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DIY Medical Theme Party

Theme Party.... YES Please!

When planning a party (as I do often) I have found that theme parties are the best way to make a normal family party (with all the same people) extra special! Theme parties allow you to get creative with decor, food, drinks, and so on. It makes simple things look extravagant, with the right presentation.

When my husband graduated nursing school I wanted to celebrate this huge accomplishment (going back to school at 27 is no easy task) but we didn't have a lot of extra cash so I got to pinterest and did a DIY Medical Theme. Check out my board here.

Key Elements in DIY Party Planning

When having a DIY Party there are a couple things that will make everything pop without breaking the bank.

  • Invitations: Paper or email.. the invitation sets the tone for theme
  • Table Decor: This doesn't have to be expensive, but should tie into the theme
  • Drink Station: A standard drink station can be transformed with some cute name tags & maybe even a signature drink.
  • Dessert Bar: This will allow you to get creative & really show off the theme.
My main inspiration from pinterest

My main inspiration from pinterest


When we started off we decided to send paper invitations since we were already sending graduation announcements to everyone who would be invited. There are so many cute invites you could purchase on etsy, I used these as a template to make my invite. If you choose to send an online invite will allow you to design your own.

Some invitation samples found on

Some invitation samples found on

Using these etsy ideas as my inspiration I created my invite as a half page word document. Using different fonts, inserting lines, and copying the RX logo this is easy to create on a Word document. I cut them to size so they would look as much as a prescription pad as possible.

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Table Decor

For the table decor I got red & white table cloths from the dollar tree. We cut the white ones in half as an overlay on top of the red table cloths. For the centerpieces we gathered all the flower vases we had and filled them with cotton balls & put red carnations and baby's breath in them.

This was my inspiration for our centerpieces

This was my inspiration for our centerpieces

Drink Station

The drink station is the easiest place to add a theme without spending extra money. We had water & lemonade, but in order to tie everything together we used the red table cloths and made signs in Word to put on the drinks. These same signs were used for the dessert table.

The signs I made in Word & my inspiration for the drink station

The signs I made in Word & my inspiration for the drink station

Dessert Bar

The dessert bar is the easiest place to make your theme pop and allow you to be as creative as possible. I spent the most amount of money on the dessert bar since I believe this is the real WOW! factor. I ordered prescription bottles, urine sample cups, candy blood bags & jello shot syringes from amazon. In the prescription bottles I got Nerds from the dollar store and printed a label at home. With the urine sample cups I made Lemon Meringue Pie Shooters. We used red jello to fill the syringes. Finally, we had a friend make cupcakes with medical theme decor as the main treat.



Doing a theme party can really make an everyday event spectacular. It will also allow you to get creative with your DIY budget. When planning a DIY theme party it is important to make sure your theme stays consistent but you don't overdo it. Using the same color scheme, table cloths, and making the same style signs for all areas allowed my medical theme to be present throughout but still clean and budget friendly. The DIY centerpieces were easy to make, tie in with the theme and color scheme but are still budget friendly and not overbearing. Finally, our WOW factor was the dessert table! Focusing on one WOW factor and having all other areas compliment it keeps the budget low but still makes your theme shine!

Don't forget to check out my pinterest for more great ideas!

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