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Dr Who Birthday Party Ideas and themed Supplies

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How to Plan a Dr Who Birthday Party Theme

Dr Who is, without a doubt, one of the cult TV shows of our generation and the last, having been captivating audiences since the 1960s. The famous time-travelling doc explores the universe in his TARDIS (a converted blue British police box) along with various companions, battling numerous terrifying foes, including those wretched Daleks… ‘Exterminate’!

Since its relaunch in 2005, Doctor Who has gone on to wow a whole new audience of fans, with various popular doctors, new sidekicks and some fantastic new storylines. It’s a show that kids and adults alike can enjoy – which makes it perfect for a party theme!

Here’s how you can plan a Dr Who birthday party, whether it’s for little ones, teens or your adult pals!

Dr Who Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

First things first – you’ll want to sort out the invitations for your Doctor Who-themed party. These will be the first glimpse that your guests get of the party and its theme, so you’ll need to ensure they’re absolutely spot on to give a great first impression! Here are some of our suggestions:

  • These fantastic TARDIS invitations even come with a little key! They were originally suggested for a wedding invitation, but they can easily be adapted to suit a birthday party – there’s plenty of room for details about the venue and the date, and you can even add some pictures and poems if you like!
  • This brilliant take on the TARDIS invitation is also a winner – not least because you can download it digitally and print off as many copies as you like! The package includes the invite insert and the folding TARDIS exterior – all you’ll need is some scissors and glue to put the whole thing together.
  • If fancy folding invitations are a little out of your price range, these simple card invitations should fit the bill. It uses all the terminology related to Doctor Who (describing the birthday as a ‘regeneration’) so it should be perfect for the die-hard fans out there!
Doctor Who crack in the universe decoration

Doctor Who crack in the universe decoration

Dr Who Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Your decorations must set the scene for the rest of the party, as well as providing a nice, coherent colour theme. Luckily we have plenty of suggestions to get your venue ready!

It all starts with the front door – why not make it look like the entrance to the TARDIS? This wonderful door covering disguising your front door perfectly as the outside of the police box, and guests will love the feeling of stepping inside for the very first time!

The foundation of the colour scheme for this party is blue, but you can add hints of red and white to thread a patriotic, British theme throughout. This Doctor Who bunting fits perfectly, with prints of the TARDIS, a traditional Matt Smith-style bowtie and even a Union Jack. How quaint!

It’s obviously important to get your food table just right, and here’s an example of a Doctor Who table done well. It’s simple and authentic, with a great colour scheme and a few finishing touches that make it look simply superb.

Dr Who Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

What type of food and drink will you be serving at your themed party? You could go for conventional party food, which is always a hit, or you could impress your guests with an array of Doctor Who-related snacks and beverages that are sure to wow the crowd! Here are some of our top suggestions:

  • For something hearty and filling, why not make a Lady Cassandra Lasagne? This fabulous recipe will provide guests with a little more than just snacks and candy – which is great if there are lots of kids around whose energy you’ll need to keep up! With some eyes and lips added at the end, the dish looks just like her, too!
  • We’ve already established that bowties are an important feature in the Doctor Who universe (they were brought into popularity by 11th doctor, Matt Smith) – so why not make Bowtie Pasta for your guests? You can easily find pasta shapes that are already cut to look like bowties, so simply add whichever tasty ingredients you like. Make a veggie-style pasta as an alternative to those who won’t touch your lasagne, or lay out a number of options so guests can mix-and-match their own pasta dish.
  • Drinks-wise, you can’t go wrong with a Sonic Screwdriver! In homage to the weapon of choice for the second, third, fourth and fifth Doctors, the Sonic Screwdriver is a non-alcoholic cocktail which contains orange juice, peaches, lemonade, a few mint leaves and plenty of ice. Sounds delicious to us – and very refreshing for your guests!
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TARDIS cake & Dalek cupcakes

TARDIS cake & Dalek cupcakes

Dr Who Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

If all that talk of food has your stomach growling, never fear! It’s time to move onto the cake section. The cake is often the focal point of many parties, and it plays a crucial role in that special moment when the lights go down and everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’. That means the pressure is on to get it just right!

If your baking skills leave a little to be desired, Amazon has a fantastic solution for you. These fantastic TARDIS gelatin molds can be used with an instant cake mix to create picture-perfect TARDIS cakes that your guests will simply love! This option is ideal for those who don’t have lots of money or time on their hands to create an extravagant cake.

Speaking of extravagant cakes, Doctor Who fans sure know how to push the boat out! This stunning multi-tiered cake incorporates a number of themes from the Doctor Who universe (including that bow tie again!) and is one of the neatest, most carefully put-together cakes we’ve ever seen. This amazing Dalek creation is also worthy of a special mention! If you want to replicate one of these awesome cakes, take these pictures to your local cake professional or bakery and see what they can do for you based on time constraints and budget.

Dr Who Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

No party nowadays is complete without a party favour handed out to guests as they leave – it’s become a real tradition, and one that all hosts should honour! Luckily with such a broad Doctor Who universe to explore, there are plenty of options for your Who-themed favors.

These Doctor Who badges are an ideal favour to offer to guests – whether you add them into a goodie bag or simply place a bowl of the buttons by the door for guests to collect on the way out. They’re budget-friendly too!

Why not give a party favour that’s useful? These subtle pencils have been engraved with famous quotes and sayings from the series. They’re great for kids to take to school, and they’re subtle enough for adults to take into the office without it being too obvious that they’re carrying Doctor Who merchandise!

If you’re planning to give guests a full party bag packed with treats, these TARDIS paper bags are ideal. Best of all, you can download the template to your computer and print off however many you need, which will save you money and any last-minute embarrassment if few more guests show up!

Lastly, this touching gift is great for the real die-hard fans out there – your very own TARDIS key! The key is made into a necklace so it can be carried around at all times, but be warned – they’re a little pricey, so if you’ve got dozens of guests coming, you could consider a more budget-friendly option.

Dr Who Birthday Party Games and Activities

No party is complete with a packed schedule of fun and games for guests to enjoy! Here are our best suggestions to keep your loved ones occupied at your Doctor Who party:

  • Weeping Angels Game – This is a fun take on ‘What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?’ where players must sneak up on the ‘Wolf’ – in this case, a Weeping Angel. When the Angel calls out ‘Blink!’ the players can move closer to the Angel, but when the Angel shouts ‘Don’t blink!’ and turns around, the players must freeze. The winner is the first player to get close enough to touch the Angel’s back!
  • Punch a Hole in the Fabric of Time – There’s a fantastic tutorial here on how to create this fun party game that will go down well with younger guests. Each hole has a prize behind it, so you can forego favors and use these instead!
  • Pin the Sucker on the Dalek – A twist on the classic ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, this fun game sees blindfolded guests trying to pin the sucker on the Dalek in the right position. Whoever gets the closest wins a prize!

So there we have it – all the ingredients, the resources and ideas for you to have a fantastic Doctor Who-themed party! Whether you’re entertaining little ones or not-so-little guests, these tips will ensure they’ll have a fantastic time.

Got any suggestions for our party ideas? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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