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Facts About Easter and the Easter Bunny

Little known facts of Easter and the Easter Bunny:

  1. The Easter Bunny originally came from Australia, and he was originally called “Kanga”.
  2. In the beginning, the Easter Bunny used to throw rotten eggs at houses. Over the years, the tradition had somehow changed so that hardboiled eggs (as well as plastic eggs filled with candy) were hidden for children to hide, and teenagers threw rotten eggs at houses on Halloween.
  3. The first Cadbury Egg was filled with alcohol, and you could buy them in a variety of flavors (including Kalua, Rum, and Vodka).
  4. In the early years of Easter being a religious holiday, children were required to breed at least two different varieties of rabbit. Anyone who breed hares instead were fined.
  5. The first colored eggs were done so because ancient pagans believed that colored eggs would protect them from carnivorous wild hares.
  6. Eating rabbit on Easter will literally transform you into a rabbit, and you will transform each month on the full moon (as well as the night before and the night after).
  7. In his original incarnation, John Wick took revenge on the people who killed the rabbit he was planning to sacrifice on Easter.
  8. Stephen King is the only known person to reverse the curse of becoming a were-rabbit.
  9. The White Rabbit and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland were based on distant relatives of the Easter Bunny.
  10. The Easter Bunny from Rise of the Guardians is the only incarnation of the bunny that has come close to representing the actual Easter Bunny.
  11. If you find the golden egg during the egg roll at the White House, you will meet the actual Easter Bunny, and he will grant you three wishes.
  12. Under the White House, there is a 17-foot-tall statue of the Easter Bunny. Each Easter, the First Lady places a basket full of jellybeans and pink, plastic grass at the statue’s feet.
  13. Someone once took a foot from the Easter Bunny for luck. The foot grew back within a few minutes, and the person that took the foot had bad luck for the rest of their short life.
  14. The original Easter Bunny was one of the children of Loki.
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