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DIY Heart Ice Cube Tray Food and Craft Ideas for Valentine's Day

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I got my silicone heart ice cube trays in the dollar section at Target around Valentine's Day.

I got my silicone heart ice cube trays in the dollar section at Target around Valentine's Day.

As you brainstorm new ideas for Valentine's Day food, drinks, and crafts this year, think about picking up a silicone heart ice cube tray if you don't already have one. It may seem like a bit of a frivolous item (and it is), but it's also very inexpensive and easy to store. If you only pull it out a few times a year, that's fine. You'll be glad that you did so you can whip up a few homemade berry ice cubes, Jello servings, and multicolored rainbow crayons, all in adorable heart shapes. Happy cooking and crafting!

Tip: Please keep in mind that heart ice cube trays are seasonal merchandise. Most stores only carry them for a few months of the year and order limited quantities, which means that when they're gone, they're gone. Consider ordering online if you don't have any luck in stores.

Where can I purchase heart ice cube trays?

  • The dollar section of Target
  • Seasonal sections of big box stores and chain craft stores (i.e. Michael's)
  • Any chain store that has a kitchen section and carries some seasonal items (i.e. Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Online retailers (i.e. Amazon)
[ - no longer active] Heart milk ice cubes as part of a kids' snack.

[ - no longer active] Heart milk ice cubes as part of a kids' snack.

Tip: Use your heart trays to make ice cubes with any of your favorite drinks such as juice and iced coffee. Enjoy them in the drinks on Valentine's Day!

Ice Cubes

  • Milk. One of the most popular Valentine's Day ice cube ideas is dyed red milk. It makes a sweet little addition to a morning drink or bowl of cereal. Check out more on this concept at A Subtle Revelry.
  • Berry infused. Check out strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry-lemon cubes at Le Zoe Musings. Once you get comfortable with this concept, the customization options for fruits and fruit combinations are endless.
  • Coconut water. Coconut water cubes add a refreshing hint to a drink. They are also an easy ingredient for smoothies.

Simple Shortcuts: How to Make Flavored Ice Cubes

Tip: If you're having trouble making the heart shaped food of your choosing in a mold, try using a heart shaped cookie cutter instead.

How To Make Heart Shaped Lollipops


  • Candy / sweet edibles. There are tons of candy and sweets recipes out there that are perfect for silicone molds. It is easy to use them as is or find a way to customize them for the holiday. There are even some Valentine's Day specific recipes such as conversation heart bark from The Decorated Cookie.
  • Jello. Instead of pouring Jello into a large pan, pour it into the molds. The cooling time may vary, depending on the recipe and the size of the molds. Grab a quick tutorial from Jenny (Moshua) on Craftster.
  • Butter. Using heart shaped butter on toast or pancakes for breakfast or rolls for dinner adds a sweet touch to the meal. Think about putting some chopped fruit and/or herbs in the butter, depending on the given recipe.


  • Crayons. Of course you can't go wrong with the classic craft ideas, and one of them is making crayons in molded pans. Gather up your small, broken crayon pieces and use them to make brand new crayons that are so much fun for drawing and other craft projects. Heart crayons are fun to use at home and also make a great addition to kids' Valentines. Alisa Burke has a great take on this timeless project.
  • String heart necklaces. You can make beautiful fun embroidery floss necklaces in heart molds with liquid starch, twine, and glue that dries clear. This is a great project for both kids and adults. Check out the tutorial at Craft Klatch.
  • Painting tool. A heart mold makes a great painting tool. Use your heart patterns for canvas paintings, mixed media projects, homemade wrapping paper, and much more. The possibilities are endless. Traci Bunkers has an example of this concept on Flickr.
  • Soap. Whether you are an experienced soap maker or you're simply looking for a fun Valentine's Day project, soap is a great option. A little heart shaped soap in the bathroom will put a smile on anyone's face. There are tons of free soap tutorials available online. Check out the Soap Queen's simple directions for ombre heart soaps.

Heart Shaped Crayons - How To

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Both of these ideas are perfect for both home and school! Teachers and parents alike can use them for a wide variety of educational activities with preschool and elementary school age children.

Educational Uses

  • Counting / sorting. You can use heart ice cube trays to count and sort any number of different little objects. Consider fun Valentine's day options such as conversation hearts, other seasonal candy (i.e. M&Ms, Hershey Kisses), and paper hearts. Check out inspiration from Mama to 5 Blessings.
  • Sensory bins. Sensory bins are a wonderful education tool that are easy to customize for any holiday or occasion. Valentine's Day is no exception. It is easy to keep a base of staple sensory bin items on hand (i.e. rice, measuring cups) and then mix things up with a few special items (i.e. heart ice cube tray, red pom poms, foam hearts). Search Google or Pinterest for Valentine's Day sensory bin ideas.

Are you looking for more crafty ideas for Valentine's Day? Check out these great options from the author!

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Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 05, 2014:

Thanks, FlourishAnyway! That's awesome. :)

FlourishAnyway from USA on February 05, 2014:

Very cute. I see heart shaped butter on heart shaped waffles in my future. Pinning this!

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 04, 2014:

Thanks, Christy! I know, right?

Christy Birmingham from British Columbia, Canada on February 04, 2014:

Awesome ideas! Dyed red milk cubes -- hello :) Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 04, 2014:

Thanks, MsDora! I appreciate the feedback.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 04, 2014:

Great ideas to get the valentine heart into snacks and dining. Thank you very much!

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 03, 2014:

Thanks so much, beckisgiftguides! Enjoy the new trays!

Becki Rizzuti from Indianapolis, Indiana on February 03, 2014:

Cute cute CUTE! I think I'm going to pick some of these up in the next few days. I love the ice cubes in particular (yeah, I'm boring) but I can see quite a few uses for these little guys. Thanks for sharing! Voted Up, UIA, shared with Facebook, Pinned and shared with HP followers (:

Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 03, 2014:

Thanks, Eddy!

Eiddwen from Wales on February 03, 2014:

A great hub all ready for the special day. Voted up and shared.


Rose Clearfield (author) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 03, 2014:

Thanks, Suzanne and Sheri!

Thelma, I wouldn't have thought about using coconut water either, but I want to give it a try now. You'll have to let me know how that goes.

breakfastpop, thanks! I hope that the snow lets up soon.

Sheri Dusseault from Chemainus. BC, Canada on February 03, 2014:

What cute ideas!! Thanks!

breakfastpop on February 03, 2014:

If it weren't snowing so heavily, I would be out there looking for these trays. I love your ideas.

Thelma Alberts from Germany on February 03, 2014:

Wow! I have not thought of putting coconut water into an ice cube tray. I will surely do that next time I have fresh coconut water from my coconut tree. Thanks for sharing the idea. Voted up and shared.

Suzanne Day from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on February 02, 2014:

Very cute, I like the milk hearts and jello hearts for kids! Voted interesting. x

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