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Diwali gift ideas for all

Diwali celebration picture india

Diwali celebration picture india

Diwali is the biggest of all the festivals in India . It brings with it lot auspiciousness and joy.Generally it is the rituals in big festival like this that people give gifts to each other to show their love.

Market and online space is full with different varieties of gifts for diwali.At that time you unable to decide that which gift should I buy to give to your someone special .To ease your confusion,in this hub, I am giving here some wonderful gift items according to the different age group of the person that you will certainly like.

1. Dry fruits gift-Dry fruits is the traditional gift item. If you are unable to select which item to give as gift then dry fruits hampers are your natural choice.For Diwali,It is obvious choice for gift.

2.Lord Ganesha and lakshmiji idols-If you are visiting any family, then idols of lord Ganesha and lakshmiji is good choice. It is said that anything related to the Lord Ganesha and goddess lakshmiji always brings auspiciousness. Generally these beautiful idols are made up of silver, terracotta, or sandalwood.

3. Fashionable Cloths-You can bring smile in the faces of friends by giving them good branded trousers and shirt. If you have younger brother in the family then jeans and t-shirts will be very suitable for them.

4. Watches and wallet-For men watches and wallet are their masculine symbol. This gift is normally different and unique from the traditional gift items. There are many branded watches and wallet available in the market.Some are given below. Invicta watches are very precious one.It has gold steel case.It has black rubber strap and comes with 5 year warranty.

5. Books for children-Children likes to read stories full with kings, magicians, demons and the god. So they will be very happy if you will give them some stories book. Some educative books can also be gifted as it will entertain as well as educate them.

6. Purses and sarees-Sarees are considered a traditional dress which increases the beauty of women. Although many fashionable clothes come and gone, but saree has not only maintained its position but also now accepted by all age group women. There are varieties of sarees their like silk sarees, Banarasi saris. Fashionable purses are also a very good gift item. As all women keep purse, it will be suitable gift for them.

7. Diwali lamps-Diwali is light full only because of beautiful lamps. It not only removes darkness but also bring happiness in your heart. Generally clay lamps are considered very good for diwali but today they are also available in terracotta, metal also. They also contain beautiful design which at once attracts the person attention.

8. Gold and diamonds items-From time immemorial gold and diamond are considered invaluable. It increases the beauty of men and women when wore in the form of locket, necklace, ring,earring and bangles.Gold or diamond rings show your love.In Diwali,it will special gift for your loved one.It is made from pure diamond and gold.

9. Chocolates gift hampers-Chocolates gift hampers is also good choice for the gift. As chocolates are liked by the all age group people, it will certainly make them happy.

10.Home decorative and rangoli-Rangoli is the design which are made with help of stone powder. It is drawn on all important occasion like Dussehra diwali. There are many readymade rangoli is available online.

11.Flower, sweets and greeting-Although it is the age of internet, greeting has its place in every ones heart. Good diwali message written in greeting with love is true gift anybody wants. There are many beautiful greetings available in e-commerce sites. Diwali without a sweet is like sun is without it light. So you can gift sweet assorted with flower. It would be definitely appreciated by everyone.

And finally

I have tried to include all the diwali gift that can be given but there are some gift also like music cd for young boys and children,holy books for elders like bhagvat gita as it is,ramayan which i have not included.Hope next time when you will go to buy diwali gift for your dear ones,you will take guidance from this hub.


rahul (author) from Bangalore on November 16, 2012:

thanks blogdum,i have visited your hub,it is very useful and interesing for hubbers like me.

rahul (author) from Bangalore on November 14, 2012:

Thanks billybuc for your encouragement.

Shasha Acharya from Mumbai on November 14, 2012:

Nice suggestion of gifts.

Please also view my ideas of gifts for this Diwali.


Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 08, 2012:

Well done my friend; good luck on the contest.

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