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Easy Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Tips

What better way to celebrate your new baby than with a green baby shower!

What better way to celebrate your new baby than with a green baby shower!

The Perfect Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

In our society today, there is a major push among concerned groups and citizen organizations to promote the positive effects and long-term benefits of a green, environment-friendly lifestyle.

Baby showers are not an exception to this idea. Because there is more awareness regarding how to minimize our environmental impact and waste as a society, even events and parties such as baby showers are now being planned with eco-friendly solutions and techniques in mind.

With more retailers (both traditional and Web-based) offering green products and services, it has also become more convenient and cost-effective to be able to switch to green, environmentally-sustainable products, activities, and ideas for the baby shower you are planning.

This makes even more sense if the mother-to-be you are throwing the baby shower for is also someone who values environment-friendly lifestyle choices.

Here are some great tips for having a green baby shower:

Instead of Paper Invitations, Send out E-vites

Mailing out invitations and baby shower announcements can be replaced with digital invites, using sites such as pinggg, MyPunchBowl, or Evite.

Digital events can also be created on social networking sites like Facebook or Google+, and your guests have the added convenience of being able to RSVP online.

If you really want to use paper invites, or if you have guests who are not exactly the Web-savvy kind, you can go for recycled paper or plantable paper products.

You can also make your own invites using things in your own home. Scrapbook paper lends itself perfectly to the task and with the numerous styles available, customizing the perfectly themed invite for your shower is easy and fun.

Choose Multi-Functional Decorations

Most baby shower décor you will find in stores are meant to be used only once and then thrown away, adding to the trash (not to mention most of them are made from non-biodegradable materials).

Instead of buying, use your creativity to come up with recyclable and more eco-friendly décor.

For instance, if you want to decorate the venue with fresh, colorful flowers, put them in small pots so they can continue to grow and beautify for a long time instead of just being thrown away after a few days.

Flower pots can also be given as party favors. If you can, use the baby shower favors as décor during the party, so they serve two purposes and minimize the trash.

Reusable or Compostable Over Disposable Tableware

Another item on your baby shower checklist is your tableware; plates, cups, and your silverware.

Using reusable plates, spoons, forks, knives, and glasses is the most effective way to cut back on trash, as long as there is an organized assignment of tasks for the clean-up and dishwashing post-party (use organic detergent as well).

Compostable plates and cups are also a great option; after use, they can be added to the home compost heap and used for gardening and landscaping.

Insist on Reusable Gift Wrapping

Gift bags and wrappers made from recycled paper or fabric are quite easy to obtain these days. When you send out the baby shower invitations, remind guests to use reusable bags and wrappers.

For the shower party favors, use reusable bags or baskets as well. Infant blankets and cloth diapers can also be used for wrapping gifts, and the mother-to-be can use them for the baby as well.

More Tips For Hosting a Green Baby Shower

After checking out these ideas, you can see that hosting a fun baby shower that is great for both the mama-to-be and environment doesn't have to be difficult.

For more tips for planning a green baby shower, check out Pinterest, Youtube, as well as various baby shower planning sites.

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