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DIY Pine Cone Reindeer Ornaments

Linda is a 56-year-old woman who has lived in the North East all of her life. She has written a book of poetry called "Heartfelt Emotions."


Getting ready

Our cabin has lots of pine trees and every year for the holidays I find something different to make for our family and friends Christmas tree with new fallen pine cones. I wasn't sure at the time of collection what I was going to make out of them this year, but soon decided it was going to be reindeer.

This year I began a few weeks ago as the pine cones began to fall off the trees. I chose the smaller ones as they look much nicer as an ornament. I collected them and put them in a warm dry place to dry so I would not get covered in pitch putting them together. They are very sappy right after they fall off the tree but beautiful to say the least.

For antlers while I was collecting the pine cones I also collected some twigs that had 2 or three small branches coming off of them and made sure they were still alive so they wouldn't break apart when attached. I even clipped a few small branches off the trees in passing to be sure.

These are really easy to make and come from my heart and our home. Our friends and family always carry a smile when we give them their little bags of goodness.

If you don't have pine trees close by you cane buy the cones at a craft store such as Michaels.

Now we are ready for assembly of our new Christmas ornaments.


Supplies You Will Need

Here is a list of the supplies you will need:

  • 12 pine cones
  • trigs or branches for the antlers
  • brown or black felt
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • googly eyes
  • thin ribbon
  • small bells
  • fishing line


On a large table collect all your supplies.

  • I first set the pine cone down on the table to see which place it will sit by itself without falling over.
  • I then attach the eyes with the glue gun.
  • Cut small pieces of felt out for the ears, 2 the same shape and size.
  • Attach these felt pieces to the back of the eyes
  • Find 2 of the small branches around the same size attach them on the back side of the pine cone behind the eyes
  • attack a small bell to the front of the pine cone for a nose.
  • cut a piece of ribbon long enough to make a small bow. I attach ribbon between the eyes for a girl reindeer and under the chin for a boy
  • cut a piece of fishing line about a foot long.
  • tie fishing line on the back of the deer behind the antlers so the reindeer can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Completed Reindeer

There you have it, your reindeer ornament is complete. I pack them in small plastic Christmas bags or pretty boxes for gifting.

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