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Even in 2020 Halloween is a Scary Time

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Through The Telescope Backward

Halloween originated coincided with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, whepeople celebrated with bonfires and put on vaarious masks, capes, and costumes in order to ward off ghosts and other evil spirits. It was in the eighth century, Pope Gregory III declared Nov. 1 as a time to praiser all saintts. It wasn't lo\ng until All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. And until 2020, children of most ages will eagerly-grab their baskets to head for their neighborhood to collect their "treats."

The verbiage, Halloween or Hallowe'en goes to about 1745 and stems from the Christian origin. The word "Hallowe'en" signifies "Saints' evening". and comes from a Scottish term for All Hallows' Eve (the evening before All Hallows' Day). Still, this "holiday" of costume and sweets does have a huge affect on today's econiic pictues as high as a few million bucks are spent to dress-up for this one day of the year.


Discussing The Halloween Costumes and Dress

one who has not celebrated Halloween could easily arguethat this holiday, as it were, is only a sham, an excuse for partyubg abd ti get kiaded, Yes, some do this. No, not the mjjority.One might see this explosive fact about Halloween hee in 2020 beging a time for paretns to spend time with their children when in years past, the parents stayed home and their kids (at an older age) only trick-or-treaed down a few homes below in their relative' homes then went home. To state that a lot has changed since the early dys of Halloween would be stupid for me to say such much less to share that jibberish with my readers. So I will keep what intelligence that I have and not do it.

When Halloween is nearing, we who love this "scary" 24 hours can attenst that we have it all by way of the vast collection of costumes. We have Dracula; Frankenstin's monster; Ghosts of every size and personality, me? I am a Casper Freak; Hollywood stars as well as q large assortment of cowboy (and girl) get-up's that will fool even the wisest Halloween onlookers. We somehow love these costumes. And when they are packed-up, we are somewhat sad when they disppear, but soon, Halloween is just a few months away and all of the run starts again.

When I was a kid, and even farther back, there was a time when kids ages 10 up to 16 had to have their costumes made by a good-hearted mother or giving aunt to get them to desgn a Halloween costume for the kids--but only history will tell you that the most asked for costumes were ghosts made with a few cuts of the scissors and with a cold chunk of coal, the ghost had eyes and a mouth and appeared to be scary, which the kids loved. It was fun any way you slice it. Andit still does.

Halloween is Batty and Fun!


Halloween: The Argument

(circa) 1980, I had a day off from work and I was enjoying my usual cup of black coffee and for lack of interesting news, I landed on the Donahue Show starring Phil Donahue. I use this measurement when I click over to TV stations which I haven't watched. The self-designed measurement goes like this: if (a) new TV station is where my remote button stops (I know that this is like Russian Roulette, but I can't help it) I push myself to watch whatever show is coming on. Even if it is a show like How to Train a Dog in Your Sleep or Teaching a Woodchuck to Sing, I watch the show for 10 minutes and if the 10 minutes has passed, I continue to watch it. But if within those 10 minutes I grow bored quickly, my remote clicker bangs away like a Gatling gun used at Custer's Last Stand.

The argument pitted two people from certain church and two other people who were also from a certain church and one twosome said that Halloween was of the Devil and the other two said that that Halloweeen was just in fun and posed no threat to anyone. Children included. The show ran for over one hour and when the show was running the credits, no solution was found leaving me torn between the four people on Donahue.

For me I can only stand on the principle of Halloween being a personal choice for my wife, my daughter and myself. In years to come, we let Angie dress in appropriate costumes not allowing her to dress racial-based sayings or photos anywhere on her shirts or candy basket. If the costume met with my wife and I, Angie wore it and had had one great time. Now until she outgrew Halloween, she took younger kids whom she was friends with and made sure that they were guarded to not be approached by any low lives. Gotta say, right on, Angie!

Looking back to 1964, I was surviving in the fourth grade and hating every minute of it. Why? Easy to tell you. Children who came from farming families and were forced to go to the city school system, did not fit at all with the city students and teachers. I know that it wasn't our fault, but I wish some of you would have escorted me back to my room one day and explain why kids (like me) who attended those Farm Community Schools that were accredited by the State of Alabama, shut down in 1966 and so, we rural kids had to sink or swim. Personally, if my parents had approved, I would have quit in 1964. You already know why.

In 1964, I did attend the school-based Halloween Carnival and trouble hit me again. My mom had left me buy this nifty-looking pig mask with a broad smile. This mask was not the usual, thin plastic type of masks that are sold today. Masks like my pig mask was the "cadillac of Halloween masks." I liked pigs.

I was rolling in and out of the crowd of people with Halloween costumes when suddenly, a girl named Barbara, slugged me in the face and let me know in no friendly words that if I picked on our mututal friend, J.G., she would really get rough with me. Okay. So the rubber pig mask that you hit with your fist, Barbara, was fun? Barbara was very tough. She could have been the prototype of Joan Jett.


Dressing To Kill Halloween Characters

as it were has always been a lot of fun to enjoy watching in-person or on TV. The costumes thar were once the easiest part of this yearly-ritual. . . .

  • Ghosts, white in color, and them with wide smiles even frowns
  • Dogs, not the celebrity dogs, but mutts.
  • Batman and his co-buddy, Super-man. There has not been a true favorite yet.
  • Space Shuttle astronauts.
  • President(s) George W. Bush; Barack Hussein Obama II and Donald Trump.
  • Bullwinkle wthout Rocky, the flying squirrel.
  • Bullwinkle with Rocky, the flying squirrel.
  • Freddy Krugger.
  • The yellow hard hats were used a lot

Halloween: Stay Away From These

activities because each can easily land your butt in jail and as a bonus, give you a free criminal record. If you and your non-thinking peers want to push the legal envelope, just go out on Halloween and throw a few uncooked eggs onto the windows of your neighbors, store-fronts in your hometown and at others. Even throw a few eggs at your local polce officers. They will surely give you the attention that you deserve.

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The Restaurant Free Food Express -- is a new one that you might try. The consequences are the same of those in the above item. All you do is a gang of your friends (guys) to dress up in their best Halloween costumes and head to your local fast-food resaurant and while at your table, order a lot of food and next just smile a wide smile and start walking out the door. If the manager or waitress scolds, just say that this is a Halloween Initiation Prank and if they do not buy that, you are headed for jail. Again.

Biting Dog Blues -- is really like a track and field event. You and your bud's (males because no intelligent girl will stoop to such horse play.) Find a neighbor who has a dog. Pat the dog until it trusts you. But you have to be dressed in an atual dog suit and be on all fours and bark while your tail is wagging. Your buddies will toss a raw chicken away from the dog and you run as fast as you can and if you beat the dog, your buddies will set you up with a cold soft drink.

Trick or Treating to Give Back -- this is a good, thoughtful Halloween prank, if you want to call it that. All you do is trick or treat someone then head to someone who may not have a family and when you say trick or treat, the person will answer, then you say, no tricks. just treats. People will start doing it themselves.

Halloween Robotics -- easy to do and a whole lot of fun. You and your friends stand in a busy part of the sidewalk on Halloween evening and you with a buddy or two, act-out The Robot and do not laugh. A crowd will start to grow, then you and your buddy can trick or treat them without having to walk to their homes.

I want to get away from my bullets-for-talking items and share you something that will make you one happy person if you have been born on Halloween. Do not worry. These are a few of the celebrities who share this holiday with you:

  • Larry Mullen Jr....
  • Dan Rather.. . . .
  • Piper Perabo. ...
  • Brian Hallisay. ...
  • Rob Schneider. ...
  • Peter Jackson. ...
  • Willow Smith.
  • (Note: I am not on this list. Thanks anyway. Kenneth).

While I make preparations to get out of my basement ( with one hanging light), let me share one more thing about Halloween. Probably the most-famous song about Halloween is "Monster Mash," written and performed by Bobby "Boris" Picket.

Happy Halloween to one and all. Be sure to walk with your children if they are going trick-or-treating. Also inspect their treats--although their treats may be from an uncle or cousin, do not take any chances. And just because it is Halloween does not mean that the CornaVirus-19 is still with us, so please children and parents . . .PLEASE wear a mask.

October 12, 2020______________________________________

Everyone's a Friend During Halloween!


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© 2020 Kenneth Avery


Raymond Philippe from The Netherlands on October 16, 2020:

Although we adopt many of the customs of the Americans (and unfortunately not just the good ones), Halloween never became big with us. I have no idea why it didn't. I do like to read about it, though.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on October 13, 2020:

Halloween has only recently started being celebrated here in Australia, Kenneth. This was an interesting article. (You may like to proofread the first couple of paragraphs though.)

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