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Easy and Affordable DIY Christmas Gift Ideas


Personalized Homemade Mason Jar Soap Pumps

These personalized mason jar soap pumps would make excellent Christmas gifts for friends and family members (or teachers, coworkers, managers, the list goes on!) I've actually made nearly ten of these to give as gifts this year, and I plan on keeping a set for myself as well. You can get really creative in the personalization of these soap pumps so that they will appeal to any recipient. Click here for my article about these DIY mason jar soap pumps.


DIY Serving Platter Using Dollar Tree Finds

I'm a big fan of turning Dollar Tree finds into something special, and these easy-to-do serving platters make an amazing gift idea! All you need is a glass candle holder to use as the base and a glass candle plate or glass trivet (the trivets are larger than the candle plates). Simply glue them together, and that's it! Try changing it up by using the small round glass fish-bowls and gluing them to the top of the glass candle holder to make an easy DIY candy dish. You can spray paint these any color you would like.


Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Do you know a newlywed couple? Maybe a friend with a newborn? Well, I absolutely love this idea for a personalized Christmas ornament. The ornament is made using the invitation to the wedding (or baby shower) which has been cut into strips and placed inside of a glass ornament. You can use any kind of ribbon and creative little details you'd like to dress up the ornament. The ornament pictured at the right would be great for a beach wedding, I just love the little seashell pendant. It would have been awesome to add some of the sand taken from the beach where the couple wed and putting it inside of the ornament as well! I found some plain glass ornaments online, but I'm sure you can find some at your local craft store as well. I'm planning on making one of these using one of my wedding invitations!


Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments

I know several wine lovers, and these would make perfect Christmas gifts for them! These are so simple, you just glue them together and then personalize with ribbon or other decorative touches. You can also paint or write on the corks (with permanent marker) to add dates, initials, or words that may be meaningful to the recipient. If you're not a big wine drinker let your friends and family know ahead of time that you need their old wine corks, most people just throw them out anyhow. You can also find them online and buy them in bulk through Amazon.


Rice Bag Heating Pads

I absolutely LOVE these! They are practical and last for a very long time. These little handmade rice bag heating pads are simple to make. All you need is a dish towel (or any other terry cloth type fabric), a bag of rice (not instant), and a sewing machine. If you don't have a sewing machine you could probably try hand sewing the cloth, but you would have to be very careful to make your stitches close enough not to allow the rice to get through. You can make them any size, so you can make hand warmers or make larger ones to replace those expensive heating pads that are sold in stores. These gifts are great for both men and women and they really come in handy throughout those cold winter nights!


Six-pack of Reindeer

I know of several male friends and family members who would get a kick out of this gift idea. This is a fun and creative way to dress up a six pack of beer (or whatever beverage of choose that the recipient may prefer). All it takes are a few simple craft supplies (which can be found at the Dollar Tree), a hot glue gun (or craft glue), and a little imagination!


Shelly Wyatt from Maryland on November 30, 2014:

I love your ideas, thanks for sharing these with everyone.

AllieRenee (author) from New York on March 05, 2013:

@teaches12345- I'm so glad you like these craft ideas! I've never been a real crafty type, so I'm always looking for simple crafts that even I can do! :-)

Dianna Mendez on March 05, 2013:

I believe I can do these simple crafts. I love each one for the creative home-made touch. I especially like the ornament idea, it looks beautiful even with just paper within. Voted way up and pinned.

AllieRenee (author) from New York on December 05, 2012:

sharkye11: I never thought of making personalized electric heating pad covers, that's another great idea for a DIY x-mas gift!

pstraubie48: Thank you for the kind words! I completely agree that DIY gifts really come from the heart and are so much more meaningful.

FullOfLoveSites: The cork ornaments are one of my favorites, too. I'm a big fan of wine so I'll have to make some for myself as well!

starbright: Glad you enjoyed the ideas!

rmcleve: Thanks so much for sharing with your blog followers, I’ll definitely be stopping by your blog!

savingkathy: Thank you for pinning & sharing, it’s greatly appreciated!

mpropp: The cake plates are also one of my favorites, I just can’t believe I never thought of doing it sooner!

AllieRenee (author) from New York on December 05, 2012:

@Sherry Hewins- I thought the exact same thing when I came across the reindeer beer idea!

Melissa Propp from Minnesota on December 05, 2012:

These are all really quite clever and easy DIY gifts. I really like the cake plates, I can see so much potential and creativity that could go into making these. Voting up and sharing.

Kathy Sima from Ontario, Canada on December 05, 2012:

These are great ideas! I like them all. Pinned & shared. :)

rmcleve on December 05, 2012:

Super cute and awesome! I love that you've shared a collection of projects. I'm going to share this with my blog followers on FB (The Aliso Kitchen).

Lucy Jones from Scandinavia on December 05, 2012:

The rice heating pads are a sensational idea. Voted up and very useful - thank you.

FullOfLoveSites from United States on December 05, 2012:

Wow! I love the cork ornaments the most! :)

Very good ideas! Voted up and useful/awesome. :)

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on December 05, 2012:

This is a nice collection of possibles for DIY gifting. In my family as a young child there was not a lot of money for store bought gifts. I did get a few but most of the gifts I gave or received were DIY gifts. Some of the gifts I received are still displayed with special joy today and my sisters both have little pillows I hand sewed them as a very young girl. So glad to see you shared this. Sending Angels your way. :) ps

Jayme Kinsey from Oklahoma on December 04, 2012:

Great ideas! I made rice bags for everyone last year, along with covers for electric heating pads that matched. It was fun and easy, and they got fabric that was personalized to match their favorite interests.

Love the idea of the personalized ornaments. There is so much that could be done with those!

Voting up!

Sherry Hewins from Sierra Foothills, CA on December 04, 2012:

LOL!! I like all of these, but I LOVE the reindeer beer. Voted up and shared.