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Easter Crafts for Kids: Easy Ideas for Homemade Projects

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One fun way to celebrate Easter as a family is to make Easter crafts with your kids. There are lots of great project ideas out there for home décor, baskets, and more that are simple, fun, and inexpensive. I have rounded up just a few of my favorites for this article. The supply lists for these projects are generally not extensive and include items that you have on hand or items that can be purchased at from most craft stores. Happy creating!


Easter Candy Pouches Tutorial and Printable

Have your kids practice some basic sewing skills to create these Easter candy pouches. The post includes easy to follow directions and printables for the chick and bunny. The googly eyes are a cute touch, but you can opt to draw the eyes on if you don't have any on hand. Fill these little pouches with jelly beans, Skittles, M&Ms, or any kind of snack sized candy packs.

Pick up large eye plastic yarn needles from Amazon.


Easter Pencil Toppers

Create bunny, carrot, chick, and worm pencil toppers with pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Make sure that you leave enough room at the top of the pencils so you can still use the erasers. These make great party favors and gifts for friends. Challenge your kids to see if they can make other pipe cleaner animals, people, and/or creatures.


Paint Chip Easter Egg Tutorial

I'm planning a future hub with paint chip project tutorials, but I had to share this one now. For those you who have a lot of paint chip samples lying around from past home painting projects or who simply hoard them for craft projects, this is for you. Break out all of your colors and let your kids have fun tracing, cutting, and stringing. You can customize this with favorite spring colors or can simply use what you have on hand. It shouldn't be hard to keep it colorful and fun.


Yarn Baskets

There are many variations on this idea that consist of using an object as a shape mold and then removing it when you're finished. Be prepared for a lot of glue mess. I would recommend spreading out something like wax paper for the work surface that won't be too hard to peel off the yarn. The tutorial uses variegated skeins, but you can use any type of yarn colors that you like. These baskets are perfect for holding little Easter goodies.


Easter Egg Carton Chicks

I am a sucker for just about any kind of cute chick item so I had to include this. If you're purchasing extra eggs this time of year for egg dyeing, save a cartoon for this project. There isn't a template for the feet and beak, but you can easily create one for your kids if they can't draw the shapes very well on their own.

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Sock Bunnies

Create sweet little bunnies out of child sized socks. If you don't have any socks that you want to part with at home, pick up a few cheap pairs from a dollar store or big box store. Sometimes Target has them in the dollar section. I love the little ribbon around the neck and the pom pom tail. These little guys may need permanent homes among other stuffed animals when Easter is over because they are way too cute to put away.


Easter Silhouettes Wall Art

This author took some Easter templates from Martha Stewart and came up with a creative way to turn them into wall art using dollar store trays. You can customize this idea with different papers and trays. You can also add messages and/or other details, though the simple silhouettes are fine on their own as well. It's completely up to you.


Easter Candy Bags

This isn't actually a tutorial. It's just a good idea. The author took Easter stickers, put them on Rollos candies, stuck them in a treat bag, and designed and printed a cute Easter bag topper. She has two different versions of the bag topper that you can download. This idea will work well for any number of small candies. Look for treat bags in the cake decorating/candy making sections of craft stores and big box stores.


Envelope Bunnies

Martha's bunny ear template make these envelope bunnies really easy to put together. Have your kids make a couple of them for special candy storage in their Easter baskets or have them make a bunch that they can fill with candy for their friends. Have fun mixing up the bunny faces (i.e. silly bunny with a tongue sticking out, surprised bunny with an open mouth, etc.).


Framed Button Egg

If you've been following my hubs for at least a few months, you know how much I love buttons. This concept can be customized for just about any holiday. Easter is no exception. Almost any fabric will work just fine for this project. The author used super glue, but a glue gun, fabric glue, or tacky glue will work, too. Be careful when using a glue gun with younger kids. Check dollar stores and the dollar section of Target for inexpensive frames.


Easter Thumbprint Cards

This idea is one of several in an Easter projects blog post. Unfortunately there aren't any more close up pictures of these cards, but the concept is pretty self explanatory. Using markers for the thumbprints will give you a wider range of color choices than regular stamp pads will. If you want to use stamp pads instead, you can add some bright Easter color detail to the thumb print designs (i.e. faces) and the rest of the card (i.e. the message, boarder, etc.).

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These are great! Of course you know I love the framed button egg:)

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