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Disney's Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas

Gorging on "Frozen" Food

Disney's Frozen is without a doubt one of the most popular animated movies of all times. Kids and adults alike enjoyed the movie and it goes without saying that the popularity only led to numerous birthday parties being inspired from this theme.

So you are all set to host your Frozen themed birthday party for your kid. Birthday supplies have been stocked up and careful planning has gone into your party décor. But you are not yet sure what type of Frozen birthday party food you should treat your guests to. Special care needs to be given when planning party food as it can make or break a party. You don’t want to include the same ol’ boring items in the menu. This is where this page hopes to help you out - to suggest some yummy (and fun!) Frozen themed party food for your Frozen themed birthday party.

On this page, we bring forth some highly creative food items for Disney's Frozen themed party that you can make in the comfort of your own home, quite easily. Resources have been collected from the around the Web and links have been provided using which you can access full details of the fun Frozen themed party food from the creators themselves.

Apart from the ones listed here, you can also include food items that are very basic such as including only marshmallows or ice cream but the point is to label them in a fun way. For example, put on a label (a Frozen themed label is better) for display in front of a bowl of marshmallows with "Olaf's Snowballs" written on it. Vanilla ice cream scoops can be labeled as "Snow from Elsa's Ice Palace". Cut carrots into thin sticks, put them on a plate and label it "Olaf's Carrot Nose". Anything light blue (like blue jellybeans) can take its name after Elsa. White colored food items can be named after Olaf the snowman. Label a bowlful of colorful jelly beans after Anna. As you can see, party food items need not always be complex and difficult to cook up.

Frozen Themed Waterproof Labels

"Melted Olaf" Greek Vanilla Yogurt

"Melted Olaf" Greek Vanilla Yoghurt

"Melted Olaf" Greek Vanilla Yoghurt

Mike & Ike Candy

Serve some "Melted Olaf" in a glass - sit back and enjoy the amused expressions everywhere.

Some people are worth melting for especially your guests which makes this a perfect party treat.

The arms are made out of chocolate, Olaf’s body comprises of Vanilla Greek yogurt, eyes are made out of royal icing, the nose is Mike & Ike candy (only the Orange ones).

Find the Recipe Here

Frozen Inspired Ice Cream Sandwiches

Frozen inspired ice cream sandwiches with sugary crystals

Frozen inspired ice cream sandwiches with sugary crystals

Wilton Sugar Crystal Sprinkles

The recipe can be tweaked to befit any birthday party theme – all it takes is just a change of food coloring.

Since we are into Frozen themed birthday party food ideas where shades of Blue and White dominate the color palette, the ice cream sandwich shown here is apt.

The ice cream sandwich is rolled onto sugar crystal sprinkles to give it that glittery eye-catching effect.

Find the recipe here

Disney Frozen Snow Cap Punch

Frozen themed party drink - punch

Frozen themed party drink - punch

This Disney Frozen Snow Cap Punch is the right drink to have at your Frozen themed birthday party.

What adds an extra special touch to the drink is the presentation. The cups have been hand painted to suit the theme.

Each cup displays snow swirls created with white fabric paint.

The recipe includes Blue Hawaiian punch, lime soda and some vanilla ice cream to top it off. Yum!


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Olaf Velvet Cupcakes

You might have already decided on your Frozen themed birthday cake. Don’t forget those cupcakes! The video below tells you how to make some adorable Olaf velvet cupcakes.

Blue Frozen Potato Chips

Blue Frozen Potato Chips

Blue Frozen Potato Chips

Terra Blues Potato Chips

Potato chips in a blue purple tone. Who would have thought? And they taste pretty good as well.

Two NYC chefs have come out with this snack made from all natural blue potatoes that might just gel well with your Frozen themed birthday party.

Next step is to give them an innovative name. How about "Elsa's Frozen Chips"? The good thing about hosting such a themed party is that you can bring out your creative skills as well when it comes to naming food items.

Kristoff's Blue Jello Ice Cubes

Disney Frozen Kristoff's Blue Jello Ice Cubes

Disney Frozen Kristoff's Blue Jello Ice Cubes

Blue Gelatin

Made from some flavoured blue gelatin and clear unflavoured gelatin, this combo of blue and clear “ice cubes” are not only going to please your taste buds but are sure to captivate your eyes as well. The creator herself vouches for how beautiful the jello cubes look in real. Jello cubes are pretty easy to make. The recipe can be found in the link given below.


Frozen Olaf Marshmallow Pops

Frozen Olaf Marshmallow Pops

Frozen Olaf Marshmallow Pops

Tootsie Rolls

Made from marshmallows, microwaved large tootsie roll, mini chocolate chips – all goodies rolled into one – these frozen Olaf marshmallow pops are sure to become an instant hit with your young guests.


Olaf Banana Treats

Olaf Banana Treats

Olaf Banana Treats

In case you want to opt for healthier food items, how about making these fun Olaf banana treats? For Olaf’s eyes, candy eyeballs have been used. Pretzel pieces have been used as arms. The inclusion of these tasty titbits are sure to satisfy even fussy eaters.

Wilton's Candy Eyeballs


Powdered Sugar Doughnut Holes

Another idea is to get glazed doughnuts or powdered sugar doughnut holes and serve them at the Frozen party. You can name them “Olaf’s Snowballs” – named so because of the snow flake like appearance the powdered sugar renders to doughnuts. A video tutorial on how to prepare doughnut holes is given below.

Top them off with some powdered sugar:

Frozen Snowflake Cookies

Frozen Snowflake Cookies

Frozen Snowflake Cookies

Disney’s Frozen represents snowflakes and ice in its full grandeur. Keeping this is mind, it is only apt that we have snowflakes at your Frozen themed party. Better still, how about having some edible snowflakes for your guests to chew on?

To make a snowflake shaped cookie, you need a cutter like the Wilton's cookie cutter. After you are done with the cuts and baking, next step is decorating the snowflake cookie with icing. A video tutorial is shown below to help you out with this process.

Elsa's Ice Crystals

Elsa's Ice Crystals Frozen Party Food

Elsa's Ice Crystals Frozen Party Food

Saw this arrangement on a blog (reference link given below picture). The crystal rock candy can be purchased online in a myriad of colors. For the Frozen themed birthday, we shall opt for blue and white tones. Arrange them on a platter and serve! As simple as it can get.

Elsa's Ice Crystal Wands - Raspberry Blue

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