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Easy Way to Fix Broken Christmas Lights on a Pre-Lit Artificial Tree

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Beautiful Christmas Tree With White Lights

The Christmas tree of Piazza Duomo in Milan, which is incredibly beautiful!

The Christmas tree of Piazza Duomo in Milan, which is incredibly beautiful!

Huge Christmas Tree with Lights

The Light Keeper Pro - A Review and Pleasant Surprise

Several years ago, we invested in a new artificial tree with beautiful little built in lights. It has been a joy, and yet over the years it slowly has been losing its lights, little by little. This is even with the built in feature that "even if one light goes out, the others stay lit." That has been partially true.

This year, after some discouragement and frustration we were about to get a new tree. This was what my husband was almost about to do. I thought things looked ok, I thought it was still pretty, and evidently didn't remember HOW lit up this tree could get.

After looking online for sales on trees, he did a quick search on helping to fix strands of lights on pre lit trees. Keep in mind, we had the occasional light out, and can easily repair those. We are talking a bigger, seemingly bad problem where nothing else was working.

Finding this product called Light Keeper Pro seemed almost too good to be true. He took a trip to Walgreen's, and they were sold out. So he went to Target, and they had it, for 18.99. He figured, that up against getting a whole new pre lit tree, this isn't a bad deal, but didn't get his hopes up. Well, this was one of those few times in life, where the thing that is too good to be true, ACTUALLY WORKED! We were so excited, to see whole strands of lights light up within seconds. He was so happy and pleased with this little "gun" he had purchased.

As it was dusk, the lights now look more beautiful than ever! There are two ways this little lightsaver product works.

1. There is a quick fix trigger, that is the main feature we have used and has been 100% successful so far. This feature repairs the most common cause of light set failures.

2. There is an audibule voltage detector. It helps to find all other circuit problems which can be caused by loose bulbs, poor contacts, or broken or damaged wires.

How it works: It is brilliant, and addresses a possible filament burn out. When the individual bulb "shunt" fails to energize, because the filament is burnt out, it triggers problems in the whole strand of lights very often. The incomplete circuit makes them all stay dark, as they don't do the usual "warming up." It acts like a clogged pipe, when the filament fails to activate.

This battery operated little "gun" gives a little pulse of harmless electricity through the whole circuit. Its just what was needed! It finds and fixes said "shunt" and illuminates the unlit section.

*** I had to share this, because you should have seen how happy everyone was that it was fixed! We saved money on buying a new tree, and the tree looks as beautiful as when we first purchased it. I hope this bit of information helps another person or family that has the same problem. It also saved us a ton of time, as we were going to do like the Griswold Family would (or almost, haha!), on that movie Christmas Vacation. We are on to decorating the tree now, listening to Christmas Music and more.

A Beautiful Winter Snow Scene and Lit Christmas Tree

Saint Petersburg (Russia), Gostiny Dvor in New Year

Saint Petersburg (Russia), Gostiny Dvor in New Year


Paula (author) from The Midwest, USA on January 06, 2015:

Hi Antonio, wow! That is a great help actually. Very often nothing much works, and I wonder like you mentioned there, if this was meant to get people to go out and buy new trees. With a little perseverance and problem solving, you seem to have brought your tree back to life! I know its helpful, and might help others too. If they heed the warnings and manufacturers suggestions, etc, and use common sense, I suppose anything is possible. That is awesome, and thank you for your comment here. I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year too.

Antonioxx9 on January 06, 2015:

I tried the Light Keeper Pro and had no success with it. Used it to check light bulbs. I clicked 60 or more times with no results. The only thing that worked was to find the fuse bulbs that were out and replace them. The fuse blubs are the white lights with white holders set in green light sets. The first one I did I just pulled the white light out of the white socket. Then proceeded to remove the white socket from the green light set. This was fairly difficult since it is built to be non removable. But I used a thin bladed knife and needle nosed pliers to remove the white socket. Of course the power was off. I had to squeeze the whole socket to loosen it but eventually it came out. It was a little distorted but reusable. I then installed a new bulb and replaced the white socket in the green light holder. And the unlighted portion of the top of the tree lite up. I had a second portion of unlighted tree near the bottom. I found the burnt out white fuse light in that area and this time I used a rubber glove and pulled on the white bulb and the whole bulb and white socket came out whole. What a relief. Replaced the bulb reinserted the white socket into the green light holder and the whole bottom area came on. Then I proceeded to look for individual burnt out lights replacing the blubs as I found them. Now the whole tree is like new. All lights on. I hope this helps you out. I don't know if I did anything harm full by replacing the non removable fuse lights but it brought my tree back to life. And I figured the plug fuses were designed to protect the tree from harm full surges. I think those white lights are just intended to blow out and make you buy a new tree. Take it for what its worth it fixed my tree. Good luck. And Merry Christmas tree fixing. HO HO HO.

Paula (author) from The Midwest, USA on February 11, 2014:

Hello, and thank you for your comment and tips and experience. It is always a trick to keep these lights working year after year.

Poopsie on December 09, 2013:

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I have used the LightKeeperPro for several years but I have found that it does not usually work. You are lucky if it works for you at all. Best solution is a complete redesign of how these lights are wired. You should never have a string where one or more bad bulbs cause the whole string to go out. Only the bad bulbs should go out, easily identifying the problem. I guess you could say the LKP is better than nothing, but not much better.

Paula (author) from The Midwest, USA on December 27, 2012:

To Gloria and Hoops, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my article about what helped us at Christmas time with our tree lights. Unfortunately, I am not the most "techy" person around when it comes to these sorts of things, and my goal was to share what helped our family. My hope is that you did find some resolution of some kind, and that you have a very happy holiday season. Wishing you the best in the New Year.

Paula (author) from The Midwest, USA on December 27, 2012:

Hello David, I am so glad this helped to fix the lights on your tree! Sorry I am only just now getting around to responding, but I do hope you enjoyed your holidays. We sure did, and that includes all the lights that go with Christmas trees and Christmas time. Have a Happy New Year!

Hoops15 on December 02, 2012:

I'm having the same issue.

I have a string that half light up and the other half doesn't. I have use the Pro Light gun and no good. I have changed the bulbs no good.

Bout ready to explode.

Is there any help that goes beyond what is in here???????

gloria on November 26, 2012:

we have a beautiful 7.5 ft pre lit artificial tree but more than half of the lights are not working. this tree has at lease 1,000 lights or more. we heard about the light pro and purchased it. This is not helping at all. Either I will kill my husband or he will kill me before this is over. I'm thinking about cutting all the lights off of this tree and stringing new lights.....ughhhhhhhhhh! Anyone have suggestions?

David on November 18, 2012:

Great Product !!! Fixed my tree. : )

Paula (author) from The Midwest, USA on December 11, 2011:

Thank you Katrina, I really appreciate that. :)

katrinasui on December 11, 2011:

This is a very useful hub. Thanks for sharing:) voted up!

Paula (author) from The Midwest, USA on December 10, 2011:

Hi Mary, thank you! I know it really helped us, was easy and saved money. So glad you stopped by, and goodnight to you also. :)

Mary Hyatt from Florida on December 10, 2011:

This is such good info you have shared. I never heard of something like this. Everyone should read this, would sure save some money! Voted this UP, etc. Goodnight.

Paula (author) from The Midwest, USA on December 10, 2011:

Thanks Derdriu, so glad you stopped by and left a comment. It is much appreciated! :)

Derdriu on December 10, 2011:

Oceansnsunsets: What an economical, practical, useful summary of what to do when one or a couple of lights on a pre-lit artificial tree go out! It helps that you explain what corrects the problem and how.

Thank you for sharing, etc.,


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