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Disney Descendants birthday party ideas and themed supplies

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How to Plan A Disney Descendants Birthday Party

When it comes to conceiving brand new franchises that kids immediately take to their heart, Disney have got every base covered. Their brand new TV movie, Disney’s Descendants, is one of these franchises – and kids are going crazy for it!

The concept of the movie is simple – it focuses on a world where Belle and the Beast (from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) now rule a kingdom where all Disney heroes and villains live. They’re all grown up, with kids of their own – known as the Descendants!

There’s Mal, the daughter of evil queen Maleficent, Carlos, the son of Cruella de Vil, Jay, the son of Jafar from Aladdin, and Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen. Then there’s the good kids – the sons and daughters of Cinderella and Prince Charming, Aurora and Prince Philip and Fa Mulan and Li Shang. They all go to school together, and as you can imagine, hijinks follow!

The movie premiered to rave reviews and a massive audience – it’s the new Disney craze that kids absolutely love. Here’s how you can plan a Disney Descendants birthday party for your little ones!

Personalized Disney Descendants Birthday Party Invitations

Personalized Disney Descendants Birthday Party Invitations

Disney Descendants Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Now, the first step in putting your party together is to prepare the birthday party invitations. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas and resources online that you can use to create awesome, personalized invitations for this party! Here are our favorite suggestions:

  • If you’re feeling crafty, you could create invitations that look like magic mirrors – just like the one Maleficent looked into asking whether she’s the fairest one of all. You could even play on the rhyme as part of the invitations: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall – will you join us at our special Descendants ball?”
  • For those who aren’t as crafty, there’s a selection of printable birthday party supplies right here, including decorations, treat toppers and the all-important invitations!
  • Disney offer some great licensed products in their official range, and it’s always worth visiting their websites if you’re looking for high-quality party supplies. This page has plenty of customizable cards and invitations – keep checking back to see if they have your child’s favorite Descendants character!

Think Fast!

Disney Descendants poster

Disney Descendants poster

Disney Descendants Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

If you want your home or party venue to exude a sense of evil and villainy, you’ll have to get the color scheme just right! Purple and green are a great color combination if you’re trying to create an evil atmosphere just perfect for a Descendants party – especially when used against a black background!

A recurring theme for many Disney villains and their descendants is black twisty trees – wrap some black pipe cleaners together and twist them into any shape you want to create awesome table decorations that look all kinds of spooky!

You could also string purple, orange and green paper lanterns from the ceiling to add some height to your decorations. Poke some holes in them (if you don’t intend to use them again) and rough them up a little to make them look like they’ve just tumbled out of an evil lair!

You can also enlist your guests to help make the atmosphere spooky. Add some green or purple food dye to some bubble liquid and let the kids loose with a bubble wand!

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Disney Descendants cake at viewing party.

Disney Descendants cake at viewing party.

Disney Descendants Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

There are some truly awesome villain-inspired cakes out there, so you won’t have any trouble finding inspiration! Though if you’re opting for a very elaborate tiered cake, you might want to enlist the help of a bakery professional, who will ensure your child’s birthday cake looks and tastes fantastic.

This tutorial shows how to make an epic Mal-themed cake with the words ‘Long Live Evil’ (the words ‘live’ and ‘evil’ are mirrored – amazing!). You’ll need to follow the instructions to make the stencil, and you might need a few practices to get it looking as neat as this particular blogger, but it’s a simple recipe and it’s so effective when it’s done well.

You could also give a nod to the king of Disney himself, Mickey Mouse. He might not feature in Disney’s Descendants but he’s the epitome of all things Disney, and you can easily make some Mickey-themed cupcakes by adding some Oreos or similar-shaped round cookies to the frosting. You could even break off a little chunk from the ears, in-keeping with the evil theme!

Candy Apple treats

Candy Apple treats

Disney Descendants Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

From the cake, we move onto the food and drink, and there are plenty of ideas to get your imagination whirring here too. Here are our favorites:

  • Carlos De Ville, whose mother famously wanted to steal fur from adorable puppies, has inspired an awesome black and white ‘puppy chow’ recipe that works well with the theme – find the tutorial here!
  • Ghostly candy apples are reminiscent of Snow White and Maleficent – plus it helps kids get a much-needed fruit portion amongst all the candy! This useful recipe shows how you can make these candy apples look super spooky.
  • On the theme of poison apples, these containers are perfect for holding candy and chocolates in – you could even let guests take them home as birthday party favors!
  • If you’re entertaining adults, why not make a selection of these great Disney cocktails? You could also swap out the alcoholic ingredients for a child-friendly option.
  • One of the first songs in the Disney Descendants movie is called ‘Rotten to the Core’ – this great cupcake recipe draws inspiration from the song, creating cakes that look positively angelic on the outside with a devilish apple pie-style filling!
  • Your drinks station can be brought to life a little with some fun names for traditional party drinks – kids will love sipping on ‘Cruella Cola, ‘Princess Punch’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty Squash’.
  • Only use the purple and green M&Ms or Skittles – put them all in a bowl together to emphasize your color theme (the parents and supervisors can share the remaining colors while the little ones play!).

Disney Descendants Party Snack Ideas

Disney Descendants Birthday Party Games and Activities

There are plenty of fun birthday party games and activities you can create which fit in perfectly with the Descendants theme – here are a few of our top suggestions:

  • Hook-A-Hoop – using the hooks from old clothes hangers, create an upright display with a number of hooks evenly spaced. Then ask children to stand a specified distance away from the display and try to throw small hoops over the hooks. Captain Hook, though he’s not quite a Descendent, is a memorable Disney villain, so kids are bound to have fun with this one!
  • Mirror, Mirror Photo Booth – using the frame from an old mirror and a series of fun props (magic wands, tiaras, poisoned apples and others) set up a photo booth for your guests. Kids will have great fun dressing up and posing for the camera, and parents will have a memorable image to take home with them.
  • Descendants Statues – play some music from the Descendants movie – the full soundtrack is available on iTunes and all good music retailers. Ask the kids to dance, or run around casting evil spells on each other. When the music stops, everyone freezes – those who accidentally move are out of the game!
  • Maleficent Headbands – set up a crafting station where kids can make their very own Maleficent headband! This tutorial is really easy to follow, and you might already have many of the resources lying around your home – just make sure kids have adult supervision at all times when crafting these headbands.
  • Activity Sheets - these fun activity sheets will keep kids entertained when the party is starting to wind down. There’s a maze puzzle, a dots duel game and a card-matching game that will keep the little ones occupied while the parents start the post-party tidy-up!

So there we have it – a comprehensive guide on how to throw your very own Disney Descendants birthday party. Even if your children are too young to be watching Descendants right now, there’s a sequel in the works that’s sure to capture the imaginations of a new generation in a few years – so be sure to bookmark these suggestions for future reference!

Disney Descendants Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

No good party host wants to send home their guests empty-handed – so what kind of favors can you create for a Descendant-themed birthday party?

If you didn’t make any magic mirror-style invitations, you could create some crafty enchanted mirrors for your guests to take home! If you don’t have the time to do that, there’s a great printable here – all you’ll need is some sturdy card to back the template and a straw or stick of some kind.

This gift bag template from Etsy is ideal if you’re planning on sending guests home with a goodie bag – it shows you exactly where to cut and fold, for flawless party bags!

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