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Unique Handmade Greeting Card Ideas and Free Printable Art

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Unleash your talents

As you can see above, you can make unique and creative greeting cards by collecting snippets from your women's weekly, or even the good old newspaper.

Little squares of inexpensive coloured paper brighten up the cards and add contrast.

If you'd like to make cards like these, here are some helpful tips:

  • A smallish pair of scissors that can get around small corners is important. The sharper the better! By the way, those cheap kiddo scissors are not really the answer—get yourself something a bit better in terms of quality and durability.
  • Use leftover fabric from your dresses and curtains or from lace pieces leftover from a bridal gown.
  • Try using brown cardboard that comes with pillowcases and children's school shirts. Anything you do not have to buy, is a plus.
  • Next time you are looking at some old sequins or small buttons, check whether they could be used in a beautiful greeting card for a friend's birthday coming up.
  • Travel brochures that you get in your post box can be turned into beautiful colourful cards. Make a collage and create that unique Bon Voyage greeting card for a family member or friend, who is going on a vacation.
  • Look at your scraps of paper and leftover sewing snippets with new eyes!

Free art to use - For Christmas Cards and Tags


More DIY Card Ideas for that personal touch.

Creativity is Catching!

So are savings! There is a satisfying feeling that comes with sending someone a card that you've created yourself—plus, it saves you money! Your effort will be appreciated by family and friends.

Roses are Red

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Digital Collages, Photos and E-Cards

Why not use your own digital floral photos to make electronic greeting cards? Here's how to did it:

  1. Take some colourful flower photos while you walk around your garden and then proceed to use them for an anniversary or birthday card.
  2. Re-sample the photo to the size you would like it to be and add a greeting with one of your favourite fonts.
  3. Use your digital photo-editing tool to add additional images and effect if desired.
  4. Print out your design directly on the card you will be using or send it online as an E-card.

Pink Modern Floral Art


Tips for Using the Images Above

  • If you are using a conventional card, be sure to choose colours that tie in with your overall theme.
  • For something different, tile this design and cut out a smaller version to paste on the side of your envelope. (This would obviously be without the greeting printed onto it.)
  • Remember to keep the saved version plain so that you can create something totally different from your unique photo!
  • Take photos of flowers, interesting scenic pictures or beach scenes, to use at a later date.

More on Greeting Cards

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Beautiful soft blue greeting card design for Mom



Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on April 12, 2020:

Thanks Peggy. Yes you are so right. When you receive something handmade, in this instant environment, you feel special.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 11, 2020:

Receiving a handmade greeting card is truly special. It shows that the person has put some time and effort into it. Using scraps of items you most probably already have in your home is also putting the idea of recycling to good use. Perhaps more people will be looking to do things like this when they have to spend more time at home now due to the pandemic. Thanks for the ideas!

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