffee shop

Tea Gifts and Subscriptions

Some men prefer tea to coffee. If this is the case, consider complimenting his love for tea with one of the following:

22. Tea maker

23. A one time tea gift

24. Tea subscription box

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Subscription Box

Home Cleaning

25. Home Cleaning Gift Certificate

If you really want to cut him a break, buy dad a gift certificate for home cleaning service. This will be a huge help! New parents are exhausted and with everyday life plus a new baby, they may not get to clean as much as they would like to. Many cleaning services offer laundry service. If you know of a reputable local company, find out if they have gift certificates or just pay in advance and print a gift certificate, describing the cleaning terms. Some national companies have local contractors in most areas and you can purchase gift certificates online. Molly Maid, Dazzling Cleaning, Tidy, and Merry Maids are a few of these cleaning services.

Outdoor Gear

If the new dad in your life is an outdoorsman, consider the following:

26. Fishing gear

27. Camping gear

28. Backpacking gear

29. A gift card for Academy Sports + Outdoors, Bass Pro Shops, or Cabela's

Educational Gifts For New Fathers

As the saying goes, “Children do not come with an instruction manual.” While there is truth to this, there is no shortage of valuable information and sound advice available to assist new dads on their journey through fatherhood.

30. Parenting classes for new dads

Purchasing online classes for a new dad for Father’s Day is a great way for him to learn valuable parenting tips.

Fathercraft offers two courses: Father’s Ed and Baby Sleep School. Father’s Ed costs $149 but they offer a $1.00 14-day free trial. Father’s Ed consists of 5 hours worth of course video instruction, an 82-page in-depth workbook, checklists, links to resources, and lifetime access. Baby Sleep School costs $49, is 70 minutes long, and includes a 23-page companion PDF book, checklists, product recommendations, and step-by-step sleep instructions. Both courses include a 30-day money back guarantee. is a platform that boasts over 100 research-based parenting courses to choose from. The cost range is between $4.99 and $14.99 per month, depending on the subscription term. Most of their classes are 20 to 30 minutes long. They offer a free one-week trial.

31. Father's Day Books For First Time Dad's

The following books are well-reviewed, specific to new dads, and are available in a variety of formats:

Hire A Babysitter

32. Babysitting Gift Card

Through and, you can purchase gift cards that will allow dad to have a few hours of “me time” to regroup. He can use this time to go fishing, play golf, or to do an activity he enjoys.

Fitness and Exercise Gifts

Exercise provides a much needed break and increases energy. Enough cannot be said about the benefits of fitness. A few fitness and exercise gift ideas include:

33. A local gym membership

34. Personal training sessions

35. Online fitness membership

Check out The 10 Best Online Workout Subscriptions of 2022 from

36. Fitness apps

37. Fitness equipment

Brain Boosters

38. Nootropics

With a new baby, there are many new appointments and tasks to remember. Less sleep will cause dads to be a bit more sluggish and forgetful. There are a variety of focus, energy, and memory enhancement supplements on the market. Read The 10 Best Nootropic Supplements to Boost Brain Power from

Self-Care Gifts For New Dads

New dads are prone to neglecting their own self care with a new baby in the home. When shopping for body sprays, lotions, and soaps, watch out for the synthetic products that are known to irritate young children. Newborns and toddlers are especially sensitive to ingredients in skincare products. Look for naturally scented or unscented ingredients. Remind him to make time for his own needs. Ideas for self-care gifts include:

39. Grooming kits

40. Skincare gifts

41. Bathing and shower Essentials

Bath Spa Gift Set for Men, Body and Earth 9-Piece Citrus Scented Spa Set

42. Natural body sprays

43. Face and body wipes

Dude Products Face & Body Energizing Wipes Pro Vitamin B-5 - Cleansing Cloths for Men

44. Local massage gift certificates

45. Local barber shop gift certificates

Home Repair and Tool Gifts

46. Tools

For new dads that are young and do not have a complete tool kit, he will appreciate a nice tool kit with all of the essentials. If he has mentioned that he is wanting a specific screwdriver or saw, he needs it for good reason! If you are not sure what he needs, give him a gift card to shop at a locally owned tool store, Home Depot, or Lowe's.

Home Security and Safety Gifts For New Dads

A man is the defender of his home. Help him protect his home and child with home security devices or services. A few home safety and security gift ideas are:

47. Home security systems

48. Baby monitors

49. Baby proofing essentials

50. Self-defense gear

51. Self-defense classes

52. Sensor lights

53. First aid kits

Streaming Entertainment

54. Streaming video

New parents do not go out as much as they would like. Bring entertainment to dad with streaming services. If he does not have a streaming device, consider giving him a Roku, Amazon Firestick, Amazon Fire TV Cube, TiVo, or Chromecast with Google TV. If dad has a streaming device, consider a gift card for movie rentals or a subscription to a channel he wants but does not have.

55. Streaming music

If the dad you are buying for loves music, buy him a streaming music subscription, concert tickets, or his favorite concerts to watch on TV. Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Spotify Premium, Pandora, and YouTube Music are a handful of streaming music services available.


This wraps up the list of 55 useful Father’s Day gifts for new dads. Keep in mind, gift cards are always a great idea. Think about where he loves to shop or a new store he’s been wanting to check out. Tailor the Father’s Day gift to his habits, personality, and needs as a new dad.

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