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Disney Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Have Fun With a Cinderella Party!

Cinderella Cake by kelannfuller at flickr

Cinderella Cake by kelannfuller at flickr

Does your little princess love Cinderella? Then she will love to have a Cinderella birthday party. Here are some simple ideas to make your daughter's Disney Cinderella birthday party a huge success. Read on for information on cakes, party favors, party games, decorations, and more.

Children love to dress up, and they love dress up parties. Encourage your child's friends to come dressed up as any princess (or prince, if you are inviting boys). Girls will come as Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and as all sorts of made-up fairy princess.

Your daughter's Cinderella birthday party will have special decorations, a unique birthday cake, and games based on the Disney Cinderella movie. The children can listen to music CDs of Disney princess songs while doing their party activities,

Cinderella is one of the most beloved Disney classics. Your little princess will love having a Cinderella birthday party. When you host a Cinderella birthday party, your daughter will remember it fondly forever.

Cinderella Costumes From Amazon

Disney Cinderella Costume

Children are full of imagination. A pastel pink or blue fancy dress with special "glass slippers" can be a Cinderella costume. You can often find fancy toy shoes like this at a dollar store, or you can also find them online.

One idea is to have your daughter start out the party dressed in rags like the poor version of Cinderella. Look for an old styled broom. If you have some small stuffed mice, they can be her friends. Take some pictures with her friends.

Then have someone wave a magic wand. While everyone waits expectantly, she goes in a room, changes into her costume, and emerges as Cinderella. Don't forget the black choker necklace and the blue headband to complete the costume.

A Cinderella costume will make your little princess will feel very special. Whether you make or buy her Cinderella costume, you will find that it will get a lot of use throughout the years. Almost every day will be dress up day for her as she imagines that she is this adored Disney character.

Your Child Can Begin Dressed as a Poor Cinderella, Then Magically Change Dresses During The Party


Cinderella Birthday Party Cake

Cinderella Cake by ambjer at flickr

Cinderella Cake by ambjer at flickr

Cinderella Cake by Ban Bakes at flickr

Cinderella Cake by Ban Bakes at flickr

Disney Princess Castle Cake

Disney Princess Castle Cake

Disney Cinderella Birthday Party Cake

There are many ideas for a Disney Cinderella birthday cake. You can make a classic doll cake like the ones shown here and decorate the dress like Cinderella's. These doll cakes usually use a barbie or similar-sized doll. You bake the cake with a rounded glass pan, then carefully cut a hole in the center of the cake and add the doll.

See the video below for step-by-step instructions on making a princess doll cake. The doll from the middle of the cake makes a very special treat for your daughter after the cake is eaten.

You can make a beautiful Cinderella cake easily if you buy some small Cinderella figures. Place them on your child's Cinderella birthday cake and create a scene. These Cinderella figures can be your daughter's favorite toys to play with after her party is over.

You can take your daughter's picture in a Cinderella costume and then have a photo cake made with that picture on it. Many grocery stores with a bakery make beautiful photo cakes for a reasonable price.

One creative mom made a cake shaped like the pumpkin coach as shown in the photo on the side.

You can also try to make a castle-shaped cake. Or, for a simple Cinderella cake idea, get another small glass-looking plastic slipper and place it on top of a regular cake. Decorate with sprinkles.

How to Make A Princess Doll Birthday Cake from Howdini.com

Cinderella Birthday Party Decorations

Disney Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

Decorate with Pumpkins Use real or large plastic pumpkins. Paint them to look like coaches and add large wheels cut from thick paper. If you have plastic horses, you can place them in front of the pumpkins.

Make Cinderella Tiaras Have pre-made construction paper tiaras and then let the children decorate them with sparkles, glitter, and fake gems. The children can take them home when the party is over.

Decorate with Cinderella Colors Use the pastel pink and blue of Cinderella's dresses for your streamers, paper plates and decorations.

Cleaning Game Have an area with all sorts of feather dusters and rags. Ask, "Who wants to pretend to be Cinderella?" Then play the "Cinderella" song while they pretend clean for a minute.

Your Child's Cinderella Appearance If your child is changing from rags into Cinderella, let the children blow bubbles while they are waiting.

Play Cinderella Songs Don't forget to incorporate music from Disney's Cinderella in your party. Play the music in the background while the children play. Before it is time to go open the presents, everyone can sing, "Bibbity-bobbity boo".


Disney Cinderella Gifts

Whether you decide to have a Disney themed Cinderella birthday party of not, your child will enjoy Cinderella gifts. Cinderella gifts are fun and spark the imagination. Your child can re-live the events of the movie in her imagination as she plays with the dolls and figures.

The Cinderella movie gives children a role model who works hard and stays cheerful even under bad conditions.  Cinderella never gives up her dreams. Your little girl should love her Cinderella birthday party. 

Cinderella's Castle in Disney World

Cinderella's Castle in Disney World

Cinderella's Castle in Disney World

Cinderella Gift Ideas

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Cinderella costume from missem.com

Cinderella costume from missem.com

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Fun at Home for Cinderella

Fun at Home for Cinderella

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