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20 Encanto Party Ideas for the Perfect Encanto Party

I like to come up with fun things to do and pranks to play on people.


Do you have a child that is obsessed with all things Encanto? It's only natural to then want to host an Encanto-themed party for their Birthday or some other special occasion! Here are 20 Encanto party ideas to make your party planning a breeze - and more importantly a memory none of you will forget.

1. Start with Invitations

Start by sending out invitations that look like they came straight from Encanto! You can find printable ones online or make your own. They can contain characters or quotes from the songs and movies.

2. Make an Encanto Playlist

After you've set the mood with your invitations, it's time to get the music going! Make a playlist of all the Encanto songs your little ones love. You can even find karaoke versions of some of them online. If you have access to Spotify, there are already Encanto-themed playlists that you can use.

3. Set the Encanto Scene

When your guests arrive, they should feel like they're walking into Encanto! Hang up some streamers and balloons in bright colors. If you have a backyard or patio, string up some lights to give the space an extra sparkle. Take inspiration from the "Casita" scene in Encanto and set up a little lounge area with cushions and throws. You can even put up a poster or two of your child's favorite Encanto characters.

4. Serve Up Some Treats

No party is complete without snacks and drinks! Serve up some Latin American favorites like empanadas, pupusas, tamales, and of course, mangoes! For drinks, make some agua frescas or natural fruit juices. If you want to serve alcohol for the adults, opt for a refreshing cerveza like Modelo Especial or Corona.

5. Get Crafty with DIY Decorations

Encanto is all about color, so get creative with your DIY decorations! You can make paper flowers, piñatas, or even a giant "Encanto" sign to hang up. Get the kids involved in the decorating process too - they'll love it! If you are feeling particularly creative you could even try to recreate some of the doors featured in the movie.

6. Play Encanto-Themed Games

No party is complete without games! There are plenty of Encanto-themed games that you can play. Pin the tail on Hector, musical chairs to Encanto songs, or a scavenger hunt for Encanto characters hidden around the house. The sky's the limit!

7. Have an Encanto Dance Party

Of course, no Encanto party would be complete without a dance party! Put on your favorite Encanto tunes and let everyone loose. If you're feeling extra festive, you can even teach your guests some traditional Latin dances.

8. Give Out Some Encanto Swag

Send your guests home with some Encanto-themed party favors! You can give out t-shirts, stickers, buttons, or even Encanto-themed jewelry. If you're feeling generous, you could even give out tickets to see Encanto Live in concert! These can just be goody bags with knick-knacks or things related to the movie for the kids.

9. Have a Piñata Party

Piñatas are a must at any Latin American party! Fill yours with candy, toys, and Encanto-themed prizes. You can even make your own piñata in the shape of one of the Encanto characters.

10. Encanto Movie Marathon

What better way to end an Encanto-themed party than by watching one (or all) of the Encanto movies? Pop some popcorn and get cozy on the couch with your little ones. They'll love reliving their favorite moments from the films.

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11. Make Some Encanto-Themed Crafts

Get crafty with your little ones and make some Encanto-themed crafts! You can paint pictures of the characters, make masks, or even create your own Encanto door. The possibilities are endless!

12. Bake an Encanto Cake

No party is complete without cake, so why not bake an Encanto-themed one? You can decorate it with characters from the movie, brightly colored icing, or even edible flowers.

13. Ask for Encanto-Themed Cards

Encanto fans will love getting Encanto-themed cards from you! You can find these online or make your own. They're the perfect way to show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance.

14. Have an Encanto Scavenger Hunt

Hide Encanto-themed items around the house and have your guests search for them. This is a great way to get everyone moving and having fun.

15. Set Up an Encanto Photo booth

Encanto fans will love taking photos in an Encanto-themed photo booth! You can find props online or make your own. This is a great way to capture memories of your party. You can use the "Casita' with a window open or have one of the characters stood beside the person holding the prop.

16. Balloons and Streamers

No party is complete without balloons and streamers! Get creative with your color scheme and go wild with the decorations. You can even spell out "Encanto" with the balloons for an extra touch.

17. Flowers

Flowers are a must at any Encanto-themed party! You can use real flowers or paper ones. Get creative with your arrangements and make something truly unique.

18. One Candle

You could have the candle that is in the film as the cake topper or just have it on a side table. This is a nice way to add some ambiance to the party. Just make sure it is well protected so that no one accidentally knocks it over.

19. Clothing

Encanto-themed clothing is a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance. You can find t-shirts, stickers, buttons, or even Encanto-themed jewelry. If you're feeling generous, you could even give out tickets to see Encanto Live in concert! Just search for "Encanto Live" and Google should show you some nearby locations and dates.

20. Desserts

End the party on a sweet note with some Encanto-themed desserts! You can find recipes online or get creative and make your own. Your guests will love indulging in these sweet treats. Butterfly inspired as part of the film.

The Bottom Line

Re-watch the movie to get sources of inspiration. Hopefully, the above 20 Encanto Theme party ideas will give you a good start in planning your own kid's party. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process! Whether you get your Kid involved or give them a surprise party - it'll be an event to remember.

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