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Differences between Masquerade Ball masks vs Mardi Gras masks


Masquerade ball masks definitely have an extremely interesting history. Masquerade balls began in the 1500’s when royalty decided to celebrate unique or special events such as births, weddings or the like. Initially, they did not even wear costumes, only the masquerade masks, but after a period of time costumes became an important component of the masquerade party initially in Italy, and then spreading throughout other parts of Europe. These days of course, masquerade events can be enjoyed by young and old alike, and anyone who wishes to attend can easily find themselves a masquerade ball mask and matching costume for minimal cost.


Besides the old fashioned style of masquerade ball masks, which are geared for the 1500’s or 1600’s themed events, you will find also Mardi Gras masks, and the two ought not to be confused. Although both are ball masks, the two styles are really quite different. If you are searching for something that’s appropriate for any formal masquerade ball and not just to a Mardi Gras ball, then a great concept is to obtain a set that has not just a masquerade ball face mask, but also the right matching costume as well. You are able to find these quite easily at any costume shop or online costume merchant.



Finding them online is definitely easier with a simple click of the mouse. There’s several great costume retailers on the internet won’t only sell you the set at a great price but occasionally offer it with free shipping which is nice. The big downside of course with buying a masquerade mask or costume on the web is that you won’t be able to try on the face mask or even the costume until it arrives at your door. You might feel more comfortable visiting a few of the local costume stores first to get an idea of the best masquerade ball face mask and costume combination.

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Finding a Mardi Gras masquerade ball face mask is a great deal easier if you’re only searching for the mask and not the entire costume to go with it. There are several masquerade masks that will stand out and be highly noticeable, such as those with an entire headdress full of feathers. In case you were planning to make a powerful statement or impression, then something like this would be the ideal way to go. Otherwise you could simply select a nice looking fake jeweled or painted face mask that will sparkle in the evening lights and still look fantastic.

If you are considering getting a masquerade mask that’s meant for any kind of formal ball then the type that which you hold using a stick is much more authentic as opposed to ones in which you merely tie on with a string or band at the back. If you are getting a masquerade ball mask that’s for Mardi gras, however, or for any parade or party, you can get possibly the hand held type or even the tie on version. The tie on type is often a great deal more convenient, nevertheless, it leaves your hands free to dance, drink and eat. The two kinds are relatively inexpensive for even the tightest of budgets. You can easily get a great looking mask within the $20-$30 dollar range, either at a local costume shop or at one of the many online retailers.

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