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Easter Greeting Cards: Free, Unique Ideas to Make

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There are so many fun possibilities for Easter cards with everything from religious icons to bunnies and chicks to eggs. After seeing winter colors so prevalently for several months, it's refreshing to reach into your paper supply and pull out some vibrant greens and light pastels. As always, the vast majority of the tutorials that I'm sharing here exclusively use supplies that you can purchase at almost any craft and/or sewing store. Additionally, most of them can be completed in a single afternoon.

Please respect artist copyrights. Unless it is indicated otherwise, all card ideas and templates are for personal use only. If you're interested in selling your creations, contact the artists directly to work out agreements. Thank you and happy creating!


Bunny and Chick Easter Cards

The templates for the bunny and chick make these Easter cards very easy to put together. Use them as mini cards with short messages on the back. They are perfect with or without envelopes. They can also be used as place cards or table décor any time around Easter. Customize the colors and detail embellishments any way that you like.


Chick Easter Card Printable

One reason that I love Easter cards and Easter décor in general is because I lovechicks. Cards like this never fail to get an "aw" reaction from me. Simply download, print, and send this cheerful little guy out to all of your family and friends for Easter.


Lime Green Butterfly Easter Card

How could I resist a card design with a button, lime green, and polka dots? This is such a great combination. I also love how simple this design is. With any craft, is can be easy to get carried away adding lots of embellishments and detail. There is a time and place for this, but there's nothing wrong with a classic, simple design sometimes, too. Click here to check out more of Stacy's Easter and spring card ideas.


Fuzzy Texture Bunny Card

It wouldn't be an Easter card article without at least a couple bunny card ideas. Adding some fuzzy texture is a great way to add a new level of detail to a bunny design. The sewing details on this card are great, too, although they're completely optional. Gluing the paper works just fine, too. If you don't have egg-shape brads, consider creating your own decorative eggs out of thick cardstock or fabric.

Sewing on Paper: How to Paper Stitch | AllFreeSewing


Happy Easter Cross-Stitch Sign and Card

This post has two Happy Easter cross-stitch printables: a sign and a card. The sewing concept is the same for both cards. Even if you're very new to cross-stitch, this is a really simple project. A few stitched X's on each letter will add a lot of detail. Of course I love the buttons, although you can change up the detail any way that you prefer.


Religious Easter Card with Cross

Create a religious card for Easter with a beautiful cross design. There is no tutorial for this design, but the post does include a list of materials. The concept is pretty simple. Personally I wouldn't use a flower embellishment that large, as it can make the card difficult to fit in an envelope. If you choose to use larger embellishments and will be mailing the cards, make sure that the embellishments are properly cushioned so that the envelopes don't rip in transit.


Fabric Scraps Easter Egg Card

Even though the template and video links in this post no longer work, I'm still linking this because it's a great, easy idea. You can create this punched card easily enough with a hole punch or craft knife. This is a great way to use up fabric scraps. Consider adding an Easter greeting to the front of your card.


Rabbit Finger-Puppet Card and Egg Cozy

This is definitely the most complex card project in this article, although all of the supplies are still readily available at craft and/or sewing stores. The post does assume that you have a basic knowledge of sewing skills and terminology. There is a video with Martha herself to accompany the written directions, but it skips over the sewing steps as well. The neat thing about this card is that if you don't attach the puppets to the card (but simply push them through the holes before closing the card), the recipient can take them off and use them.


Dimensional Eggs Easter Basket Card

Add a new dimensional element to your Easter cards this year with these dimensional Easter eggs. This is an easy concept and will make little eggs that fit right in your paper basket. Consider other ways that you can use these eggs for your Easter décor this year such as garlands, table decoration, and place cards.


Fingerprint Bunnies and Chicks

Who doesn't like to create fingerprint art? You don't have to be a kid to appreciate how fun this project is. I nearly pulled out my stamp pads as soon as I'd read through this post. Add marker or gel pen details for the faces and body parts. These little guys are perfect for Easter cards, gift tags, place cards, wall art, and more.

Do you enjoy creating fingerprint art? Check out Ed Emberley!


Easter Egg Stitched Greeting Card

This is another sewing card where the free template included makes it really easy. Punch the holes and then stitch the pattern. If you need to purchase plain cork board for the punching, check the office supply section of big box stores. It's usually with the bulletin boards and white boards. This is a great project for using leftover bits of embroidery floss.


Printable Vintage Collage Card

For those of you who enjoy vintage and vintage inspired Easter designs, this one is for you. The artist modified a collage that he created a while back and turned it into a printable 5x7 card. I love the mix of items, designs, and colors here.

Use your Cricut to make Easter cards.

More crafty Easter resources from the author.


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