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DIY 4th of July Nails

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Rock a Patriotic Mani !

4th of July is a wonderful time for getting together and celebrating! Get the barbecues on and have a family picnic. Why not go a step further and don a patriotic manicure? Whether you want to go the whole hog and paint your piggies (see what I did there? ) or just paint your fingernails - there are some awesome designs here to inspire you.

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1) Water Marble Art

For those of you that haven't tried this idea yet, it's actually a lot more simple than you'd imagine. You simply drop the colors in a cup of water and make the design with a stick that you want. Pop some tape around your cuticles and dip your talons into the cup.


2) Fireworks

Use a sparkly black nail polish as the base . With a tooth pick drag silvers and reds in fire work shapes. These nails are great for a night time look.


3) Red, White & Blue

This is a very simple way to get your nails July 4th ready. You just need the colors red, white and blue and paint each nail accordingly.


4) Patriotic Piggies

Summer is the best time ever to have your toe nails painted up. What better time to get them out than for this special occasion. Take blue and red and paint in horizontal stripes on your nails. Add some cute nail decals like stars to finish the look .


5) Dots + Stripes

This is an adorable look for day and evening. The dark navy contrasted with white dots would look great with jeans or even a polka dot dress.


6) Feature Nail

If you only have time to do one nail special then make it a feature nail. An idea is the ring finger as this will look great if you have a sparkly ring on there.


7) Flag It

Paint a cute flag on all or just a few of your nails. You can use thin paint brushes or toothpicks for the delicate lines.


8) Abstract Swirls

Why not do a mixture of of abstract swirls on your nails and treat your talons as mini canvasses ? This is a great look for those who love a little eccentric flair in their style.


9) Subtle with Dots

A delicate design such as this one is perfect any time of year ! You could even use this festive design for New Years celebrations.

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10) Captain America Nail Art Design

Show your fun side by donning a superheros nails with this easy step by step tutorial.


11) Little Heart

This is a perfect design that you can wear all year round. To achieve the stripe you can use a very thin paint brush with either blue nail polish or acrylic paint. Practice your hearts on paper first before committing to your talons.


12) Feature Polkadot

The dots are surprisingly easy to achieve without a nail dotting tool. You can either paint through the holes of a band-aid or use the end of a bobby pin or tooth pick.


13) Festive

These ones are great for new years as well as any other patriotic themed event. You can also play around with the colors if it is for another event such as St. Patrick's Day.


14) Patriotic Tips

You will probably want to use some nail tape for these to keep the lines even and neat. One again you can play around with the color scheme if it is for a different themed event.


15) Team USA

These nails look fitting for the Olympics and look great for a sparkly event such as July 4th. Do your colors red white and blue in diagonals acroos your nail and finish with a coat of clear sparkle.


16) Eclectic Mix

These are a good mix of all the nails we saw before. The dark blue with the sparkle looks like the perfect patriotic sky!


ezzly (author) on June 18, 2015:

A woman after my own heart Richlynn :)

Richlynn Arthur on June 18, 2015:

This will save people so much money

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on June 18, 2015:

You're welcome, Ezzly. You too!

ezzly (author) on June 18, 2015:

Thanks Kristen and Flourish, may I wish you both a happy July 4th :)

FlourishAnyway from USA on June 18, 2015:

How gorgeous! this would be fun for both teens and moms. I l always wondered how these effects were achieved.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on June 18, 2015:

Ezzly, this is so awesome to get into the patriotic spirits with nail polish for fingers and maybe even toes to match! Voted up!

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