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National Cream Puff Day


National Cream Puff Day - January 2

Cream puffs have their celebratory day on January 2nd every year. Cream puffs are airy and little desserts filled with custards and whipped creams. Cream puffs consist of eggs, water, butter, and flour, and they usually have a high moisture content which causes them to puff up.

The best cream puffs are made up of baked choux shells filled with delicate and fluffy vanilla cream. Cream puffs are both pleasing to look at and appetizing. Cream puffs are the ultimate dessert.

The fillings can either be sweet or savory according to one's preference. Cream puffs can be plain or decorated with powdered sugar, caramel sauce, or chocolate sauce.


The History Of Cream Puffs

Cream puffs can be traced back to the middle ages. Chefs in France and Germany created puff pastries with cheese fillings in the thirteenth century.

In the sixteenth century, cream bun recipes emerged from England and France. Even though the cream buns were not cream puffs, they were important in the creation of cream puffs.

In the eighteenth century, cream puffs were referred to as choux pastries. Catherine de Medici's pastry chef is said to have created cream puffs when he baked them for Catherine's husband Henry II of France.

In the nineteenth century, France and England made profiteroles that were eaten in graceful Victorian diners. The profiteroles were served in different shapes and had chocolate or vanilla fillings. Profiteroles were served with coffee, tea, or wine.

Revere House Restaurant in Boston made the first cream puffs in the United States in 1851. Currently, one can get cream puffs from bakeries or restaurants, or of course, they can make them at home.

How To Celebrate National Cream Puff Day

National Cream Puff Day is a special day filled with sweet, creamy pastries celebrated by cream puff enthusiasts. National cream puff day is the perfect excuse for anyone to treat themselves to a delicious cream-filled puff. Cream Puffs originated from France and are also known as choux a la creme and profiterole. I call them a "Little Bite Of Happiness".

You can celebrate national cream puff day by:
• Sharing Happiness.
You can share your happiness by sharing your cream puff photos on your socials.
• Buying Happiness.
You can buy happiness by visiting your local restaurants and bakeries and buying cream puffs.
• Baking Happiness.
You can bake happiness by having a baking challenge, where you bake for your family and friends.

Celebrate National Cream Puff Day With Some Tea

Celebrate National Cream Puff Day With Some Tea

Fun Facts About Cream Puffs

I love trivia and cream puffs, so this article is a combination of two of my favorite things for you to enjoy.

1. Cream puffs originated from France.
2. The largest ever made cream puff weighed around 125.5 pounds, and it was at the Wisconsin fair in 2011 by Dave Schmidt and Team Cream Puff.
3. The formula for making cream puffs hasn't changed in the last 95 years.
4. Bossche Bol is a big profiterole-style cream puff that is coated with chocolate. Bossche Bol is found in Den Bosch, Netherlands.
5. Cream Puffs are celebrated on January 2nd.
6. Wisconsin State Fair always hosts a cream puff eating contest for celebrities.
7. Cream Puffs first appeared on US restaurant menus in 1851.
8. Beard Papa is a well-known international cream puff chain with over 60 locations internationally and in the United States.
9. Once cream puffs are out of the oven, they should be cut in half, or they will deflate once they cool down.
10. Around 400,000 creams puffs are sold yearly at the Wisconsin State Fair.
11. Cream puffs are also known as profiterole.
12. Wisconsin State Fair has been known for producing cream puffs since 1924.

I am always on the look out for Halloween treats

I am always on the look out for Halloween treats

How To Say 'Cream Puff' In Different Languages

Different countries say cream puffs differently and I thought it would be fun to learn some of those words. Try saying these words when you are eating your cream puffs!

  • The Polish call cream puffs 'Ptysie'
  • The Japanese call cream puffs 'Shu Cream'
  • The Germans call cream puffs 'Windbeutel'
  • The Spanish call cream puffs 'Bollo de Crema'
  • The French call cream puffs 'Choux à la Crème' and 'Profiterole'
  • The Italians call cream puffs 'Sfogliatina alla panna'
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Homemade Cream Puff Recipe

Give it a try, make your own cream puffs. Making cream puffs at home is easy. The whole process can take somewhere between 50 minutes to 1 hour. Here is a simple recipe that you can follow:


• Two packages of instant vanilla pudding mix.
• One cup of milk.
• One cup of water.
• One cup of all-purpose flour.
• Two cups of heavy cream.
• A half-cup of butter(Unsalted butter is preferred)
• A quarter teaspoon of salt.
• Four eggs.


• Mix the milk, cream, and vanilla pudding mix. Wrap and refrigerate the mixture.
• Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Boil the butter and water in a large pot.
• Mix the salt and flour until they form a ball.
• Move the dough into a large bowl.
• Using a wooden spoon or a mixer, add the eggs one at a time and mix well after each addition.
• Drop tablespoonfuls of the mixture onto an ungreased baking sheet.
• Bake for around 25 minutes in the preheated oven until they turn golden brown.
• Transfer the puffs to a wire rack for them to cool down completely.
• Use a pastry bag to fill the pastries with a filling of your choice.
• The filling can be made by whipping heavy cream to form stiff peaks. Then beating powdered sugar, vanilla, and cream cheese are in a separate bowl. Then mix the whipped cream with the cream cheese mixture.

Talk about having fun with your food!  First you can create these delicious treats and then you can eat them.

Talk about having fun with your food! First you can create these delicious treats and then you can eat them.

Filling Your Cream Puffs

To fill your cream puffs, you can decide to either go with the sandwich option or the piped-in method.

For the sandwich method, carefully slice the puffs with a serrated knife. Once you have cut the puffs, pipe the filling onto the bottom half, then close the sandwich with the top half. The sandwich method makes for an appealing presentation, but it is messy to eat.

For the piped-in method, make a small hole in the puff. Once you have made a small hole in the shell, fill the pastry with cream. The piped-in option evenly spreads the cream inside the puff and makes it less messy to eat.

I want one of these cream puffs!  Photo by Susann Schuster

I want one of these cream puffs! Photo by Susann Schuster

Reasons Your Cream Puffs Might Deflate

Oh No! Yes, cream puffs do sometimes deflate and here are some reasons as to why your cream puff might deflate include:

• You might have opened your oven door during the baking process. Letting air into the oven will cause the temperature to drop inside, which will keep your puffs from properly rising.
• You didn't let the butter and water boil before adding the flour.
• You didn't preheat the oven at the required temperature. High temperature is crucial for the puffs to rise.
• You removed the puffs from the oven too quickly. When baking puffs, it is crucial to let them turn golden brown.

Tips And Suggestions For Making Cream Puffs

Some tips and suggestions for making the perfect cream puffs include:

• When making the dough and you notice it is still on the runny side, return the pan to the stove and continue stirring the mixture until it becomes thick.
• You can bake and freeze the choux shells for up to a month. To defrost them, put them back in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to dry up excess moisture and crisp up.
• Ensure that your mixture is the right consistency, as this will determine your outcome. A too-thick batter will make it difficult to pipe, and runny butter will make your shells flat. Your batter needs to be glossy, thick, and smooth.
• Ensure you measure all the ingredients correctly.
• Avoid opening the oven at any point in time while the puffs are baking, as this will cause them to deflate.
• Use a second spoon to push the dough from the spoon to the baking sheet so that the puffs can stay round. Don't add any additional dough to the original one.
• Pat the tops of the puffs with a wet finger after piping them to make them round. The spikes can burn in the oven.
• Store the baked cream puffs in an airtight plastic container to prevent them from drying out. Refrigerate the cream puffs and use them after 24 hours.
• Poke holes in the baked puffs to allow steam to escape from them. The poked holes create an opening for the filling.
• If you want crisp cream puffs, you can return the baked puff to a turned-off oven.
• To ensure minimal cracking and splitting, dust the puffs with powdered sugar, which helps them expand evenly in the oven.
• Avoid filling the puffs with cream until they are completely cooled down.

How To Enjoy Your Cream Puff

Pick your cream puff.
Carefully twist the bottom and top half to separate the two from one another, as this helps distribute the cream evenly on both halves.
Take a big whiff of the eggy and sweet dessert.
Take a bite and taste the fruits of your labor.
Enjoy the cream puff, one half at a time.

Yum. We saved the best part for last, this way the memories of your celebration of National Cream Puff Day lasts longer!

Photo taken by Tamorlan on Wiki

Photo taken by Tamorlan on Wiki

Storing Cream Puffs

In case you made a large batch of cream puffs, or didn't eat all your cream puffs up during your celebration, you can store them and here's how:

  • Ensure the puffs are cool before filling them.
  • Once filling the puffs, store them in the refrigerator.
  • Don't sprinkle any powdered sugar on the cream puffs until you are ready to eat them. Powdered sugar tends to get absorbed into the shell when refrigerated.

You can store the cream puffs in airtight plastic containers in the refrigerator for up to three days. To thaw the cream puff, let them sit on the counter for at least thirty minutes, then dust them with fresh powdered sugar before eating.
Alternatively, you can store the cream puff shell in the freezer. The puffs can last for several weeks.

A French celebration cake http://By Trougnouf - Own work, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.

A French celebration cake http://By Trougnouf - Own work, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.

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